Industry Leaders Launch Resound, An Advisory To Help Brands And Agencies Capitalize On Audio Opportunities

Press Release · New York, NY, USA ·

Audio industry veteran Andy Lipset announces the launch of Resound, a boutique advisory firm designed to help marketers harness the full potential of audio advertising. With the audio landscape evolving rapidly, Resound aims to help marketers better utilize the medium to drive optimal results.

More people are listening to audio than ever before, and they are engaging with its different choices from traditional radio, streaming music, podcasts, satellite radio and voice. Despite increased competition from video and social media, the average US consumer spends on average over 4 hours listening to audio every day, according to Edison Research.

Even with the huge surge in consumer engagement of audio, brands have not fully realized its potential. There is a significant disparity between audio consumption and advertising spending. Studies have shown that audio accounts for 31% of media consumption but only 9% of ad spend, with 25% of advertisers not investing in audio at all. This gap underscores a missed opportunity and the need to innovate how marketers are approaching audio advertising.

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“Audio consumption is at an all-time high, yet it remains underutilized by advertisers. I’ve been in this business a long time and audio has always taken a back seat when it comes to creative and media strategy, and this can no longer be true. The landscape has changed, but what hasn’t changed is the lack of prioritization of resourcing the medium,” said Andy Lipset, CEO of Resound.

With an exclusive focus on audio, Resound brings unparalleled expertise to audio advertising, firmly believing that the potential for brands in audio is yet to be realized. Offering a holistic approach, Resound ensures cohesive planning, buying, and creative execution leveraging best in class technology to maximize campaign impact across all audio platforms.

By integrating these disciplines, Resound aims to maximize the impact of campaigns across a variety of different audio channels. The company provides a unified strategy and expert creative teams specializing in crafting ads for various consumption methods with integrated planning and investment units. Through close collaboration and advanced technologies, Resound ensures a seamless and effective advertising process. “Better audio means better results. Audio is way too big as an audience vehicle and much more complex from a media and creative standpoint to be an afterthought. We are dedicated to helping brands connect with their audiences in the most impactful way possible," said Mr. Lipset.

With decades of experience in the audio industry, Resound’s founding team brings passion and specialized expertise spanning media strategy, investment and creative that is essential for helping marketers navigate the complexities of the audio market. Founder and CEO Andy Lipset brings deep industry expertise, having held leadership positions as CEO of SpokenLayer, Vice President/East at Pandora/SiriusXM, and co-Founder of Ronning Lipset Radio, a pioneering company in online radio, acquired by TargetSpot.

Joining Mr. Lipset is Lauren Nagel, who will take on the role of Managing Partner and Chief Creative Officer. Ms. Nagel is widely regarded as one of the premiement audio creative directors in the industry, recognized as one of the “40 Under 40” by AdAge in 2019. Ms. Nagel has extensive experience as the Chief Creative Officer for SpokenLayer, and she founded Studio Resonate, Pandora/SiriusXM’s in-house studio, which she grew into a 100+ person organization as VP/Executive Creative Director.

“I am absolutely thrilled to be working with Lauren again as we launch Resound,” said Mr. Lipset. “Lauren has a unique understanding of audio and of how to create messaging through the power of sound and storytelling. She is one of the best in the business, and clients working with Resound will benefit greatly from her ability to execute creative that gets into the listener’s ears and stays there.”

“I am so excited about Resound’s holistic approach to eliminate silos, bring media and creative strategies together, and ultimately drive a better result for clients," said Ms. Nagel. “Creative is key to a successful audio strategy, and it’s time to give the medium the attention it deserves and requires.”

Resound plans to partner with brands and agencies to advance the audio advertising ecosystem. “Audio is ripe for innovation,” said Mr. Lipset. “We will employ technology to help us become more precise, effective and data driven in addition to our unique approach of how we think differently about media and creative. We are going to be the thought leaders and push the boundaries of audio’s current capabilities such as in-game audio and retail media. This company is going to help shape the next frontier in audio for advertisers.”

About Resound

Resound is a pioneering advisory firm with a specialized focus on audio. Resound offers integrated planning, buying, and creative services to help brands maximize their audio advertising impact. Resound’s mission is to harness the full potential of audio, leveraging specialized expertise and a deep understanding of the industry to unlock new opportunities for brands.

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