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Podscribe, the leading podcast advertising attribution and verification platform, is excited to announce the launch of its latest innovation: the Automated Pixel Distribution Feature. This new tool is designed to reduce the manual time and effort required to manage and share campaign pixels with publishers, helping users focus more on optimizing their ad operations and less on manual tasks.

What it is

The Automated Pixel Distribution Feature is an advanced automation tool that lets advertisers and agencies seamlessly send all campaign tracking pixels to publishers with the click of a button. It speeds up the process of distributing these pixels to multiple publishers across all campaigns. By integrating seamlessly with the Podscribe dashboard, this feature automates the generation and dispatch of pixels, ensuring that advertisers can manage their campaigns with greater efficiency and accuracy.

Why it matters

With Pixel Power comes Great Responsibility. Pixel management has long been a cumbersome and time-intensive process for both advertisers and agencies.

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Traditionally, it involves meticulous coordination to ensure that the correct pixels are sent to the right publishers and are placed at the right time, a task that can consume up to 10 hours a week. Mistakes in this process can lead to missing or inaccurate data. Podscribe’s new feature aims to alleviate these challenges, providing a streamlined solution that reduces manual effort and minimizes the risk of errors.

How It Works

For any campaigns created in Podscribe’s dashboard, our system automatically generates the necessary pixels for each publisher. Before this feature, and with other providers, users had to export these pixels and manually send them to each individual publisher.

With Automated Pixel Distribution, this problem is solved with the click of a button. For any campaign in Podscribe’s dashboard that does not have tracking set up, users will see a “send tracking” button.

This will show them a list of publishers for each campaign and their associated pixels. At this stage, users can verify the ad server for each publisher is correct, update contact details if necessary, and customize the email template. Our system then attaches the correct pixel for each publisher and campaign and automatically sends it to every publisher in the list of upcoming campaigns.

The Value

  • The Automated Pixel Distribution Feature is a game-changer for advertisers and agencies:
  • Increased Efficiency: Automates a traditionally manual process, freeing up valuable time.
  • Enhanced Accuracy: Minimizes the risk of errors in pixel distribution.
  • Improved Focus: Allows advertisers to allocate more time to high-value tasks, driving better campaign results.
  • Maximized Impact: Optimizes ad operations, maximizing the impact of advertising efforts

About Podscribe

Podscribe is an industry leader in podcast advertising attribution, offering a comprehensive suite of products designed to automate, optimize, and scale ad operations. With solutions like Pulse for full-funnel attribution and Scout for competitive intelligence and planning, Podscribe is dedicated to providing actionable insights and maximizing advertising impact.

For more information about Podscribe and the Automated Pixel Distribution Feature, request a demo.

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