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PodInbox Launches Fan Pages for Podcasters

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To increase fan excitement and grow word-of-mouth, podcasters are leaning more into fan engagement strategies. The need for direct fan engagement is growing, and podcasters are looking for turnkey tools to help.

For this reason, PodInbox is now focusing all their efforts on being the leading “Fan Page” platform for podcasters. In a nutshell, PodInbox now lets podcasters create fan pages to actively engage their fans with an assortment of tools, starting with fan audio messages, text & audio replies, one-time fan donations, leaderboards, reward levels, message tips, lead capture, and more.

With this new focus, PodInbox just launched a complete redesign of their podcast fan pages to make it much more intuitive for fans to immediately engage on a fan page. With this redesign also comes along new features, like welcome videos and header banners, to let podcasters brand their fan page in more customizable ways.

How It’s Different

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You might be thinking, I already have a website for my podcast, how is this any different? Well, PodInbox Fan Pages are not here to replace your podcast website. You see, a podcast website traditionally exists for visitors to consume content (episodes, blogs), to learn more about you and your podcast (about me, contact, social links), and to shop (ecommerce, courses, etc). It’s main purpose is to give your visitors more content.

As a vehicle for content, your podcast website generally does a horrible job at actual fan engagement. First of all, since so many podcast websites are heavy on content and custom design, users typically take 5 - 10 minutes to even get aquainted with your website. By that time, good luck getting them to take any action. Give it a shot. Visit a random website of a podcast you listen to, and see how long it takes you to figure out what’s going on there. Interesting right? More than likely, after fumbling around the site for several minutes, you realized there’s really no clear call-to-action…other than consuming more content in a passive way.

Also, due to the fundamental nature of RSS, over 90% of your listeners will never even visit your podcast website. They’re quite happy listening passively to you on their favorite podcast player. This is actually why RSS was invented in the first place, to grab blog content from your website and let users conveniently consume them elsewhere. Sound familiar?

This is why you even see huge podcast networks forego individual podcast websites for their largest shows. Instead, they just make show specific landing pages under their main network website. Don’t believe me? Trying looking for the podcast website for How I Built This, Planet Money, or Radiolab. Interesting right?

How PodInbox Fan Pages Work

PodInbox Fan Pages are much different. It’s a turnkey platform designed to have fans engage with you…not consume.

Every feature in PodInbox is designed through the lens of encouraging fans to take some kind of action. Our core features include fan audio messages, text & audio replies, fan leaderboards, fan donations, reward levels, message tips, and much more.

And guess what? Once your fans engage with you on PodInbox, they belong to you . So unlike every major social network, where they hide the names and emails of your own followers…we conveniently collect your fan’s info, so that you own your fan list.

This is just the beginning with our renewed focus. In our product roadmap, we’re building even more unique ways to help podcasters truly connect with their fans with even more turnkey tools.

Check out PodInbox Fan Pages now and sign up for a free fan page!

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