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Podimo launches new Reflect experience revealing users’ most listened-to Podcasts and Audiobooks for 2023

Press Release · Copenhagen, Denmark · via Podimo ·

Beginning today, Podimo introduces Reflect, a new in-app experience offering users the chance to look back on their favorite podcasts and audiobooks of 2023. Reflect is available in six languages, offering a personalized experience for podcast and audiobook lovers across Podimo’s global markets.

“Reflect stems from the resounding feedback we received after sharing end-of-year user stats through newsletters,” says Christina Urban, Podimo’s Global Director of Lifecycle Marketing. “We recognized the eagerness shown by our community in sharing and celebrating their listening milestones so we wanted to create an intimate, bespoke experience that not only reflects back on their year, but brings listeners and creators closer together, a core value at Podimo.”

How Podimo Reflect Works

Podimo Reflect redefines the listener’s journey by curating a captivating narrative of their audio experiences based on their listening activity. Within the Podimo app, users can easily access Reflect by clicking the dedicated banner on the Home Tab, with Reflect unveiling total listening minutes, top podcasts, favored audiobooks, and more.

Top Fans

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For devoted fans, the Reflect feature offers insights into how high they rank as a creator’s top listeners of 2023. The most loyal users receive video messages from the relevant stars – encouraging listening habits.

How to See Your Listening Stats

To unlock Reflect, users need to have engaged with 15 hours of podcasts or audiobooks. Once eligible, they gain access to their detailed listening statistics. Reflect remains accessible until the end of January and is designed to be shared across social platforms or any messaging medium.

Key Insights from Podimo 2023

This year, Podimo’s audience across global markets showcased an affinity for diverse genres, with Personal Stories (84%), Health & Personal Development (43%), and True Crime (40%) emerging as the top three most listened to categories. On average, users listened to 20 hours of spoken-word audio entertainment per month, exploring 2-3 shows weekly, and some noteworthy regional preferences emerged:

  • Erotica up in Summer for Germany and Denmark: Germany showed their passion for Erotica, marking a staggering 120% growth from July to August, while Danish listeners cooled off from the summer heat by over 57% into the fall months.
  • News and Politics Engage Spain and the Netherlands: Spain had an appetite for news content that peaked in April, while the genre has maintained consistent popularity in the Netherlands since March, peaking in September with over 1/3 of listeners engaged in news content.
  • Personal Stories are up, True Crime is Down in Finland and Norway: Finland witnessed a sustained interest in personal stories, growing steadily by over 10% from the start of the year to August. The genre also retained its high popularity in Norway, reflecting an enduring preference for engaging narratives among Finnish and Norwegian listeners. However, True Crime experienced a decline in popularity in both markets, dropping in Finland by 38% between January and August, and in Norway by 25% from August to October.
  • Nordic podcast listeners are discovering audiobooks: In the Nordics, 1 in 4 users that signed up to Podimo solely for podcasts went on to discover and enjoy audiobooks in the app, with the Netherlands, Spain and Germany not far behind, showing an interesting new trend forming around the “casual audiobook listener.”

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