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The Podcast Pulse: Unveiling India’s Podcast Landscape

Press Release · Mumbai, Maharashtra, India ·

The Podcast Pulse, the first-of-its-kind comprehensive report on podcast consumption in India, is set to revolutionize the way we understand this dynamic medium. Developed by UNPAC Research (OPC) Pvt. Ltd. with the support of Ideabrew Studios, this landmark report offers unprecedented insights into the evolving landscape of podcasting in India.

In a world where podcasts are reshaping the audio entertainment landscape, The Podcast Pulse emerges as a crucial tool for industry professionals and stakeholders seeking to unlock the full potential of this medium. Despite the gradual adoption of podcasts into daily media consumption routines, a lack of comprehensive data on consumption patterns has hindered its recognition as a powerful platform for connecting with consumers.

India has surged to become the third-largest market for podcast listeners globally, yet only 12% of Indians are currently engaged, leaving a vast untapped audience waiting to be explored. The Podcast Pulse addresses this gap by offering actionable insights into consumer preferences, content choices, favored hosts, and preferred platforms.

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The methodology behind The Podcast Pulse involved a meticulous blend of quantitative and qualitative research techniques. Engaging 2,170 individuals across 10 cities in India, including Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Indore, Patna, and Jaipur, the report gauged awareness and listenership statistics. Additionally, detailed interviews with 1,800 active listeners provided invaluable insights into their behavior and preferences.

Key findings from the report include:

  • 82% of respondents were initially unaware of podcasts, highlighting a significant opportunity for awareness-building efforts.
  • 78% of consumers discovered podcasts less than a year ago, indicating a recent surge in interest.
  • Authenticity and vulnerability in podcast conversations are highly valued by listeners, fostering a deeper connection with hosts and content.

The report also explores consumption patterns, including weekday vs. weekend trends, preferred episode lengths, and the rise of regional language content. Regional podcasts are identified as a driving force in shaping the industry’s future, offering audiences a more relatable and culturally resonant listening experience.

Furthermore, The Podcast Pulse profiles the Aware listener – detailing gender, occupation, age, and level of education – and conducts a deep dive into genre dynamics and explores the nuances between audio and videopodcasts. It charts the four stages of podcast enthusiasts’ journey, from their curious Exploration and Discovery phase to Advocacy as they actively promote and champion their favorite podcasts.

Sheetal Choksi, Director, UNPAC Research says, “We believe The Podcast Pulse is a game-changer, providing insights into India’s podcast consumption and offering a roadmap for creators and platforms to navigate the evolving preferences of Indian audiences, empowering industry professionals and stakeholders to unlock its full potential. As a podcaster myself, I experienced firsthand the challenges in accessing comprehensive data about our audience. Beyond some basic data, no one was able to answer questions like who was listening to podcasts, when, why certain genres did well, etc. This realization was the genesis of The Podcast Pulse – an earnest attempt to fill the void and provide actionable insights for the entire industry.”

Aditya Kuber, CEO, Ideabrew Studios says, “At Ideabrew Studios, we are passionate about fostering innovation in audio storytelling. The Podcast Pulse not only showcases the immense potential of podcasts in India but also underscores the importance of diverse and authentic narratives in shaping the future of audio entertainment. This report will be a definitive look into podcast consumption data for advertising agencies, brands and everyone looking to meaningfully engage with a large audience.” As the podcast landscape continues to evolve, The Podcast Pulse serves as an invaluable resource for creators, platforms, and advertisers. By shedding light on the preferences and behaviors of Indian podcast listeners, this report paves the way for a more audience-centric approach to content creation and distribution.

About Unpac:

Unpac Research (OPC) Pvt. Ltd. is a full service qualitative research agency. At Unpac Research, the team is dedicated to bridging the gap between businesses, both global and local, and the ever-evolving Indian consumer landscape. Their seasoned researchers possess a deep understanding of Indian culture, traditions, and consumer behavior, empowering them to provide unparalleled insights into this intricate market. In addition to their core service offerings, Unpac Research provides customized research solutions tailored to address unique challenges and opportunities. The team continually explores new methodologies and stays at the forefront of research trends to ensure that their clients receive cutting-edge insights.

While their roots are deeply embedded in India, they have an extensive understanding of international business practices. This enables them to effectively translate Indian consumer insights into actionable strategies that resonate with audiences worldwide. They are unwavering in their commitment to delivering the highest standards of quality in all their research projects.

About Ideabrew Studios:

Ideabrew Studios is a podcast production and full-service content solutions company. Founded in 2020, it is India’s fastest-growing full-stack podcast and creator focused business. The network comprises over 600 podcasts across genres and languages. They also collaborate with over 150 creators, including influencers, publishers, radio stations, IPL teams, entertainment companies, and brands, whose content is available on all major audio platforms in India and abroad, reaching over 3 million monthly listeners.

With a mission to bring top creators’ content to all consumers and make it a preferred medium of entertainment, information, and engagement, they are a force to reckon with in a short span of time. Know more about them at and you can find all their shows at

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