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Osher Günsberg

Osher Günsberg Celebrates 400 Episodes of Better Than Yesterday

PRESS RELEASE · Sydney NSW, Australia ·

Osher Günsberg is celebrating 400 episodes of his flagship podcast, Better Than Yesterday which is distributed by creator-first podcast company Acast. To mark the milestone, Günsberg has released a special episode titled ‘Reflecting On 400 Episodes’ where he has a one to one conversation with the listener on how far the podcast has come, from its inception to now and everything in between.

Günsberg admits he had his early doubts on how far the podcast would go, “I never thought I would get to 400 episodes. I never believed that this could be a serious alternate source of income, which it has become. You know, we’re making enough money doing this show to employ a whole team of people to help me make this show.”

Better Than Yesterday has evolved to become a bi-weekly conversation that hopes to help listeners make today a little better than yesterday, covering topics from health and wellness to society and culture. Recent guests have included Meshel Laurie, Stuart Diver and Hamish Blake while the 400th interview episode features a conversation between Günsberg and Mitch Tambo, a First Nations indigenous Australian singer songwriter, a Gamilaraay man who’s new single HEAL is currently #1 around the world.

On the difference between podcasts and other mediums such as commercial radio, Günsberg says, “Early on in the show, I remember I started to get obsessed with the download numbers and I’d try to get guests that would make the downloads go up or down and then I realised that that is just futile. That’s why I wanted to do something different, that wasn’t like commercial radio which is where you basically do that, you chase it minute to minute - television as well you chase minute to minute ratings and I didn’t want to do that. I was like, no, I just have to make something authentic, make something that’s true to me and people will come.”

Günsberg also speaks about working with Acast to make money from his craft, “Thank you to the incredible team at Acast. They’re an amazing team of people and to be building independent digital broadcasting that is making, you know, financial sense to make because this was - let’s be honest - this was an expensive hobby for the first six years before I met Acast. I never made any money off it until I met the Acast guys.”

When it comes to advertising and making sure the brands are the right fit for the podcast Günsberg says, “I started working with Acast who do incredible work helping me get clients that I can resonate with and you know you (the listener) can resonate with. I’m not here selling you gambling or lawn mowers or you know talking about the specials down at the petrol station. We need to keep the lights on, so the clients all reflect the general tone and vibe of the show.”

Looking to the future, Günsberg thanked his listeners for their continued support and talked about how the podcast provides his family with financial security, “I mean look I didn’t realise that Australian Idol was never coming back. I was so foolish. And then I got left without a gig, and that was terrible and I never want that to happen again, so building up this part of what I do is so important and for you listening, you are giving me and my family security going forward. You are helping me pay school fees and helping me put food on the table so I am enormously grateful to you, so thank you.”

Acast — the podcast company that works with some of Australia’s biggest shows — distributes all three of Osher Günsberg’s podcasts Better Than Yesterday, Idle Australians and Dad Pod, making them available across all podcast apps and players such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts. For brands and advertisers looking to work with Osher Günsberg and beyond, opportunities are available exclusively through the Acast Marketplace.


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