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Announcing The Full Lineup For On Air Open House, An All-Day Immersive Sound Event at dublab

Press Release · Los Angeles, CA, USA ·

Next week, the vanguard of storytellers, audio creatives, multimedia artists, musicians, industry leaders and inspired listeners will all convene in Los Angeles for the West Coast edition of podcasting’s preeminent On Air Fest. Following two evenings full of exclusive experiences at KCRW on November 1st and 2nd – including Lost Notes, Audible’s Third Eye with Felicia Day, CBC’s Let’s Make a Horror, PRX, KQED and Snap Judgment’s Spooked, Interval Presents’ Underwater with Jason Derulo, and a conversation between Brit Marling and Sam Fragoso – On Air LA Annex will culminate in an all-day exploration of immersive sound.

Taking place at and in partnership with dublab, from 2pm-8pm on Saturday, November 4th, On Air Open House is a first-of-its-kind exhibition that is about to push podcasts and storytelling further into the future. Open to the public and free with RSVP, the wonderhouse of sound will see attendees wander through site-specific pieces, innovative listening installations, live tapings and performances that showcase the medium like never before.

Presented by Dolby Atmos, ESPN 30 for 30 Podcasts and Tenderfoot TV, On Air Open House features live foley, the sounds of life in prison with Ear Hustle, UFOs and the intersection of sexuality and faith with Dear Alana and High Strange, transportive demos from Dolby Atmos, spatial audio and quadraphonic vinyl with KamranV, Sierra Nevada soundscapes from The Wind, storytelling seashells from Lost Hills, local tales with LAist’s Imperfect Paradise and How to LA, plus sculptures you can hear, an open bar and so much more.


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WED-THUR, NOV 1-2 | KCRW, 6:30PM-9PM




Foley Performance from Joanna Fang

Gutting a cantaloupe. Crackling celery. Hear how Emmy award winning Foley artist Joanna Fang transforms everyday objects into visceral soundscapes for PlayStation video games. Joanna and Foley Mixer Blake Collins will perform live foley with a cast of unexpected props, and then give a “sound sermon” on how they build entire worlds through sound.

Stories from Imperfect Paradise

In this performance, the creators and voices behind award-winning LAist Studios show Imperfect Paradise including Antonia Cereijido and Brian De Los Santos present stories from a beautiful and flawed utopia: California.

Ear Hustle Installation

What do the daily realities of life inside prison sound like? Ear Hustle is the podcast that brings you stories of life inside prison, shared and produced by those living it. For this listening station, tune into a story created by Nigel Poor and Earlonne Woods from the show’s decorated 12th season. Ear Hustle is a part of Radiotopia from PRX.

The Wind

Aspen leaves are shimmering overhead. Soft grasses tease your legs. Behind you, acorns fall heavily to the ground. This is the world of The Wind, a podcast made at a handmade desk high in the Sierra Nevada mountains. For this installation, radiomaker Fil Corbitt brings their recordings and reflections on learning from soundscapes to dublab.

On Air Official Selects

Listen to the winners of On Air Official Selects 2023, the global program for creative short-form audio storytelling. Each piece has been rigorously judged and represents creative excellence.

Step Inside the story with Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos allows creators to place sounds in a multidimensional space that creates an audio-only experience so rich and life-like, it transports listeners into the story. On Air Fest’s LA Annex attendees will be able to experience podcasts and audio experiences in Dolby Atmos in the studio and in a specially outfitted car.

Inside Every Shell, A Story

Pick up a seashell and place it to your ear. What do you hear? From Lost Hills and Western Sound comes a whole new way to listen to stories.

Tenderfoot TV Experience

Step into the story as two of this year’s most gripping podcasts come alive, Tenderfoot TV’s Dear Alana and High Strange. Travel across the history of the unknown universe with High Strange, the investigative podcast breaking UFO stigma. Then go deep with Dear Alana, the #1 podcast that explores sexuality and faith through a young woman’s journals. Uncover, question, touch, discover… And listen deeply.

A Mixer with ESPN’s 30 for 30

Share drinks and sports stories with the team behind 30 for 30 Podcasts. Plus, a new look at Shima Oliaee’s Pink Card, one year later.

How to LA

What is the sound of your LA? Brian De Los Santos is the host of LAist Studios’ own How to LA and he wants to know. Sit in as Brian chats with a cast of his favorite local Angelenos, to highlight stories for LA and by LA.

KamranV: The History of Spatial Sound

Arts Technologist, MIT Spatial Sound Lab Researcher & dublab board member KamranV has pushed the boundaries of spatial audio technology for decades. Hear from Kamran on how he reimagined Moogfest, built immersive installations at LACMA and MOMA PS1, and produced the first quadraphonic vinyl record in 30 years with Suzanne Ciani. He’ll sit down for a longform conversation with songwriter, analyzer and ideasmith Alex Lilly.

MORE Just Announced!

Hear a modern retelling of a Miccosukee folktale performed by actor Michael Greyeyes, the host of Land of Shadows, a new podcast that takes listeners across America through the words of up-and-coming Native American writers. Check out an experimental instrument demo from musician John Schneider and the LA Phil featuring dublab Founder Mark “Frosty” McNeill. Watch a sneak peek from the documentary Age of Audio which delves into the audio storytelling revival: tracing the journey of podcasting from indie radio origins to mainstream prominence. Listen into the latest exploration from dublab’s Deep Routes, tracing LA’s audio origins back to its First Peoples, the Tongva. Distill the connections between nature, God and technology, through poet ricky sallay’s AI deep-fakes of Morgan Freeman and David Attenborough.


On Air Fest is advancing the culture of audio. We bring together an expansive range of emerging and established voices to explore the creative possibilities of sound. Created and produced by work x work, On Air Fest has evolved into the premier cultural event for audio storytellers and inspired listeners. Throughout the year, we produce a range of cultural programming, from annex events, to our residency program, creative collaborations to cultural campaigns and podcasts. On Air Fest carves a place for artists and storytellers who are defining this moment in audio.


work x work is a full-service creative agency amplifying the world’s leading brands through storytelling, design and experiences. Our innovative work has made us the go-to agency for organizations looking to participate in audio culture. In addition to design, strategy and events, we create multi-channel campaigns, original content and produce podcasting’s premier cultural event, On Air Fest.


dublab is a Los Angeles-based, community-supported internet radio station and creative collective dedicated to the growth of positive music, arts, and culture. Founded in 1999, dublab has been broadcasting since the “dot-com era” with the mission to share forward-thinking, freeform radio with an international audience. dublab’s programming has since expanded to include the production of original art exhibits, films, television, events, and community education projects as well as broadcast on affiliate stations in Germany, Japan, Spain, and Brazil.

Each month, dublab showcases over 180 radio shows from some of the world’s most talented DJs, musicians, journalists, and artists. Each show is distinct and entirely freeform: we take pride in empowering our DJs to freely play the music that best shares their individual story. Beyond broadcast, dublab produces and hosts several multimedia projects and exhibits each year, most often made possible by the support of public and foundation project grants. Through local events, international broadcasts, and collaborative multimedia projects, dublab has helped define and connect the next wave of arts, music, and culture across the Los Angeles and international communities.

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