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Arvin Aminpour Announces Official Launch of Alpha Version for Ohana, a Podcasting Tool for Creating Communities


New York NY, USA—Arvin Aminpour, the founder and creator of Ohana, officially launched the alpha version of the podcasting tool ready for user onboarding and further testing.

The tool introduces a new element of interactivity and community creation to an industry that has long been focusing on one-way communication and passive listening. The mobile application allows users to join “pods”—or unique podcast groups—and connect with other like-minded listeners of the same podcasts who share the same passion for the podcast’s contents and creators. Listeners can join pods by invitation from the creators themselves, giving the podcasters the power to create a hub in the digital space where their loyal followers can engage in lively discussions and conversations about each episode.

Each pod has a discussion feed that is constantly updated as new episodes are issued; users can then begin their discussions in the form of comments under each new series, get notified when a new episode is published, and actively participate in conversations by replying to or liking each other’s comments.

“The reason podcasts are so popular is because creators can publish thoughtful content about anything that’s on their minds and maintain control of their content,” says Aminpour. “The audio format also establishes an intimate connection between creators and their listeners, which is very different from other mediums that exist today. That’s why podcast listeners are some of the most passionate people out there.”

With the success podcasts have seen especially over the past few years, there hasn’t been a single space where the creators could bring together all those passionate followers that have been actively consuming their audio content. Ohana gives podcast creators the digital space to further develop their intimate connections with the listeners further into two-way, powerful relationships driven by live interactions and dialogues, rather than the traditional monologue format the majority of podcasts have been following.

Ohana makes it simple to create a community network for any podcast. Creators only have to provide the link to their podcast feed to create a group—or “pod”—with all their content automatically imported and updated as new episodes are published.

Among some podcasts that have already generated community engagement on the alpha version of the tool are “Make Something Cool—A Podcast to Help You on Your Creative Journey” and “Shizzy Parenting”—a podcast about two parents and their journey through parenthood.

Aminpour’s goal is to continue enlarging the list of podcasts that will foster their communities through Ohana and will provide the platform for creators and listeners to continue developing their relationships on a new, more interactive and conversational level. “Podcast creators produce such thoughtful and personal content, and their listeners are still an untapped resource they can—and should—explore,” said Aminpour. “I hope Ohana will empower both sides to engage in two-way, meaningful discussions revolving around each new episode.”

For more information and inquiries about Ohana, contact Arvin Aminpour at

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