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The New Podcast Player App Transforming Audio Learning

PRESS RELEASE — March 25, 2019 · 2.2 minutes to read

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The audio boom in all things tech and media continues to grow unabated, and podcasts are a major driver of this global phenomenon.

A recent survey by tech company EX-IQ found that ⅓ of millennials listen to podcasts daily. The survey also found that 68% of podcast listeners believe that the medium contributes to their intellectual growth. Taken together, these statistics clearly indicate that podcasts represent a massive opportunity for education.

Listeners want to learn from podcasts, but one major limitation exists. All the great thoughts, ideas and insights heard in a podcast are literally “in one ear and out the other.” The intellectual stimulation is great, but long-term growth rarely occurs because the knowledge is so quickly lost and forgotten.

A new podcast player app has been created to address this limitation. NoteCast, created by EX-IQ, aims to ensure that podcast listeners never again forget that great thought, idea or “aha” moment.

The Rise of Audio Learning through Podcast Listening

Podcasts have long been viewed as merely a source of entertainment, but this is quickly changing.

Lifelong learning is now considered paramount to long-term success in one’s professional and personal life. Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly difficult for most individuals to receive an education in traditional classroom environments.

This is why many professionals have turned to podcasts. The aforementioned survey found that over 36% of Americans listen to podcasts while at work.

This is reflective of how learning platforms have changed, and the increasing need for more adaptive, work-and-life friendly educational mediums.

Podcasts aren’t just entertainment

To the uninitiated, podcasts appear to be just another source of entertainment. Legions of podcast listeners know otherwise.

There are numerous podcasts discussing financial planning, medical research, language learning, statistics, nutrition, biology, physics, mathematical theory, historical events, politics and news.

Podcasts are quickly becoming one of the most accessible and enjoyable sources of education in today’s busy information economy.

NoteCast is the Podcast Player App Transforming Audio Learning

Those who listen to podcasts tend to live active and busy lives. Podcast listening happens at work, in the car, while travelling, and even during physical activity.

The podcast medium is so flexible. Traditional note-taking disrupts the versatility of podcasts, creating frustration on the part of the listener.

NoteCast is a podcast player app that allows listeners to capture snippets of podcast conversations as digital notes. Users simply tap their screen or say “save that,” and their “aha” moment is captured forever. Listeners can add tags and comments to the notes, and this information can be viewed from their mobile device or NoteCast’s powerful web portal.

Learn More from Podcasts, with the NoteCast App

With NoteCast, podcasts become a much more effective learning medium. Listeners can now capture, review, and share great educational content

At your desk, during your morning commute, and even at the gym, you can use NoteCast effortlessly, as a way to continue to grow intellectually.

NoteCast is now available on the App and Android stores. Join now, and your first 30 days are free!


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