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Studio Ochenta launches its first multilingual podcast: Mija

PRESS RELEASE — September 24, 2019

Paris, France—Studio Ochenta officially launches its first multilingual podcast: Mija this Wednesday, September 25th. The show, hosted by studio founder Lory Martinez, is a short audio drama on one Colombian-American family’s immigration to the US across generations.

Mija is a young latina growing up in Queens, NYC. During each episode, she tells the story of a family member, and how the journey to America changed their lives. At a time when many are questioning what it means to be American, Mija aims to celebrate immigrants and their contributions. Mija’s story is one shared by many immigrants and their children, who built lives thousands of miles from home with hearts aching to build a better future.

Season 1 of Mija will be published weekly every Wednesday starting from September 25th,2019. It will have an 8 episode run with each episode lasting 10 minutes, or 80 (‘ochenta’ in Spanish) minutes total. Like all of Studio Ochenta’s Original programs, it will be available in ​English​, ​French​ and ​Spanish​ versions, with transcripts available on ​​ for greater accessibility.

“I’m so proud to be able to share this story with listeners around the world. I, like Mija, am the proud daughter of Colombian immigrants and it’s an honor to be able to tell a story that celebrates immigrants like my parents, hardworking people who built a new life in America. Migration, immigration and refugee status are issues many countries are facing today, as climate change, violence and political conflict increasingly push people from their homelands to places new and foreign. But leaving home is a brave, brave thing, and Mija’s story aims to show just that.” - Lory Martinez

For more information about Mija Podcast and Studio Ochenta’s fall lineup of productions go to: ​​.

Studio Ochenta​ is a multilingual podcast consulting and production studio that aims to bridge the audiogap for listeners overseas by translating, adapting and producing podcasts in English, French and Spanish. Studio Ochenta has two services: Ochenta Productions and Ochenta Originals. Ochenta productions offers consulting and production services while Ochenta Originals produces 10-minute-long podcasts, at 8 episodes a season (80 minutes). Studio Ochenta was founded in September 2019 by Lory Martinez, a trilingual independent producer whose productions in French and English have been featured in Elle, Grazia, RFI, GQ and more.

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Mija Podcast (English)
By Studio Ochenta


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