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Lower Street and ContentFX Reveal Power of Branded Podcasts to Engage Hard-to-Reach B2B Audiences

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Lower Street, in partnership with ContentFX, released the results of a comprehensive podcast study engaging 511 business decision-makers from the US and the UK. The study examines both the respondents’ podcast listening habits and uncovers key drivers of effectiveness for brands trying to reach B2B audiences.

The research demonstrated that branded podcasts serve as a potent tool for these otherwise difficult-to-access decision makers and delivered unique insights for the growing B2B podcast market.

“Podcast consumption among business decision-makers is significant—it’s vital for marketers to fully comprehend the sway the medium has over this group. Our study not only underscores the heightened engagement that podcasts achieve with business leaders but also emphasizes a clear boost in top-of-funnel metrics," said Steven Bonnard, Head of Marketing at Lower Street.

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The research revealed that over half of the surveyed business leaders and founders (55%), along with 51% of executives and employees in leadership roles, reported to be regular listeners of podcasts. Importantly, these senior executives also claimed to frequently listen to the advertising and brand messaging.

To understand this in more detail, the study included a large-scale experiment for key leading B2B podcasts to assist companies to refine their creative strategies and achieve an optimal balance of branding while still maintaining audience interest. The research demonstrated that well-liked podcasts generated 3.1x more brand awareness and 2.1x more brand favorability. This highlights the profound role quality creative plays in driving brand outcomes.

Additionally, the study also uncovered how incorporating additional brand mentions in a podcast not only increases sponsorship recognition but also increases audience engagement, all while leaving the podcast’s overall likeability unscathed.

"We’re excited to partner with Lower Street to apply our research approach to the growing B2B podcasting sector. These findings highlight that likeable, well-branded podcasts can deliver strong outcomes for marketers”, added Peter Hammer, Managing Director of the Marketing Scientist Group, and the lead researcher for ContentFX. Furthermore, Lower Street and ContentFX’s study showed that 36% of business decision-makers listen to podcasts primarily to learn new things. This thirst for knowledge is even more pronounced among those with greater decision-making influence, with 87% of these individuals expressing a liking for informative podcasts.

Steven Bonnard, Head of Marketing at Lower Street, echoes this insight: “In today’s fast-paced business world, cutting through the noise is crucial. Podcasts present a powerful tool for this, allowing brands to engage with business prospects and stay top-of-mind among potential clients. Amidst the clamor, branded podcasts emerge as an effective marketing tool.”

Download the full study on Podcasting’s Influence on Decision-Makers here.

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