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Julia Morizawa joins the cast of Greater Boston

PRESS RELEASE — January 14, 2019

Boston MA, USA—Greater Boston,, is pleased to announce that award-winning voice actress Julia Morizawa (The Bright Sessions, The Big Loop), will join the regular cast of Greater Boston following the show’s mid-season break. Morizawa makes her first appearance in Episode 32: “To Seek Out New Life and New Civilizations,” which airs January 29th. Morizawa takes on the role of Omi Ogawa, a close friend and confidant of Isabelle Powell―as well as a fellow Star Trek fanatic.

Set entirely at a Star Trek convention, Episode 32 sees Omi helping Isabelle to enjoy a rare moment of escape. This episode also features a special guest appearance by actor Tim Russ (playing himself), who played the role of Vulcan chief of security Tuvok on the major television series Star Trek: Voyager. Morizawa is no stranger to Star Trek herself, having portrayed Lt. Commander Maya Stadi in the popular fan series Star Trek: Hidden Frontier and Star Trek: Odyssey.

“This season, we’ve gone all out to bring the greatest talents in audio drama into Greater Boston,” said series co-creator Alexander Danner. “Julia’s performance as Dr. Bright on The Bright Sessions has been one of the great touchstones of audio drama since the day we first began playing in this medium. We’re excited for listeners to meet Omi in Season 3, and have big plans for her looking forward to season 4.”

Earlier this season, the cast was joined by Kristin DiMercurio (arsParadoxica), Chad Ellis (Station Blue), and veteran TV and film voice actor Rick Zieff (Whatt’s the Frequency, The Tom and Jerry Show, The Legend of Korra).

Greater Boston is a full-cast cast audio drama podcast set in the Boston metro area, blending factual history with a fantastical alternate reality, quirky humor with stirring pathos. This third season adds new characters while continuing there series’ distinctive mix of satirical social and political commentary as the story develops. This second half of this season depicts the transition of power from Charlotte Linzer-Coolidge to incoming mayor Emily Bespin, an event that sends the entire city of Red Line into chaos.

Greater Boston episodes can be found free of charge on Apple Podcasts, Pocket Casts, Spotify, Stitcher, and other podcast subscriptions services.

The Greater Boston project is co-created and produced by Cambridge, MA residents and writers, Alexander Danner and Jeff Van Dreason. The audio drama has received over 400,000 downloads, and has been praised by critics and fans alike, as well as by audio fiction luminary Joseph Fink (Welcome to Night Vale), who commented, “The performances and music are good right from the start. And I like that it’s a show about decent people doing their best.”

"…Greater Boston feels like perfect introductory audio drama for just about anyone. It uses its medium gracefully, has the perfect blend of comedy and drama, and overall has incredibly high production value,” says podcast critic Wil Williams.

It was also an Official Finalist for the Audio Verse Awards (including best new show) and featured as Podcast of the Week on The Podcast Host. This season Greater Boston is excited to feature guest appearances by performers from other notable audio dramas, including Julia Schifini (Spirits Podcast, Tides, What’s the Frequency?), Briggon Snow (The Bright Sessions), Mike McQuilkin (Hadron Gospel Hour), among additional special guests and new cast members.

About the Greater Boston Podcast

Based in the Greater Boston metropolitan area, the “Greater Boston” show serves listeners interested in fictional comedies and drama, Boston culture, LGBT character based stories, and stories based on differing socio-economic issues. Created by Alexander Danner and Jeff Van Dreason, Greater Boston is available for subscription at Apple Podcasts, Pocket Casts, Stitcher, YouTube, etc. For more information, contact Alexander or Jeff or visit the official website:

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