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Good Code Podcast | Dystopian scenarios, with a way out

PRESS RELEASE — June 6, 2019

New York NY, USA—The Digital Life Initiative (DLI) at Cornell Tech has partnered with French journalist Chine Labbe on a new weekly podcast about ethics in our digital world.

About | Good Code is Black Mirror meets The Good Place: a dive into the most dystopian (and unintended) consequences of our ever more intrusive digital technologies, and a reflection on how to fix them!

Every Tuesday, our host delves into a different topic, through a 20 to 30 minute interview with a researcher, data scientist, philosopher, etc. Algorithmic bias, online privacy, killer robots, emotions in the digital sphere, smart city governance: Good Code explores all the hot issues in tech ethics, and clears the path for a more human-centered technology.

Season 1 started on March 12th 2019, and will go through the end of June. Our guests so far include Julia Angwin, Helen Nissenbaum, Luke Stark, Peter Asaro, Ellen Goodman, Deborah Estrin and Timnit Gebru.

Chine Labbe says, “The way in which digital technologies are impacting society is one of the greatest challenges of our time, and I am delighted to have the opportunity to explore it in such a dynamic, collaborative environment as the Digital Life Initiative.”

Helen Nissenbaum, DLI Director, says, “We’re thrilled with Good Code and its mission to engage listeners far and wide on the promise and perils of digital life. Approaching 2020, questions on many peoples’ minds are about ethics and AI, robots, work and war, privacy and power, digital tech winners and losers, and dire threats to democracy and civil society. In frank and probing discussions, our amazing host Chine Labbe engages technologists, social critics, and legal experts at the forefront of these issues. This free and open podcast is unafraid to conjure up dark futures but never without glimmers of hope.”

Producer and Host | Chine Labbe is a visiting journalist at Cornell Tech’s Digital Life Initiative. She is also a Senior Editor at NewsGuard, a start-up fighting misinformation. A French national, she has worked for the French national radio, The Economist, and most recently for Reuters in Paris. After six years covering politics, courts and terrorism there, she relocated to New York City in 2017. Labbe graduated from the Columbia University Graduate school of Journalism in 2010, where she studied on a Fulbright scholarship.

Digital Life Initiative | Embedded within the progressive teaching mission of Cornell Tech on Roosevelt Island, DLI was launched in 2017 under the leadership of renowned philosopher Helen Nissenbaum to analyze the societal tensions arising from existing and emergent digital technologies. Inspired by the core values of justice, democracy, privacy, responsibility, security, and freedom, DLI supports collaborative research projects that explore ethics, policy, politics and quality of life within prevailing socio-technical systems.

Coverage | In March, Radio Public selected Good Code as part of their new shows collection. Good Code was also featured in April in the Franco-American Foundation newsletter, as well as the Sciences Po American Foundation alumni community newsletter.

Where to Find Us | Good Code is available on iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, Stitcher, Google Play, TuneIn, YouTube, and on all podcast platforms.

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Good Code
By Chine Labbe


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