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Go Simone, a podcast exploring sustainable change and the women inspiring it

PRESS RELEASE — August 22, 2019

Brisbane, August 20, 2019 — Roxane Valier-Brasier launches a new independent podcast, Go Simone ( The podcast features thought-provoking conversations with women who contribute to build a more inclusive, just and sustainable world. It covers a multitude of environmental topics, including climate change, energy transition, circular economy, women empowerment and ecofeminism, sustainable agriculture or degrowth.

Each episode, Go Simone’s Show Host meets with an academic, activist, artist, entrepreneur, politician or student. She shares her story, roots, passions and hopes for the future. Who is she? How did she become eco-conscious? How does she read the world she lives in? She tells us more about the alternatives and strategies she has developed to tackle climate change.

The first episode features Cle-Anne Gabriel, lecturer at The University of Queensland. She shares her findings as a researcher on degrowth futures and wellbeing economies. The second episode highlights Sabrina Chakori’s entrepreneurial path as the Founder of the Brisbane Tool Library. She develops further her ideas regarding the importance of transitioning to a sharing economy, and re-creating vibrant and resilient communities.

Roxane Valier-Brasier says, “I wanted to give a voice to the numerous women who are proposing innovative ideas to tackle climate change, but whose ideas often remain unknown. Go Simone aims to amplify, disseminate and inspire so that more people realise the urgency of our current climate crisis and act on it. Primarily impacted by climate change, women must be in the forefront of this global challenge.”

The podcast is made possible thanks to Radio 4EB who kindly lend their recording studios. Go Simone is also collaborating with the Women of the World Festival Australia.

To listen to the podcast, visit The podcast is distributed on Apple Podcasts, Anchor FM, RadioPublic, PocketCasts, Spotify, Soundcloud, Stitcher and YouTube.

About Go Simone

Women make up more than half the world’s population, and although they are often disproportionately impacted by climate change, their voices are not always heard due to lack of inclusion and representation at the decision-making level. Go Simone gives them a voice.

An undisguised tribute to two French female change makers, Simone de Beauvoir and Simone Veil, the podcast Go Simone highlights the key role women play in dreaming a better future, and championing climate action and justice in Australia and worldwide. Above all, Go Simone is an invitation to speak up, act and contribute to a greener world.

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Go Simone
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