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Saldremos mejor, Malas personas, & Meterse al Rancho among the winners of the Global Podcast Ondas Awards 2024

Press Release · Madrid, Spain ·
  • In the third edition of the awards, 18 winners were announced in 16 categories and 3 special mentions were given.
  • The awards, organized by PRISA Audio and Cadena SER, are sponsored by Podimo and will be presented at a gala on June 19 at the Circo Price Theater in Madrid.

The podcasts Saldremos mejores, Malas Personas, Todopododerosos, Corderos, A solas con… Vicky Martín Berrocal, Meterse al rancho, podcasters Xuso Jones and Ana Brito, and actor Víctor Clavijo, among others, are among the winners of the third edition of the Premios Ondas Globales del Podcast. Organized by PRISA Audio and Cadena SER and sponsored by Podimo, 18 works or their authors were awarded in the 16 categories of the awards. Of these, 2 are awarded ex-aequo and there are also 3 special mentions.

The winners were chosen from among the 70 finalists announced by the jury last April. This year, the organization received 1,252 nominations from 19 countries. Of the 14 categories eligible for the awards, the judges announced 5 finalists in each category. The awards for Breakthrough Podcast and Lifetime Achievement in the Podcast Industry in Spain and Latin America, for which there were no nominees, were determined by direct vote of the panel of experts.

The announcement of the winners was made this Wednesday at 18:00 - Spanish Peninsula time from the program La Ventana on Cadena SER, in a live connection with the Toresky Studio in Barcelona. The Secretary General of the Premios Ondas, Jaume Serra, announced the names and motivation of the jury for each of the winners and special mentions. The podcasters and works were evaluated by a jury of experts in the fields of audio, communication and advertising creativity.

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During the live broadcast, Jaume Serra recalled that the statuettes will be awarded at a gala to be held on June 19 at the Teatro Circo Price in Madrid. For the third consecutive year, the event will be a tribute to the podcast industry in Spanish and will pay tribute to the best works and professionals of the year 2023.

The winners

    Gent normal
    Best podcast in Spanish: Gent Normal, from Catalunya Ràdio: “For treating mental health from a truly natural and sensitive, rigorous and close perspective. For the value of its host, Adam Martin, with the ability, from the script to the editing, to generate interest in the subject through personal stories treated with the utmost professionalism and sound wisdom".
    From: Catalunya Ràdio
    Hosted by: CCMA
    La Cabina Telefónica
    Play trailerBest Foreign Language Podcast for Spotify and Studio Ochenta’s La Cabina Telefónica: “For betting on bilingual audio fiction and representing the vast U.S. Latino community. For finding a formula for romantic comedy in audio, with 46 characters full of sonorous color from the performance work of 11 actors and actresses from Colombia, the United States, Puerto Rico and Mexico, also giving space and value from fiction to Spanglish”.
    From: Spotify Studios
    Hosted by: Megaphone
    Play trailerBest Branded-podcast for Titania, from Podium Podcast and Banco Santander: "For allowing a reflection on the present and technology through sound fiction without the brand message overshadowing the experience. For being one of the best projects of the past year in terms of script and performance, even apart from the subject matter itself, and for raising the standards of branded podcasting.
    From: Podium Podcast
    Hosted by: Omny Studio
    Hundido. La historia del submarino ARA San Juan
    Play trailerBest Production for Hundido: la historia del ARA San Juan, by Anfibia Podcast: “For knowing how to measure the resources in a sound journey as fascinating as the sinking of a submarine. For using all possible means, from sources to unpublished journalistic research, but also with audio recreations and narration, and for making a story shine in a constant balance between containment and great sound production in the service of journalism”.
    From: Anfibia Podcast
    Hosted by: Spotify for Podcasters
    Play trailerBest Screenplay for ¿Quién mató a Anna Cook?, from Podium Podcast Chile: "For standing out as one of the narrative podcasts of the season with a five-year investigation that culminates masterfully in this podcast. For demonstrating skill and daring with the script structures and formulas to turn an audio story into a complete experience while maintaining the highest level of journalistic rigor.
    From: Podium Podcast Chile
    Hosted by: Omny Studio
    El podcast de Amazondas
    Best Experimental Podcast for El podcast de Amazondas, from Amazondas radio: "For multiplying the possibilities of community radio through podcasting, taking its capacity for social transformation to the next level. For its craftsmanship in combining format, sound design and first-person voices, elevating the everyday stories of members of indigenous communities in Peru and working in choral episodes, interviews, making of and almost any other possibility. An exemplary, immersive and totally innovative audio experience.
    From: Amazondas Radio
    Hosted by: Spotify for Podcasters
    Meterse al Rancho
    Best Conversational Podcast, for Spotify’s Meterse al Rancho,: “For becoming an audience phenomenon in Colombia and for delving into some controversial topics thanks to Santiago Alarcón’s experience as a conversationalist. For finding in the podcast a format that completes the career of this actor with a vision as an interviewer, who is able to combine curiosity and sensitivity in equal measure and generate them in the listener”.
    From: Spotify Studios
    Saldremos mejores
    Best Conversational Podcast, ex aequo, for Saldremos mejores, from Podium Podcast: “For innovating in the review of current events with an often acidic conversation that raises news commentary in Spain to a genuine level. For constantly multiplying its audience by becoming a beacon of context, without forgetting the sense of the format of its conversational podcast, combining moments of depth with the personality of its hosts, Inés Hernand and Nerea Pérez de las Heras”.
    From: Podium Podcast
    Hosted by: Triton Digital
    10 Mujeres
    Play trailerBest Episode for Fátima, from the podcast 10 mujeres, by Wondery y Amazon Music: “For approaching femicide from the right point of view, combining sensitivity, depth and message in a country, Mexico, where 10 women are murdered every day by their partners or ex-partners. For combining sound elements and a complete life story in a way that honors the memory of its protagonist”.
    From: Wondery | Dudas Media
    Hosted by: ART19
    La Fucking Condición Humana
    Play trailerBest Sound Design for Javier Álvarez, for La fucking condición humana, by El Extraordinario: “For the virtuosity with which Javier Álvarez approaches each of the episodes of this series, which are practically independent sound projects and all of them excellent. For the narrative capacity that the audio acquires beyond the spoken word, taking it to another level and accompanying it with his own original soundtrack for each of his stories”.
    From: El Extraordinario
    Hosted by: Spreaker
    La Cárcel No Da Risa
    Best Narrative Podcast for Spotify’s La cárcel no da risa, de Spotify: “Por explorar una fórmula innovadora dentro de los podcasts narrativos, aproximando el humor a un tema complejo y resolviéndolo con éxito. Por la originalidad y expresividad de un punto de vista genuino en audio que acaba por defender derechos y valores universales a partir de una historia singular”.
    From: Spotify Studios
    Poco se Habla! Briten y Xuso Jones
    Play trailerBest Host or Hostess for Xuso Jones and Ana Britto for Poco se habla!, by Podium Podcast: "For having acquired a voice of their own, and for creating an atmosphere and tone with each guest in just a few seconds of conversation. For provoking reflection on ideas of interest and eliciting some of the most original and unexpected responses from both famous and not-so-famous people.
    From: Podium Podcast
    Hosted by: Omny Studio
    Malas Personas
    Best Videopodcast for Malas Personas, by Podimo and Living Producciones: “For setting herself up as a voice of comedy and doing so in the visual context of this project. For combining the attractiveness of the speech itself from the cut (and the script exits) with a visual accompaniment that is totally understandable for the listener and that accompanies and stimulates the experience without demanding their constant gaze”.
    From: Malas Personas
    Hosted by: Spotify for Podcasters
    ¿Quieres Ser Mi Amigo?
    Play trailerPrize for Podcast Revelación, for ¿Quieres ser mi amigo?, by Podimo: “For the constancy and quality of the audiovisual and written content, and for tackling fatherhood as an original subject. For betting on this topic and for being one of the few cases of truly honest podcasts between two young men who allow themselves to develop their relationship in front of the microphone”.
    From: ¿Quieres Ser Mi Amigo?
    Hosted by: iVoox
    A solas... con Vicky Martín Berrocal
    Play trailerPrize for Podcast Revelación, for A solas con… Vicky Martín Berrocal, by Podium Podcast and La Coproductora: "For reaching a massive audience as a video podcast since its first season, surpassing several million views with only a dozen episodes. For Vicky Martín Berrocal’s commitment to this format after a 30-year career in television, choosing her own space to exercise her voice outside of editorial guidelines and appropriating her tone and way of developing conversations with great entertainment stars.
    From: Podium Podcast
    Hosted by: Omny Studio
    Ficciones sonoras de Jesús Matsuki
    Best Actor or Actress for Víctor Clavijo, for Recursos Humanos, by Jesús Matsuki: “For rising in this short sound fiction thanks to an acting work that transmits emotions and physical sensations. For bringing to this outstanding independent production all his craft of the voice, giving an outstanding entity to Manuel, his character”.
    From: Jesús Matsuki
    Play trailerBest Fiction for Corderos, by Podium Podcast Chile: “For approaching true crime, historical fiction, and even the present through a vivid original story of sound fiction. For the sum of all its ingredients at a high level of excellence: script, performances and sound design, all in the service of an emotional sonic journey that leaves a mark on the listener”.
    From: Podium Podcast Chile
    Hosted by: Omny Studio
    Play trailerPrize for the trajectory of the Podcast Industry in Spain and LATAM for Todopoderosos, from Espacio Fundación Telefónica: “For being a pioneer of the format, advancing both the video format and the validity of the live podcast, being an example of the native format of entertainment and consistency. For not disappearing from the most listened to podcasts for more than 10 years and for not relaxing in the preparation of its episodes or in the self-demanding nature of its proposal, which continues to be valid and sells out month after month at Espacio Fundación Telefónica”.
    From: Todopoderosos
    Hosted by: iVoox

Special mentions

    Escándalo Mexicano
    Play trailerThe jury gave a special mention in the Best Production category to Escándalo Mexicano, de Wondery y Amazon Music: “For the quality of the final result after a complex production process. For the quality of the final result after a complex production process: ”For managing to weave together sound environments, dialogues, scenes, recovery of events, original audios, sources, and that all of this comes together in a precise manner in his script".
    From: Wondery
    Hosted by: ART19
  • A special mention in Best Fiction goes to Storytel’s podcast Modo noche,: “For proposing a story based on listening that brings out the best in its script and its characters through this relationship with sound. For the ambition of its production and the balance of its result”.
  • Locos por los clásicos
    In the category of Ondas to the trajectory of the Podcast Industry in Spain and LATAM**,** the host and presenter Emilio del Río received a special mention for his podcast Locos por los clásicos, from RTVE Audio: “In the season in which Radiotelevisión Española has opened its audio platform, we recognize the long career of Emilio del Río in cultural dissemination in audio on demand. With 'Locos por los Clásicos’, he unlocks Latin and Greek philosophy and myths in a fun and entertaining way, allowing a reunion with humanity of the present through women and men of all times”.
    From: RTVE Audio
    Hosted by: RTVE

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