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Audiohook Collaborates with Sounder to Activate Episode-Level Contextual Targeting in Podcast Advertising

Press Release · New York, NY, USA ·

Audiohook, an audio-focused demand-side platform (DSP), and Sounder, the AI-powered audio intelligence platform and podcast advertising solution, today announced the launch of their cutting-edge episode-level contextual targeting capabilities. This new layer of their innovative partnership empowers advertisers to reach highly engaged audiences with laser precision by targeting specific content down to the individual episode level, going beyond the show’s overall genre.

Traditionally, podcast advertising has often relied on a single self-declared genre, which by nature of the RSS standard is applied to all of the episodes within that show. This frequently leads to ad placements that are irrelevant to the listener because they fail to capture the nuances of the individual episode content, resulting in wasted advertising spend and a poor listener experience. Audiohook and Sounder’s contextual targeting offering solves this problem by enabling advertisers to target specific topics discussed within individual podcast episodes.

This first-of-its-kind partnership transcends traditional podcast advertising limitations, moving beyond broad show genres to pinpoint contextually relevant episodes within podcasts – regardless of the show’s declared genre. Imagine, for example, targeting “American football” content, not just podcasts classified as “Sports.” Sounder’s AI/ML technology identifies episodes within seemingly irrelevant categories, like “Business and Finance,” that discuss a brand’s target topic, ensuring its message reaches the right ears – at the right time.

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“Until now, advertisers were limited by show-level targeting, often missing relevant episodes buried within broader categories,” explains Jordan Bentley, Founder and CEO of Audiohook. “By integrating Sounder’s sophisticated episode-level insights, we’re unlocking a new era of precision targeting, allowing advertisers to hyper-focus their campaigns on the most contextually aligned content, driving brand relevance and campaign effectiveness.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with Audiohook to democratize access to our episode-level intelligence,” says Kal Amin, Co-Founder and CEO of Sounder. “Together, we’re empowering advertisers to build audiences beyond genres, reaching engaged listeners in the moments that matter most. This is a game-changer for podcast advertising.”

Kurt Kaufer, Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer at Ad Results Media, weighed in as well: “We’re excited to witness the evolution of podcast advertising with the activation of episode-level contextual targeting. This innovative solution from Sounder (now available via Audiohook) unlocks unprecedented precision, enabling advertisers to connect with engaged audiences in the moments that matter most.”

Audiohook and Sounder’s episode-level contextual targeting activation marks a critical turning point for podcast advertising. By enabling advertisers to reach relevant content with pinpoint accuracy, this innovative solution unlocks the true potential of podcast advertising for publishers and brands alike.

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