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Podium Podcast premieres 'Dios, patria, Yunque', a production about an ultra-Catholic secret organization

Podium Podcast premieres 'Dios, patria, Yunque', a production about an ultra-Catholic secret organization

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Ten years ago, the existence of the extreme right-wing ultra-Catholic sect El Yunque was proven in court. Since then, despite unofficial investigations by the Church and the rejection of Catholic parents who denounced the recruitment of their children, the tentacles of power of this international sect, which operates throughout Latin America and Spain, have not only spread: some of the names of this secret organization now hold public office. But what exactly is El Yunque, and how far does its influence reach? This question is answered in the podcast Dios, Patria, Yunque, a five-episode creation of Podium Podcast that will premiere this Monday, February 26, on all audio platforms.

Dios, patria, Yunque is an original series that reveals unpublished testimonies from former members of the clandestine organization that originated in Mexico and has been operating in Spain for decades, with the aim, according to its own definition, of “imposing the Lordship of Christ in society by any means necessary”. In fact, it is the laity who have best studied and fought against their activities. They are the protagonists of the series, revealing who is behind the sect, the places of power its members have reached, and their relationship with certain political parties.

Miquel Ramos, a specialist in the analysis of right-wing extremism, is in charge of the five episodes. Accompanied by theologians and independent researchers, the expert analyzes the origins of the organization, delves into its role in the rise of the extreme right around the world, and tries to shed light on one of the most disturbing facts of the social and political landscape.

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The first episode, El silencio, will be available on February 26, and the following episodes will be released every Monday through April. Dios, Patria, Yunque begins by situating the actions of El Yunque in many of the recent chapters of Spanish political history, where the ultra sect has played a preeminent role in the introduction of conservative religious movements. Some prominent members of the Catholic Church, alarmed by the actions of this organization and its infiltration into the Associative Movement of Christian Families, commissioned a report that revealed that El Yunque does indeed operate as a sect.

In this original series from Podium Podcast (PRISA Audio), the experts and former members interviewed shed light on the organization’s political influence. Throughout the five episodes, the first-person testimonies describe sinister initiation rites, the recruitment of minors, the development of paramilitary camps, and the significance of an oath that haunts each former member for life. The most disturbing part of the series, however, is the revelation of their links to all kinds of far-right groups from many different faiths and countries.


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