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Liz Bonnin

Environmental broadcaster Liz Bonnin launches Dead River

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Dead River is a compelling new six-part podcast series which delves deep into the heart of the worst environmental tragedy in Brazilian history – the Mariana Dam disaster of 2015.

On the 5th of November 2015, the Mariana Dam collapsed, unleashing over 50 million cubic metres of arsenic-laced waste into the ancient Doce River. Toxic mudflows ravaged over 700km of waterways, spilling into the Atlantic Ocean. The disaster claimed 19 lives, hundreds of livelihoods, and destroyed the lifeblood of local and indigenous communities: their river source.

Hosted by environmental expert and broadcaster Liz Bonnin, Dead River weaves together the interconnected lives shattered by the events of November 2015 through powerful first-hand accounts, expert analysis and world-class sound design.

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Listeners can expect gripping storytelling – spanning from Brazil’s complex colonial history to harrowing retellings of the dam collapse itself from locals who nearly lost their lives.

But this series is not simply retrospective. In an unprecedented group litigation, over 700,000 plaintiffs are still seeking justice from Anglo-Australian mining giant BHP through the English and Welsh courts in a £36billion case. This is the UK’s largest class action lawsuit ever and is due to take place later this year, with law firm Pogust Goodhead representing the claimants.

Can justice prevail in the face of corporate power? Will the River Doce ever regain its former vitality? And what lessons can the world learn from this tragic event? Dead River is more than a podcast; it’s a call to action, a testament to the resilience of communities and a reminder of the urgent need for corporate accountability. Join Liz Bonnin on this poignant exploration of one of Brazil’s darkest chapters and an extraordinary fight for justice.


Dead River
Dead River

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