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Guaranty Media Launches Dungeons and Dragons Podcast

Guaranty Media Launches Dungeons and Dragons Podcast


It might not be the typical subject matter for a radio station, but Dungeons and Dragons has been around for decades. It has experienced a resurgence due to the popularity of the podcast format and being featured on TV shows like Stranger Things. So why are two show hosts, a DJ, and a team of digital marketers at Guaranty Media playing this game together, and what is it about?

The Night Shift is a real-play Dungeons and Dragons podcast that features T-Bob Hebert, former LSU football player and morning sports show host for 104.5/104.9 ESPN, Lindsey Duga, young adult author and digital marketing agency executive, Jay Ducote, food network star and afternoon talk show host for Talk 107.3, and Chuck Pierce, radio DJ on Eagle 98.1. Together, they play the comedic, bombastic, delightful characters: a ragtag band of has beens, never weres, and I wish you wouldn’ts. This isn’t your Knights in Shining Armor. This is the Night Shift.

The four entertainers weave a collaborative story with the dungeon master, Trent Hill, from a video and audio studio at Guaranty Media in Baton Rouge. The tale is subject to the whims of dice rolls and the whimsy of the players. This is the first of a number of podcast/videocast projects that will be rolled out by the Guaranty Podcast Network over the next few months.

Jay Parker, Digital Content Director at Guaranty Media, said of the project: “All of these folks are used to entertaining people - whether through their voice, their writing, or their antics on video - it made it a no-brainer project. Having radio and digital marketing folks do a podcast is like asking a fish to swim. It just came naturally to them.”

The Night Shift is a comedic Dungeons & Dragons podcast based on a group of characters who have missed their shots, fallen from grace, or been relegated to the bench. The fantasy setting of the podcast is unique to this story and allows for the group to build a world that is as magical as it is silly.

If you want to hear a Dungeons & Dragons podcast about heroic characters overcoming insurmountable odds to defeat evil villains…you’ll have to look elsewhere. The Night Shift is about a mischievous group of anti-heroes trying to earn a little coin and stay alive. Join this truly terrible adventure that has BAD IDEA written all over it.

The Night Shift is a Comedic Dungeons & Dragons Podcast made by Radio Employees


The Night Shift
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