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Take a look at the dark side of technology with the Criminal Domain podcast series


Criminal Domain is a multi-episode series featuring real stories of Australians who have been impacted by cyber crime and the consequences they had to endure. From identity theft to cyber stalking, ransom hacking and bank fraud.

In one of the episodes, Criminal Domain tells the story of cyber cop Anthon, who was enlisted to help business owners recover stolen company laptops. During the investivatigation if was found that the stolen laptops had been used to commit identity theft. Another episode details the story of New Zealand radio host Glenn Hart who was a victim of ransom hacking.

“Our Digital Transformation Report found that 1 in 6 Australians7 were a victim of cyber crime during lockdown, which means many of us are facing the issues being discussed in the Criminal Domain podcast. Throughout this series it highlights the impact cyber crime can have on Australians, from the initial shock to the lasting damage and in each episode we’ve been able to delve into cyber crime stories experienced by Australians and the consequences this has had on their lives. Our goal is to encourage more Australians to be more vigilant online”, added Mark Gorrie.

“As we’ve moved online, every aspect of our lives has become an ‘attack surface’ for hackers who steal our money, our privacy - even our identity. We need to be vigilant. Criminal Domain was a fantastic opportunity to learn how these hackers work - and how we can best protect ourselves from them,” said Co-host of Criminal Domain, Mark Pesce.

Criminal Domain is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Pocket Castsand at These podcast episodes were made by Ampel and sponsored by NortonLifeLock.

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Criminal Domain
By Ampel / NortonLifeLock

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