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Introducing Creature Preacher: Rococo Punch Unleashes the Secret World of Animal Psychics

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Rococo Punch introduces an unprecedented journey into the animal kingdom with the launch of its latest podcast, Creature Preacher, hosted by the renowned animal psychic, Nancy Mello. Premiering on February 20th, Nancy brings her extraordinary gift to the forefront, offering listeners a unique window into the minds and hearts of their beloved pets.

Nancy Mello has used her gifts to help locate over 100 missing pets since 2018, has guided pet owners navigating loss and has captivated a loyal following on social media. Her approach is grounded, steering clear of the “woo woo” to focus on the real, tangible connections between pets and their owners. Critics and Pet owners have praised her work in the Los Angeles Tribune as “absolutely incredible,” “spot-on,” and “you saved my life.”

Creature Preacher dives deep into the unspoken bonds we share with our pets. From heartfelt conversations with pet owners to revealing chats with the pets themselves, the podcast promises an intimate exploration of the animal psyche. The first episode features a familiar face, Timothy Simmons of 'Veep’ fame and his sweet dog Dave, and it’s as hilarious as it is enlightening.

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At its core, Creature Preacher seeks to bridge the communication gap between humans and animals, uncovering the love, secrets, and sometimes, the surprising opinions our pets hold. This season features an array of compelling stories: uncovering a dog’s true feelings about its family dynamics, a rabbit’s demands, and even an international spy whale’s tale of espionage and longing. The show also works to support animals across the US with mini-episodes highlighting animals at shelters across the country looking for loving homes.

Creature Preacher is not just a podcast; it’s a revelation that our pets have much more to say than we ever imagined. It’s a must-listen for anyone who’s ever looked into the eyes of their pet and wondered, “What are you really thinking?” Ready to captivate pet lovers and the curious alike, Creature Preacher airs weekly starting February 20th. Subscribe or follow to hear the extraordinary stories of animals and their people, brought to life by Nancy Mello’s unparalleled insight. Stay tuned to our social media for the latest updates and behind-the-scenes peeks into the making of this groundbreaking show.

There’s drama, jealousy, love and juicy secrets…but definitely no BS. Creature Preacher: Messages directly from your beloved animal to you.


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