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The Outer Limits of Inner Truth Podcast Commemorates Its 10-Year Anniversary

The Outer Limits of Inner Truth Podcast Commemorates Its 10-Year Anniversary

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Metaphysical podcast The Outer Limits of Inner Truth recently commemorated its ten-year anniversary. Publishing 435 episodes with over two million downloads, the program has encompassed freedom, deep introspection, self discovery, and spiritual growth.

Originally billed as “The world’s only show about Forensic Soul Analysis,” OLIT would feature a guest and afterwards three spiritual teachers (Astrologer Constance Stellas, Psychic Medium Kerre O’Connor, Psychic Laura Lyn) would each offer their analysis on the individual’s past lives, soul purpose, and astrological chart.

“The purpose of OLIT has always been to explore consciousness and present information that a person can use to enhance the quality of their life. Insatiable curiosity and introspection have been the two driving concepts behind the program. We haven’t been afraid to seek truth or aggressively challenge long-held collective beliefs.” said Ryan McCormick, host of the Outer Limits of Inner Truth.

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Within a few short months of its premiere , OLIT was picked up for national syndication on Starcom Radio Networks (44 AM Stations) where it remained for four years. In 2018, OLIT became a part of the Mental Health News Radio Network (one of the top mental health podcast platforms). As the years progressed, OLIT turned to a one-on-one interview format. When the world descended into chaos in 2020, show listens increased by 500% and then doubled the following year.

“The difficulties of living in this historic moment of global social collapse and catastrophic escalating conflicts on all levels everywhere can be resolved if we are able to think clearly, not from the egocentric layer of the mind, but from our highest, deepest, and most expansive states of consciousness. Ryan strives to illuminate those levels of our Being which must awaken fully if we are to navigate through this period in a state of grace, rather than in agony and torment. His courage, clarity, and sensitivity to the most subtle shifts in the morphogenic field enable him to stay on target to ensure that the quest for Truth can be fulfilled.” said Renowned Spiritual Teacher Shunyamurti.

Shunyamurti is one of several cutting edge spiritual teachers that have appeared on the program that also include: Dick Sutphen, Stuart Wilde (tribute show), Jeff Casper, Jona Bryndis, Khris Krepcik, Lisa McGarrity, Swami Satchidanand (Rev. Sally Perry), Joyce Keller, and Chung Fu (ascended being).

Some of OLIT’s listener-noted shows include: Spiritual Meaning of Weight Loss, Heart Consciousness, The Power of Forgiveness, Surviving The Coming Economic Collapse, Children Who Remember Past Lives, Optimizing Physical Health, and The Power of Brain Waves. However, OLIT’s most listened to program is “The Death Show” – a 14-part, 18-hour long series. It features over 65 interviews with grief experts, psychologists, scientists, doctors, spiritual teachers, and even fifteen people who’ve had a Near Death Experience. In addition there is a lively and intense debate between two atheists and two believers about the existence of an afterlife. Listeners particularly enjoyed NDE Researcher Dr. Jeffrey Long and NDE Survivor Nanci Danison’s interviews.

“Reflecting on a decade of exploration through the vast landscapes of freedom and metaphysics, this podcast stands as a beacon for those who dare to question the very fabric of our existence. Ten years of courageous conversations, diving deep into the essence of what it means to be truly free, navigating the intricacies of our metaphysical reality.” said Jeffrey Long, MD.

OLIT has also been a platform for many freedom advocates that include: Dr. Ron Paul Gerald Celente, Larken Rose, Dr. Naomi Wolf, David Icke, Jeff Berwick, Jason Christoff, and Del Bigtree. OLIT has explored the trajectory of the global economy and how to prepare for uncertain times by featuring respected Business Leaders and Visionaries such as: Doug Casey, Legendary Economic Forecaster Martin Armstrong, Peter Schiff, Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki, Michael Levine, Gary Heavin, and Jim Rogers.

“Ryan allows me the runway to get my point across and he also has an open mind but he’s also not afraid to challenge the views of his guests.” said Jason Christoff.

While celebrities haven’t been the focal point of OLIT, they were the last show Frank Vincent (The Sopranos, Good Fellas) appeared on before he passed in 2017. Comedic Legend Richard Belzer and Stacy Keach also appeared. In their 10-year history, OLIT has also explored mysteries of the unknown with George Noory (host of Coast to Coast AM), Barry Cooper, Caroline Cory, Mentalist Jim Karol, Dr. Steven Greer (founder of modern day UFO disclosure movement), Sev Tok, and others.

To learn more information about the Outer Limits of Inner Truth, please visit the website.


Outer Limits Of Inner Truth
Outer Limits Of Inner Truth

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