Certified Crucial: Podcasting Insiders Revolutionize Monetization with Pre-Order Customized Merch

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In a move to reframe the podcast ecosystem, Certified Crucial, an LGBTQIA+ owned company co-founded by podcast veterans Marz (CEO) and Michael Bickett (COO), announce a suite of customized merchandise solutions designed to accelerate creators’ path to financial success. While they have all the classic merch you’d expect, like shirts and hats, what truly sets them apart is their ability to create unique and custom items geared towards niche audiences. Take for example their premiere offering: Limited-edition vinyl pressings of podcast episodes.

From Data to Disruption: Rethinking Podcast Monetization Together

Marz, a visionary leader with deep experience in podcast production, podcast marketing and audience development, alongside Michael Bickett, industry powerhouse, former Head of RSS Client Success and Founder of the Geeks Under The Influence Network, joined forces to disrupt the podcast monetization landscape. Their strategy? Leverage a key industry insight: podcasters foster incredibly loyal and engaged listener bases.

Michael, understanding the creator community firsthand and Marz, with their many years of analyzing listener habits to enable brand monetization, leveraged this truth. Both saw the potential to empower creators by providing them with the tools to directly connect with their passionate audience and accelerate their monetization timelines.

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“The traditional monetization model focused on waiting to reach minimum download thresholds and prioritized attracting brands,” says Marz. “While valuable, there’s a bigger picture. By prioritizing new revenue streams, creators build a foundation that attracts stronger brand partnerships later,” echoes Michael.

Vinyl: A Perfect Match for Podcast Listeners

Certified Crucial’s premiere offering leverages the surging popularity of vinyl records, tapping into a shared passion that goes beyond just sound quality. There is an element of deep audio appreciation with vinyl, however a key insight from Luminate research suggests only 50% of vinyl consumers actually own a record player, the real magic lies in nostalgia and community.

Podcast and vinyl enthusiasts share the cultural values of celebrating niche audio content through financial and community advocacy. Including vinyl releases into merchandising initiatives assists creators in turning their brand into a culture.

Certified Crucial: A Turnkey Solution for Podcast Merchandise

The podcast merchandise market holds immense potential, yet only 14% of creators currently capitalize on it. Certified Crucial offers a comprehensive solution to address this challenge:

  • Pre-Order Sales: No upfront costs for creators! Gauge audience interest before production and ensure guaranteed profit.
  • Turnkey Merch Management: Once your request is received the Certified Crucial team handles ideation, creation, production, sales, and fulfillment.
  • Custom Vinyl: Premiere offering – limited-edition podcast episodes on vinyl, a unique collectible for listeners.
  • Certified Crucial Creator Program: Connecting creators for exclusive custom merch solutions with ethical and transparent payout agreements. Apply here to become a Certified Crucial Creator!

Also because we believe in responsible business practices, Certified Crucial donates 1% of all sales to offset our carbon footprint.

A Win-Win for Podcasts and Listeners Alike

Certified Crucial offers a compelling proposition for both podcasters and listeners.

  • For Podcasters:
    • New and exciting revenue streams designed to ensure profitability.
    • A fresh avenue to boost brand awareness and listener engagement.
    • A premium offering to incentivize monetization.
  • For Listeners:
    • A unique, limited edition and exclusive collectible item.
    • An exciting way to financially support the creators they love.
    • A tangible piece of their favorite podcast to enable a deeper connection.

Visit the Certified Crucial website to learn more and unlock a new era of podcast monetization.

About Certified Crucial

Certified Crucial, co-founded by Marz and Michael Bickett, empowers podcasters with innovative monetization solutions. They offer a seamless vinyl production service and a full suite of custom merchandise solutions to empower creators and uplift the creator economy. It is their aim to foster an environment where creativity thrives and every voice is not only celebrated but amplified.

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