The latest from crime journalist Nicola Tallant: “Crime World Presents: Caught in the Crossfire”

The latest from crime journalist Nicola Tallant: “Crime World Presents: Caught in the Crossfire”

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Acast, the home of the world’s most valuable marketplace and some of Ireland’s biggest podcasts, has announced the launch of the newest podcast from Sunday World and well-known crime journalist Nicola Tallant: Crime World Presents “Caught in the Crossfire”: A True Story Of An Innocent Man Caught Up In A Gangland Murder.

The 80s had The General, the 90s had John Gilligan, and in the noughties, it was the reign of Martin Marlo Hyland. He ruled with an iron fist over gangland, working his way up the drug ladder with ferocious force, taking opportunities to step in when others fell by the wayside. But like many before him and many since, he got too big, too quick and a Garda crackdown on his mob saw him grow increasingly reckless and paranoid. Ultimately he became a liability. He had to go. And it was the circumstances of his death that added to his brutal legacy, that an innocent young man doing an honest day’s work lost his life. This is the story of Anthony Campbell and the murder of Martin Marlo Hyland.

Nicola Tallant, Investigative Journalist, said: “I have worked on countless gangland murders over my career as a crime correspondent, but the killing of Anthony Campbell during the assassination of the drugs kingpin Martin ‘Marlo’ Hyland has always stayed with me. For the rest of us the years go on and life continues but for those left counting the costs it never will be the same again. Anthony was an only child; an innocent man doing an honest day’s work and that he would be caught in the crossfire of a brutal underworld he knew nothing about is a resounding tragedy. The fact his murder remains unsolved compounds the grief for his mother and loved ones. I hope this podcast can help, in some small way, for this case to be reviewed and to establish if anyone can be brought to justice for many years on.”

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