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Captivate Launches Podcast Analytics Migration Tool, Allowing Podcasters to Move Their Download History

Press Release · London, UK · via Captivate ·

Captivate, an industry leading podcast hosting, monetization and analytics platform owned by Global, the Media & Entertainment group, has today launched an industry-first feature which allows podcasters to comprehensively move their complete podcast download analytics history from a previous host into their Captivate dashboard and maintain full graphing capabilities.

The groundbreaking feature allows Captivate podcasters moving from other hosting platforms to access their full historical analytics from within the dashboard, meaning they can see growth trends and interpret data from their entire podcasting career - not just from the date of their import to Captivate.

This complete data history means podcasters will be able to see their trajectory in macro, as a continuous story, rather than starting afresh on import, as was previously necessary industry-wide. Captivate then provides fully graphed, customisable reports for the legacy data, with no limit on the amount of data that can be imported.

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Allowing all podcasters, not just those who started with Captivate, the opportunity to present a full and complete history of their analytics to potential sponsors and advertisers will have a direct effect on their income - sustained growth over a longer period is attractive to sponsors, and the new feature ensures those who have recently imported to Captivate won’t have to wait a period of months to build up enough data to present to advertisers.

Podcasters simply download a CSV copy of their analytics from their previous host before importing, and are prompted to upload that data during the process of importing a show to Captivate. The historical analytics are then hosted in a new “Legacy Analytics” area of the dashboard, and can be formatted by:

  • Directory app
  • Listener location
  • Episode title
  • Any other way previous hosts formatted the data is also supported

After the data is imported, it is then categorized for accuracy and reported back. Graphs are provided for all data, and reports can be custom named by the podcaster.

The new feature allows for an unprecedented level of continuity for serious independent podcasters looking to switch to a truly growth-orientated host, effectively eliminating the only historical drawback present when importing your podcast to a more suitable home.

Captivate ensures, through a continued focus on the needs of serious independent podcasters, that creators are given the tools to succeed, regardless of when or why they moved or started their podcast.

Mark Asquith, Managing Director of Captivate, said: “One of the biggest questions from podcasters moving to a new host has always been: ‘Can I import my analytics?’, and the answer has, across the industry, always been ‘not really’. I totally understand why a podcaster serious about their growth and passionate about their work would want to see their full data history in one place, to see where they’ve come from and where they are now - I’d want to as well - so it’s been really important for us to get this feature right. To be the first in the industry to accomplish it in a manner this intuitively is massive, and we really expect to see others follow our lead on this.”

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