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Capsho ready to relaunch their new platform: Capsho NextGen (and you’re invited)

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The folks at Capsho, who were first-to-market as an AI-powered podcast marketer, are ready to launch the newest version of their platform, Capsho NextGen, in open Beta.

The current version of Capsho turns your audio or video files into a full suite of publishing and marketing assets like a title, description, show notes, social media captions, emails, blog post, LinkedIn article, curated quotes and a full transcript. Capsho NextGen will do all of that and more.

It is a complete rebuild of their current offering and takes into account their community’s feedback as well as exciting recent developments in the AI space. As Capsho CEO, Deirdre Tshien (pictured above), puts it:

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“We’ve learned a lot over the last 2 years and have invested everything we have into building a completely new product that brings those learnings to life. Capsho NextGen isn’t just another AI tool that churns out content for content’s sake - there’s enough of those around. It is intentionally designed to serve a very specific kind of content creator: coaches, consultants and service providers who want to get clients from their content. This is why we take a completely different approach. We’ve built NextGen to create content that activates your audience and turns them into leads.”

Another thing that makes Capsho NextGen different? The self-learning intelligence built into it.

Deirdre continues: “Personal branding and authenticity is everything for our community of Capshovians. This is why Capsho NextGen has automated self-learning built in. It learns from every edit to put together the puzzle pieces of your unique writing style and tone and applies these nuances to future outputs.”

Here are some of the most exciting features we can expect from Capsho NextGen:

  • Custom Tone of Voice: You can train Capsho NextGen with existing content that is in your tone of voice, so that it creates drafts that already reflects your writing style and tone
  • Intelligent Learning: Capsho NextGen will learn from all the edits you make and automatically apply these learnings to future content it creates
  • Flexibility to create your own assets: In addition to a full set of tried-and-tested assets, Capsho NextGen will give you thought starters from which to create even more assets
  • Soundbites Identification, Clipping and Editing: You’ll get strategically identified soundbites from your content which you can edit into video clips
  • Ability to repurpose your guest appearances: If you guest on other shows and stages, Capsho NextGen will help you repurpose these guest appearances into a suite of content marketing assets that position you as the expert that you are.
  • Strategic Marketing assets, not just AI outputs: Each asset Capsho creates for each platform follows an intentional strategy designed to get leads with your content.

To date, Capsho NextGen has only been available in Beta to a select group of Capsho’s community of Capshovians.

And the feedback has been pretty impressive. This is what Coach and Entrepreneur Gloria Rand had to say: “I love doing my podcast but I wasn’t using it effectively as a way to attract more listeners and ultimately clients. I was overjoyed when I saw Capsho NextGen helps me implement a full social media strategy. Capsho NextGen has made it so much easier for me to not only create my content but actually market it properly. I love going in to make my tweaks which by the way are minor because the AI has gotten so good at paying attention to my voice that I trained it on. The differences in the outputs are like night and day. The content it creates is amazing but an expected game changer has been the hyper- personalized ideas it generates for me based on content I have already shared with Capsho.”

Given this feedback, the Capsho team is ready to share it more widely and will be making a special announcement at their upcoming event, Capsho NextGen Uprising which is happening on June 20th.

Along with the Capsho NextGen announcement, you will hear from 8 entrepreneurs and how they turned their most disheartening setbacks into their biggest comebacks. Get your free ticket to Capsho NextGen Uprising here

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Capsho is the fastest way for entrepreneurs to market and share their content. In under 10 minutes, it turns your audio or video files into a full suite of marketing assets that are designed to help you get more clients with your content.

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