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Bellies, Bits and Babies - a podcast on women's pelvic health

PRESS RELEASE — September 26, 2018

In an age when there seems to be no such thing as over-sharing, there’s still too much embarrassment and shame about women’s pelvic issues like mummy tummy, pain or leaking. But we don’t have to suffer in silence.

Bellies, Bits and Babies is a new Babyology podcast all about women’s pelvic health that answers the questions we’re too scared to ask, hosted by physiotherapist and pelvic floor expert, Heba Shaheed.

Speaking with both experts and mums who share their own personal experiences, Heba covers everything from how to tackle the mummy tummy, lower back pain, birth plans and endometriosis.

Heba is on a mission to break the taboos surrounding women’s pelvic health, and to educate and empower women to live healthier, stronger and happier lives.

In six practical weekly episodes, Heba shares her expertise to improve women’s pelvic health before and after childbirth. She covers:

Heba Shaheed has seven years of experience in women’s and pelvic health. Heba has supported over 2000 women on their journey to better health and wellbeing, and instructed over 1200 therapeutic yoga and Pilates exercise classes in her career. Heba has also battled with multiple chronic pelvic pain conditions including endometriosis, and has recently become a new mum.

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