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Bayer podcast ads beat industry norms for purchase intent, authenticity in new analysis by ART19 and Veritonic

PRESS RELEASE — February 12, 2020

Oakland CA, USA—ART19 and Veritonic find promising results in a case study on the impact and effectiveness in podcast ad campaigns. In the study, major pharmaceutical company Bayer’s targeted ad campaigns using ART19’s SmartAudiences™ technology demonstrated above-average favorability, drove significant increases in intent to purchase, and showed demonstrable listener engagement across the board.

ART19, the leading audio platform for podcast hosting, ad serving and audience measurement, and Veritonic, the audio intelligence platform, today released the results of a study proving how Bayer podcast ads greatly outperformed norms for purchase intent and other keymetrics. The study showed that listener-targeted podcast ads effectively drove intent to purchase, favorability, and other key metrics — made all the more remarkable by Bayer’s already strong consumer trust in the marketplace.

“By targeting specific kinds of listeners for its branding initiative, and running podcast-native ads from ART19’s Creative Studio, Bayer executed a podcast campaign that proved successful by any metric,” said Lex Friedman, ART19’s Chief Revenue Officer.

Bayer’s podcast ad campaign comprised eight unique ads targeting a variety of listeners, with each ad promoting core branding messages. Though most listeners were already familiar with Bayer as a well-established brand in the market, listeners’ already-high “intent to purchase” scores still increased significantly after hearing the podcast ads. Veritonic found that Bayer’s ads significantly out-performed industry averages on trustworthiness, post-exposure purchase intent, and engagement.

Across every ad and every type of audience target, listeners rated Bayer’s ads as authentic, energetic, happy, and relaxed. These positive ratings out-performed Vertonic’s audio industry benchmark by an average of more than 12 percent, with authenticity ratings exceeding the audio benchmark by an average of 14 percent.

The study reaffirms that ART19’s ad targeting can help advertisers reach precisely the consumers they’re after, driving impressive marketing success for major brands.

Other findings from the study included:

The study’s conclusions demonstrate that ART19’s targeted marketplace and creative studio can help major brands drive listener engagement and intent to purchase with smartly-executed podcast ad campaigns. For further results and more information about the study, please contact ART19 at

About ART19

ART19’s leading audio platform provides cutting-edge tools for on-demand hosting, distribution, ad serving, and audience measurement. At the intersection of publishers and advertisers, the company powers hundreds of millions of podcast downloads every month for the industry’s largest shows. ART19 enables publishers to manage all content and ad operations in one place, offering best-in-class targeting capabilities, seamless integration with listening platforms and a flexible infrastructure to continuously enhance revenue opportunities for its clients. ART19 equips advertisers with services to reach audiences through smart targeting and custom ad creative capabilities.

About Veritonic

Veritonic is the audio intelligence platform, empowering marketers to understand and quantify the most effective way to use sound. It’s the first analytics platform built for businesses to navigate the audio renaissance easily and maximize the massive opportunity it presents. From the podcast, streaming, or radio ads that drives sales, to where you stand relative to competitors, Veritonic is one place to answer every critical question about marketing in audio. Powered by “Machine Listening and Learning”™, the Veritonic platform scores and benchmarks audio assets quickly and comprehensively, guiding brand leaders like Visa and platforms like Pandora to make decisions that cultivate deeper relationships with customers through sound.

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