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The free Android podcasting app AntennaPod releases a major new version with a friendlier user interface and a range of new features


Version 2 of AntennaPod has been released on Google Play and F-Droid. This release is a major milestone for the popular free and Open Source podcast manager for Android. Over 20 volunteers from across the world collaborated on this version. The app has been given a fresh new brand selected through a unique public vote. Version 2 also brings a big update to the user interface and contains many new features and improvements under the hood.

The lead developer Hans-Peter Lehmann points out: “With a total of over 500 commits, this release is probably the biggest update since the initial release of the app. I’m proud of this new version; the new app icon and many new functionalities were worth the wait.”

The new feature set includes 'app shortcuts’, allowing users to directly go to their queue or episode list from their home screen. There are also new per-podcast settings to adjust each podcast’s volume and to skip intros and outros of individual episodes. Additionally, a new option has been added to preview episodes before subscribing to a podcast.

Other notable improvements include enhanced audio-description of the interface, which benefits the visually impaired in navigating around the app. AntennaPod is now available in 17 languages, with many more partially supported. A full list of new features, improvements and bug fixes is available on the project website.

Possibly the biggest user-facing change is the project’s new brand, most visible in the new app icon. After a call in the Open Source Design community the team received 12 proposals, of which two were selected and put to a public vote.

Koen Glotzbach, who coordinates communication and translations: “We’ve seen an incredible interest and response. Well over 6,000 users voted for their favourite proposal and left comments on the designs. All votes and open comments were analysed and used in an intense iteration process. A unique process to get a new brand. Even in the Open Source community.”

The new app icon and branding, from 221 Pixels, features prominently in this latest release. A remake of the AntennaPod website, based on the new brand, is in the making. The app itself will soon get support for, a new database from the hand of 'Podfather’ Adam Curry.

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