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How our UTM codes work

November 20, 2019 · By · 1.5 minutes to read

If you want to know how much traffic we send you, normally you’d use the referrer, but in this case we’re mostly read by email, so the referrer would look like a webmail service - or even be blank.

So, we try to help websites know when we send them traffic by tagging links from our newsletter and website with UTM codes. These are mainly used by Google Analytics, but other services can use them too.

Here’s a link to Google, so you can see how this looks. In this case, it’ll go to

Our UTM codes look like…

Source - our source is always


utm_medium=newsletter - this can be one of the following:



In most cases, we can’t change our UTM link policy for one-off links, but we hope that this is flexible enough to help you work out what traffic you’re getting from us.

Users of our classifieds section can get a full post-campaign analysis by using your classifieds dashboard; if you’re a title or section sponsor, we’ll send you a post campaign analysis a few weeks after your sponsorship completes.

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