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2024 Podcast Predictions: Things 'Dun Changed

· By Ozeal Debastos · 3 minutes to read

Taylor Swift’s latest treadmill challenge isn’t the only thing making noise these days — there’s excitement in the podcasting world you need to know about too! Podcasts are stepping out from the background to lead new ways in storytelling, learning, entertainment and marketing.

Here are my top five podcast predictions set to shake things up in 2024.

Prediction 1: The Rise of Live Streaming in Podcasting

Live streaming is not new, but I predict it will become a vital marketing tool for creators in 2024. This approach will be crucial for building community engagement, authentic fan relationships, and significantly amplifying brand influence. Instagram’s integration of Streamlabs and other third-party live streaming tools marks a significant shift. I anticipate a surge in live streams across various platforms, including Instagram, Twitch, and TikTok Live.

Prediction 2: Video Podcasting: More Than a Trend

YouTube’s recent expansions in podcasting indicate a major move towards video podcasting as a legit mainstream format. In the recent study conducted by Sound Profitable “Sound You Can See,” proves that the shift towards video consumption is real.

Video consumers are ALSO audio consumers.

There is growth in blending video and audio consumption and I see that unterest growing in 2024. So, expect a surge in video podcasts, offering an immersive and engaging experience for listeners and viewers.

Prediction 3: Improvement in Analytics and Marketing Tools

Each year, podcasting gets smarter. I predict hosting companies leveling up their analytics and marketing tools, offering podcasters deeper audience insights, more effective content tailoring, and wider marketing reach. Additionally, podcast advertising agencies will also continue to advance in ad attribution, frequency capping, and AI utilization for ad campaigns.

Prediction 4: The Emergence of Micro-Communities for Podcasters

The growing interest in micro-events and meetups among creators is inevitable. These events, focusing on education, accountability, and support, will become more prevalent, within the podcasting community.

My good friends at Podfest did a Pod Tour where they traveled all around the US and Canada hosting local meetups. The turnouts were great and it was a testament that podcasters are yearning for in-person connecction and local community vibes.

We will be seeing more of this in 2024.

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Prediction 5: Expect the Unexpected

An increase in podcasting by non-profits and small businesses was notable in 2023. I assisted and consulting with business owners and industries you wouldn’t expect to have an interest in podcasting.

I foresee more unexpected entities and service providers (local barbershops, coffeehouses, karate intructors,etc.) will likely adopt podcasting as a unique marketing approach, creating valuable content with a human touch. The demand for authentic messaging and direct communication will drive more unexpected industries to embrace podcasting. Watch, see and listen.

Prediction 6: The AI Revolution is real!

No doubt, AI has significantly influenced the creator space in 2023, with tools like Castmagic, Opus Clips, and Swell AI. In 2024, I expect AI to be integrated more fully into creator tools from planning to post production and marketing.

We’ll see more attention to ethical content creation and leaders stepping up to encourage creators to use AI as a tool, and not let it replace your personal brand’s voice.

As we look towards 2024, it’s evident that podcasting is evolving in exciting and unexpected ways. From live streaming and AI integration to the rise of video podcasting and advanced analytics, these trends are bringing in a new era for podcasting. And, despite, this evolution, it’s important to remember the essence of what makes podcasting truly special.

Think of your podcast as a tight-knit neighborhood, a warm and welcoming place where stories, ideas, and connections happen. It’s a space of trust, where laughter, tears, and appreciation are shared with no expectation. As an indie podcast creator, I love this spirit and hope we never lose sight of the uniqueness that defines podcasting – its ability to create a close-knit community in an increasingly disconnected, robotic world.

The future of podcasting is not just booming and diverse; it’s vibing with the potential for genuine human connection. Let’s embrace these changes while holding on to the core values of storytelling and community. Let’s continue to support each other and build this industry together… as a neighborhood.

Happy Podcasting in 2024!

Ozeal DebastosOzeal Debastos is the founder of Pod Houston, a family of podcasters passionate about community, connection and collaboration.

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