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Podnews has been publishing every weekday since June 2017, and is used by many in the industry as their daily briefing for podcast and on-demand.

As of July 24, 2024, we have 31,812 active newsletter subscribers, and over the last 30 days, we’ve seen 53,534 podcast downloads and 1,899,420 editorial pageviews. You can see our latest stats on our ‘about’ page.

The more support we get, the more time we can spend on Podnews, and the better this service will be for everyone.

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You can support us in a number of ways.

Title sponsorship and bespoke advertising

You can sponsor the Podnews newsletter on a monthly basis. This includes a logo at the top of the newsletter and varying text messaging throughout the month. We also offer other sponsorship options too, including bespoke solutions.

We’re super-flexible, and keen to work with you to achieve your goals. Please contact Kristy Scott, our Head of Sales, at

Classified advertising

Podnews has self-service classified ads, allowing anyone to advertise on our newsletter.

Pricing is demand-led, and starts at a low price so everyone can afford it. You can book up to two months in advance, and so that we’re not over-run with advertising, pricing goes up the more popular a day is.

Ads appear in daily newsletters, within our podcast’s show notes in most podcast apps, and permanently on that day’s update on the website.

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Personal supporters

You can use support us using Patreon to pledge as little as US$4 a month to help us.

Your help goes to support everyone’s experience. We’re massively grateful for your support.

Silver and Gold supporters

You can get your logo on Podnews every day by becoming a silver supporter for as little as $150 a month (though most people pay more). Logos appear in a random order every day, though the higher your level of support, the higher your logo goes too.

The quickest way to support is is to use our Patreon page. We can also invoice directly for longer periods: please drop a note to

One-off support

You can give one-off donations, or pay a bill, with your credit card.

Other payments

If you use the Brave browser, we accept BAT. You can either send a tip from the BAT icon at the top of your browser, or we benefit from your visits when you use a monthly auto-contribute setting.

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You can also listen to us on a value4value-enabled podcast app. Find some here.

You’ll find us at if you’d like to talk further.

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