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Here, for a website, are two simple and easy buttons to help listeners hear this podcast on Apple and Android devices. Both apps are pre-installed, so your listeners will need to do nothing other than start listening.

CAUTION: The link to Google Podcasts will not work. This podcast is not listed in Google Podcasts. Here’s a full FAQ about Google Podcasts.

Grab the code for these two buttons...

You need to copy all the code in the box above, and paste it directly into your HTML. There’s no need to link to any images. To change the size of the buttons, change the WIDTH and HEIGHT for the two SVG elements.

Make an automatic listen link

If you save the following text as a web-page (call it "listen.html" or something), it will automatically open Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, or our web player - depending which device they have. (And, of course, you can edit this code to put your own web player in there instead).

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