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Ep 36: How Important is Mobility Ft. Dr. Aaron Horschig (@SquatUniversity) (link not available)
Direct links:
Dec 13 2022
Ep 35: How to Live a World Class Life Ft. Alan Lazaros (@Alazaros88) (link not available)
Direct links:
Aug 10 2021
Episode 34: Foot Health 101, Running Pain-Free, Barefoot Training Ft. Justin Chan and Laura Desjardins (link not available)
Direct links:
Mar 30 2021
Ep 33: Mobility Training, Joint Control and Pain Free Performance Ft. Nat Vironand (link not available)
Direct links:
Feb 18 2021
Ep 32: Online Training and the Future of Fitness Ft. Jonathan Goodman (link not available)
Direct links:
Oct 30 2020
Ep 31: Running, Injuries and Rehab Ft. Amanda Benaim MscPT (@AmandaPhysio) (link not available)
Direct links:
Sep 3 2020
Ep 30: How Habits Can Change Your Life Ft. @Bwanka (link not available)
Direct links:
Aug 13 2020
Ep 29: How to Get Stronger for Life Ft. @CoachLeeBoyce (link not available)
Direct links:
Jul 30 2020
Ep 28: How to Sit Less and Move More | DBT 5 Minute Clinic #2 (link not available)
Direct links:
Jul 7 2020
Ep 27: Rehab Science Ft. Dr. Tom Walters DTP, OCS (@RehabScience) (link not available)
Direct links:
Jun 27 2020
Ep 26: How to Personalize Your Fitness Ft. Nicole Liolios (@NicoleLioFit) (link not available)
Direct links:
Jun 19 2020
Ep 25: Redefine Your Impossible Ft. @SchoolofCalisthenics (link not available)
Direct links:
Jun 11 2020
Ep 24: Finding the Doorway to Meditation Practice Ft. Amanda Gilbert (@AmandaGilbertMeditation) (link not available)
Direct links:
May 25 2020
Ep 23: How to Stay Fit at Home Ft. Steve McCollum (@TFT_Fitness) (link not available)
Direct links:
May 14 2020
Ep 22: How to Welcome Movement into your Workday Ft. Nicole Ciasca (@TheRestorativeYogi) (link not available)
Direct links:
Apr 30 2020
Ep 21: Overcoming Injuries Ft. Matt Laing (@MattDoesPhysio) (link not available)
Direct links:
Apr 16 2020
Ep 20: Mental Health and Mindfulness Ft. @AllySalama and @JasonIsaacs1903 (link not available)
Direct links:
Mar 29 2020
Ep 19: Deskbound Ergonomics and Active Sitting Ft. Patrick Harrison (@CoreChair) (link not available)
Direct links:
Jan 14 2020
DBT 5 Minute Clinic Ep 1 - How to Warm Up for Periods of Sitting (link not available)
Direct links:
Dec 26 2019
Ep 18: Shape Your Attitude to Build your Strongest Body and Mind Ft. Carlos Salas (@Carlito) (link not available)
Direct links:
Dec 16 2019
Ep 17: Zen Stoic Mastery For Deskbound Professionals Ft. Victor Piereantoni (@ZenStoic_v) (link not available)
Direct links:
Dec 1 2019
Ep 16: Stress Management For Deskbound Professionals Ft. Ciarán Fox (@Theemindguy) (link not available)
Direct links:
Nov 4 2019
Ep 15: Training, Nutrition and Performance for Deskbound Professionals (@So.Health.Phie) (link not available)
Direct links:
Oct 17 2019
Ep 14: FutureProof Your Body Ft. Jonathan Chow (@JonRehab) (link not available)
Direct links:
Sep 30 2019
Episode 13: Yoga for Deskbound Professionals Ft. Adell Bridges (link not available)
Direct links:
Aug 2 2019
Episode 12: Pull-Up Mastery and Functional Movements Ft. Meghan Callaway (link not available)
Direct links:
May 16 2019
Episode 11: The Smart Approach To Building Muscle Ft. Carsen Cascia (link not available)
Direct links:
May 2 2019
Episode 10 - Workout Recovery 101 and Injury Prevention Ft. Dr. Dominique Harmath (link not available)
Direct links:
Apr 11 2019
Episode 9 - Designing a Rehab Program and The Importance of Posture Ft. Adam McCluskey, DPT (link not available)
Direct links:
Mar 21 2019
Episode 8 - Eating Healthy at Work Ft. Jeff Simmons (link not available)
Direct links:
Mar 2 2019
Episode 7 - Building Habits to Achieve Your Fitness Goals Ft. Craig Ballantyne (link not available)
Direct links:
Feb 2 2019
Episode 6 - Fitness Mindset and Growing Your Instagram Ft. Dani Di Tofano (link not available)
Direct links:
Dec 28 2018
Episode 5 - How to Start a Successful Fitness Career Ft. Marc Lebert (link not available)
Direct links:
Dec 4 2018
Episode 4 - Prehab and Performance Ft. Dr. Jacob Harden (link not available)
Direct links:
Nov 13 2018
How to find your Passion Ft. Kevin Crenshaw | DBT Ep. 3 (link not available)
Direct links:
Oct 10 2018
The Deskbound Therapy Podcast Ft. Brandon Wynn (link not available)
Direct links:
Jul 23 2018

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