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The Rosenfeld Review Podcast (Rosenfeld Media) - deep links to episodes

These are magic links to individual episodes for The Rosenfeld Review Podcast (Rosenfeld Media), provided to help you share audio for this podcast.

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June 12, 2019: Preparing Industry-Ready Designers at the Center Centre with Jessica Ivins | Audio file

May 1, 2019: Scaling Knowledge: Matt Duignan on Microsoft’s Human Insight System | Audio file

March 29, 2019: More is Not Better: Creating a Content Framework with Kristina Halvorson | Audio file

March 15, 2019: The Impact of UI: Predicting the Next Big Thing with Google’s Luke Wroblewski | Audio file

February 26, 2019: Solving Big Problems: Examining the Value of Creativity and Diversity with #EX19 Curator Dave Sifry | Audio file

February 19, 2019: Creativity, Curiosity, and Customer Success: Talking with #EX2019 Curator Ellie Wu | Audio file

February 4, 2019: #metoo and the IA Community: Karen McGrane and Lou Rosenfeld Confront a Difficult Topic | Audio file

February 1, 2019: System-Thinking in Team Building: Insights from EX2019 Curator Sam McAfee | Audio file

January 21, 2019: Managing Multiple Points of View: Insights from “The Product Guy” Rich Mironov | Audio file

January 11, 2019: Voting as a Part of Everyday Life: Insights from Whitney Quesenbery | Audio file

December 20, 2018: Ecosystem Mapping: How and Why with Canux Founder Cornelius Rachieru | Audio file

October 19, 2018: Biology and Design: Insights from Shopify’s Alëna Iouguina | Audio file

October 5, 2018: Turning Ripples into Waves: A Chat with SAP’s Hana Nagel | Audio file

September 28, 2018: From Government to Enterprise: Research Operations at Scale with Atlassian's Leisa Reichelt | Audio file

September 19, 2018: From Design Thinking to Design Doing: A Chat with IBM's Doug Powell | Audio file

September 12, 2018: Sociology and DesignOps: A Chat with MailChimp’s Jacqui Frey | Audio file

September 5, 2018: The Ontology of AI: A Chat with Uber’s Carol Smith | Audio file

August 29, 2018: Curating Conferences: A Chat with the Bureau of Digital’s Carl Smith | Audio file

August 22, 2018: Design Debt: A Chat with DesignMap’s Audrey Crane | Audio file

August 22, 2018: Design is About Understanding People: A Chat with Irene Au | Audio file

July 20, 2018: The UX Tipping Point: A Chat with Jared Spool | Audio file

July 10, 2018: The Business Case for Service Design: A Chat with Kerry Bodine | Audio file

June 20, 2018: Exploring the DesignOps Definition: A Chat with Dave Malouf | Audio file

June 15, 2018: Navigating Information Environments: A Chat with Jorge Arango | Audio file

May 9, 2018: Facilitation for Designers: A Talk with Dan Brown | Audio file

May 9, 2018: Scaling Design Systems: A Talk with Nathan Curtis | Audio file

May 2, 2018: Deconstructing the Enterprise & Organizational Design: A Talk with Adam Connor | Audio file

May 1, 2018: Orchestrating CX and UX: A Talk with Chris Risdon and Patrick Quattlebaum | Audio file

April 25, 2018: Fourth Order of Design and the Enterprise: A Talk with Richard Buchanan | Audio file

April 14, 2018: Integrated Data Thinking: A Chat with Tricia Wang | Audio file

April 12, 2018: Enterprise UX and Storytelling: A Chat with Dan Willis | Audio file

April 1, 2018: Investing in People and Products: A Talk with Amy Marquez | Audio file

March 28, 2018: Blockchains and AI: A Conversation with Nathan Shedroff | Audio file

March 26, 2018: Digital Governance in the Enterprise: A Talk with Lisa Welchman | Audio file

March 25, 2018: Communication and UX: A Chat with Margot Dear | Audio file

March 18, 2018: Building Enterprise Processes: A Talk with Eduardo Ortiz | Audio file

March 17, 2018: Making the Most of Meetings: A Chat with Kevin M. Hoffman | Audio file

January 22, 2018: UX and Digital Data: A Talk with Phil Kemelor | Audio file

November 18, 2017: Designing A More Hopeful Future: A Talk with Dirk Knemeyer | Audio file

November 8, 2017: This Game is Never Done: A Chat with Erin Hoffman-John | Audio file

October 18, 2017: The Enterprise Elephant: A Chat with Milan Guenther | Audio file

October 12, 2017: The Right Way to Select Technology: A Chat with Tony Byrne and Jarrod Gingras | Audio file

September 21, 2017: DesignOps in a Post-Industrial World: Crash-Coursing Complex Systems with Jeff Sussna | Audio file

September 5, 2017: Project Management for Humans: A Chat with Brett Harned | Audio file

August 22, 2017: Integrity and Design: An Interview with Lou Rosenfeld | Audio file

August 22, 2017: Seeing Around Corners: Making Sense of DesignOps with Kristin Skinner | Audio file

August 18, 2017: Driving Digital Transformation at Scale: A Chat with GE’s David Cronin | Audio file

July 26, 2017: DesignsOps and Airbnb: A Chat with Sarah Kettles | Audio file

July 26, 2017: DesignOps as Service: Talking Adaptive Mapping with Michael Polivka | Audio file

July 6, 2017: Using UX Mapping to Change Lives: A Talk with Jim Kalbach | Audio file

May 23, 2017: Elementary, My Dear Watson: AI Essentials and Ethics with Chris Noessel | Audio file

May 22, 2017: Crafting Enterprise Experiences: A Chat with Theresa Neil | Audio file

May 22, 2017: Talking to Tech: Designing Conversations with Giles Colborne | Audio file

May 11, 2017: Rise of the Machines: Talking Tooling with Elizabeth Churchill | Audio file

May 1, 2017: Leaving a Legacy: Lou chats with Mark Templeton, EUX 2017 Keynote Speaker | Audio file

April 24, 2017: Jaguars in Silos: A Chat with Toby Haug | Audio file

April 19, 2017: Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto: Mapping Robotic UX with Carla Diana | Audio file

April 18, 2017: Sentient Socks: The Future of Fashion and Tech with Liza Kindred | Audio file

April 14, 2017: Future-Proofing Your UX Team : A Chat with Colette Vardeman | Audio file

April 3, 2017: Leading Teams That Execute: A Chat with Phillip Hunter | Audio file

February 21, 2017: Building Bridges Between UX and CX: A Chat with Sarah Bloomer | Audio file

December 14, 2016: Applying The Lean Product Playbook: A Talk with Dan Olsen | Audio file

December 6, 2016: Doorbells, Danger, and Dead Batteries: A Chat with Steve Portigal | Audio file

November 1, 2016: The Blind Spot of Innovation: a Chat with Nathan Shedroff and Steve Diller | Audio file

September 28, 2016: What Digital Leaders Need to Know: a Chat with Tony Byrne | Audio file

September 26, 2016: How Technology Can Empower Marketing: a Chat with Theresa Regli | Audio file

September 19, 2016: When Research is Dangerous: a Chat with Julie Stanford | Audio file

September 19, 2016: Beyond Usability Testing: a Chat with Leah Buley | Audio file

September 16, 2016: How To Get Usability Testing Right: a Chat with Steve Krug | Audio file

September 12, 2016: How to Make Research Appealing to Anyone: A Chat with Abby Covert | Audio file

August 25, 2016: Getting to Done: a Chat with Cindy Alvarez, author of Lean Customer Development | Audio file

August 24, 2016: The Real Point of Research: a Chat with Erika Hall, author of Just Enough Research | Audio file

August 15, 2016: Recruiting for User Research: a Chat with Nate Bolt | Audio file

August 5, 2016: Animation for Better UX: a Chat with Val Head | Audio file

July 18, 2016: Brownies, Fighter Planes, and F.I.R.E.: Lou talks with Dan Ward, author of The Simplicity Cycle | Audio file

July 11, 2016: A chat with Boon Sheridan: what he wishes he would have known, and an old family recipe | Audio file

June 2, 2016: Design Systems GO: a Chat with Marcin Treder of UXPin | Audio file

May 26, 2016: Say 'Wework Research' Five Times Fast: a Chat with Tomer Sharon | Audio file

May 23, 2016: Conference World: Andy Budd of Clearleft visits with Lou | Audio file

May 12, 2016: Portfolios in Courage: KC Teis of Rackspace chats with Lou about design leadership | Audio file

May 6, 2016: Adventures in Conference Design: Dave Malouf And Uday Gajendar | Audio file

April 28, 2016: Users of the Lost Arc: Donna Lichaw Returns | Audio file

April 21, 2016: Parsing the Unceasing Parade of Users with Honeywell's Ted Booth | Audio file

April 13, 2016: Sprints, sketches, success: XPLANE's Stephanie Gioia talks to Lou | Audio file

April 8, 2016: Pursuing a natural order for the digital space: Lou + Dan Klyn talk IA, Wurman, and mysticism | Audio file

April 4, 2016: Stitching it Together: Mariano Suarez-Battan and Jim Kalbach of talk to Lou | Audio file

March 23, 2016: For God, Country and Users: Richard Dalton of USAA on The Politics of Innovation | Audio file

March 17, 2016: Building the UX Teams You Need: a Conversation with Susan Worthman | Audio file

March 10, 2016: Better, Faster, Happier through systems: Jack Moffett Talks Big Picture with Lou | Audio file

February 21, 2016: Inventing the Future: A chat with MJ Broadbent of GE Digital | Audio file

February 16, 2016: Peeking Over the Walls with Peter Morville | Audio file

December 18, 2015: 17,000 UXers: a Chat with Salesforce's Craig Villamor | Audio file

December 1, 2015: Rise of the Design Leader: A Chat with Maria Guidice | Audio file

August 28, 2015: How to Design for Growth: A Chat with Laura Klein | Audio file

June 23, 2015: Conversation with Steve Krug: Life with the Apple Watch and other wearables | Audio file

June 1, 2015: Breaking through the empathy gap: a conversation with Indi Young | Audio file

April 30, 2015: Marc Rettig and Lou Rosenfeld discuss how designers can help reshape organizational culture | Audio file

April 23, 2015: Secrets to a great UX story: Dan Willis shares tips and a peek inside EUX’s spoken word event | Audio file

April 17, 2015: Greg Petroff and Lou Rosenfeld discuss how GE woke up and got serious about UX | Audio file

April 10, 2015: Steve Sanderson and Lou Rosenfeld discuss how big organizations can hatch bold ideas. | Audio file

April 1, 2015: Kendra Shimmell and Lou Rosenfeld discuss the opportunities for designing well-crafted Enterprise UX | Audio file

March 24, 2015: Dave Gray and Lou Rosenfeld discuss the power of liminal thinking | Audio file

February 26, 2015: Insight at Scale: Steve Portigal and Lou Rosenfeld discuss user research in the enterprise | Audio file

February 10, 2015: Jason Scott takes a break from saving the Internet to talk with Lou Rosenfeld | Audio file

January 23, 2015: Do we need more design conferences? Chris Avore and Lou Rosenfeld say yes. | Audio file

September 20, 2014: Piaget, Lemony Snicket and Design for Kids: Lou Rosenfeld interviews Brett Helquist and Deb Gelman | Audio file

July 10, 2014: Designing for Villains: Lou Rosenfeld interviews Eduardo Ortiz and Donna Lichaw | Audio file

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