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Links to Ms. Ileane Speaks | Your Digital Media Tour Guide

Official Google, Apple and Spotify badges

Here, for your website, are simple and easy buttons to help listeners hear this podcast on Apple and Android devices. Apple and Google players are already on their phones, so listeners will need to install nothing. (Here’s more about Google Podcasts). If we found this podcast in Spotify, we’ve added an official badge for them, too.

Grab the code for these buttons...

You need to copy all the code in the box above, and paste it directly into your HTML. There’s no need to link to any images. To change the size of the buttons, change the WIDTH and HEIGHT for the SVG elements.

If you use free Wordpress websites, they don’t allow inline SVGs like this. Instead, you’ll need to find the right-sized images for your use (download the brand assets from Google, Apple and Spotify), and then link them directly.

An automatic listen link

This link, or the QR code above, will automatically open Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, or a web player - depending which device your listeners have. It’s a foolproof way of linking to your podcast - a way that you know will always play, because both Apple Podcasts and the Google Podcasts player are pre-installed on every phone. And, of course, you can edit this code to put your own web player in there instead. (Here’s our Google Podcasts FAQ.)

You can right-click this link and choose "save as" to save the code; and then upload it as a web page to your own web host if you like. That will also let you edit it, to change where the links go to.

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