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June 19, 2019: Pres. Trump 2020 Campaign Kick Off Rally; Acting Secretary Exits; Mass Deportations? | Audio file

June 18, 2019: Honoring The Life Of Gloria Vanderbilt; Iran Tensions; 360 On 2020 | Audio file

June 15, 2019: You Call This A Cleanup?; Warren's Bounce Back; Trump's Tax Returns; You're Not Fired! | Audio file

June 14, 2019: Heavy Meddle; Sarah Sanders Leave White House; KellyAnne Conway Under Fire | Audio file

June 13, 2019: Russia Investigation; Bernie Sanders One-On-One; 9/11 Fund | Audio file

June 12, 2019: The 2020 Race; Scolding Congress; What U.S.-Mexico Deal?; Dear Dictator? | Audio file

June 11, 2019: Deadly NYC Helicopter Crash; The John Dean Interview; Secret Deal?; "Enemy Of The People" | Audio file

June 8, 2019: He Went There... And Went There; On Hallowed Ground; Border Crisis; This Close! | Audio file

June 7, 2019: Joe Biden Changes Mind; President Hugs D-Day Veteran; Tariff Threat | Audio file

June 6, 2019: Truth And Consequences; 360 On 2020; President Abroad; Mystery In Paradise; An American Hero | Audio file

June 5, 2019: Big Little Lies; Investigating The Russia Investigation; Race To The White House | Audio file

June 4, 2019: About Next Time; London Lookahead; A Queen's Welcome; Countdown to 2020 | Audio file

June 1, 2019: Virginia Beach Mass Shooting | Audio file

May 31, 2019: Barr Criticizes Mueller For Not Making Decision On Obstruction; Presidential Tirade; The Culture Of Pleasing The President | Audio file

May 30, 2019: We'll Leave The Gaslight On For You, Part 24; McConnell's Hypocrisy | Audio file

May 29, 2019: James Comey Firing Back; 2020 Race; Mixed Messages; 2020 Strategy; A Family Divided | Audio file

May 28, 2019: Believing A Dictator; Trusting Dictators; Investigating The Investigators | Audio file

May 25, 2019: Distorted Reality; Facebook's Reply; Ratcheting Up Pressure; Terrorist Released | Audio file

May 24, 2019: New Pelosi Attack; Rambling President; Under His Skin; Howard Stern On Pres. Trump And The 2020 Race | Audio file

May 23, 2019: He's Got Her Under His Skin; Feeling The Heat; Pres. Trump Vs. Dems | Audio file

May 22, 2019: Impeachment Pressure; "Oreo?"; Will Mueller Testify?; 2020 Race | Audio file

May 21, 2019: Is It Good To Be King?; Why Both Robert Mueller & Don McGahn Should Testify To Congress; Pres. Trump Transparency Claims | Audio file

May 18, 2019: Somebody Got The Memo; Loaded Language; 2020 Race; Immigration Battle; Trade War | Audio file

May 17, 2019: High Alert; So... When Will He Talk?; Will Mueller Testify?; Border Battle | Audio file

May 16, 2019: Alabama Abortion Ban Law; Do-Over For Mueller Probe?; Mixed Signals; Lock Him Up? | Audio file

May 15, 2019: Ask And You Shall Receive; Investigating The Investigators; Brink Of War?; China Standoff; Paying The Price | Audio file

May 14, 2019: Rod Rosenstein Criticizes Jim Comey As 'Partisan Pundit;' Donald Trump Jr. Vs. GOP-Led Senate Intel Committee; U.S. Vs. China | Audio file

May 11, 2019: The Potential Impact Of Pres. Trump's Tax Returns; Trade War; Deadly School Shootings | Audio file

May 9, 2019: Barr Contempt Vote; White House Stonewalling; Trump Jr. Subpoena; Art Of Losing Money? | Audio file

May 8, 2019: New Details On Pres. Trump's Tax Information; "Spy" Spat; Secretary Of State Surprise Trip | Audio file

May 7, 2019: Pres. Trump's Tax Returns Fight; The 2020 Race; Another Royal Baby; Kentucky Derby | Audio file

May 4, 2019: What Meddling?; Winning Issue, But For Which Side?; Barr Fight | Audio file

May 3, 2019: Barr Vs. Mueller | Audio file

May 2, 2019: Barr Refuses To Appear Before House Committee Tomorrow | Audio file

May 1, 2019: Mueller Complained To Barr About Report Summary; The Biden Effect | Audio file

April 30, 2019: Hope From Hate; Sen. Bernie Sanders Puts Rivals On The Spot; Barr Fight; Hypocrisy Alert; | Audio file

April 27, 2019: Pres. Trump Doubling Down On Charlottesville Remarks; Russian Hacking Concerns; Mueller Report Fallout | Audio file

April 26, 2019: Joe Biden Jumps Into Presidential Race; The Voters Weigh In; A Stone Wall Rises | Audio file

April 25, 2019: Hear No Evil; Constitutional Confrontation; Biden's Big Day; | Audio file

April 24, 2019: Biden: His Time?; Dark Prediction; "The Great Republican Abdication;" "Miners For Trump" | Audio file

April 20, 2019: Mueller Report Fallout; Counting The Lies; Ty Cobbs Speaks Out; Known Liar Under Fire | Audio file

April 19, 2019: Now We Know: Mueller Report; New Reaction From Pres. Trump; | Audio file

April 18, 2019: Nadler Blasts AG Barr On How He Plans To Release The Mueller Report | Audio file

April 17, 2019: GOP Source: "Pres. Is Going To Go Bonkers;" Report (P)reaction; Notre Dame Inferno | Audio file

April 16, 2019: Notre Dame Fire Is Now Under Control; Mueller Report Now Has A Due Date In Congress; New Reason Not To Release Pres. Trump's Taxes | Audio file

April 13, 2019: Of People, Politics And Pawns; Waiting For The Mueller Report; Pres. Trump's Detained Immigrants Plan | Audio file

April 12, 2019: Serving The Country Or The President?; Accusation Of Treason; Assange Evicted; Exclusive Interview With VP Pence | Audio file

April 11, 2019: Wait. What??; Former Intel Chief Gives His Take On "Spying;" Why So Angry? | Audio file

April 10, 2019: Full Disclosure... Or Not; Tense Confrontation; Dan Rather's Take On Escalating Political Combat | Audio file

April 9, 2019: The Purge; Spy At Mar-A-Largo?; Barr Heads To Capitol Hill For Testimony; Is Stephen Miller In Charge? | Audio file

April 6, 2019: The Old Audit Excuse; "Our Country Is Full;" Pressure Building For Release Of Mueller Report; Is Pres. Trump Hiring The Best People? | Audio file

April 5, 2019: Back To That Again; NY Times: About That Threat; President's Tricky Relationship With The Truth; Pres. Trump Recommends Another Ally For Seat On Fed | Audio file

April 4, 2019: The Truth About Lies | Audio file

April 3, 2019: "I Alone Can Fix It (Border Edition) ; "I Alone Can Fix It" (Health Care Edition); | Audio file

April 2, 2019: No Aid For You!; Cloudy Clearances; Sources: Allegations Won't Dissuade Biden From Running; Alex Jones' Sandy Hook "Psychosis" | Audio file

March 30, 2019: Barr Offers To Testify On Capitol Hill In Early May; Pres. Trump Threatens To Close Southern Border; Still Pushing Impeachment?; New Attacks, New Tactics?; Undercutting His Cabinet | Audio file

March 29, 2019: At Least 300 Pages; Strike Three; Questions of Corruption Dog Secy. of Interior Nominee; Pres. Trump Weighs In On Jussie Smollett Saga; Independent Voters React To Release Of Barr Summary | Audio file

March 28, 2019: Nadler: Barr Won't Commit To Release Full Mueller Report; Pres. Trump Defends Support For Full Eliminating Obamacare Without Backup Law; Source Says Pence Raised Concerns About Strategy; State's Attorney Speaks Out For The First Time Since Charges Dropped | Audio file

March 27, 2019: To Tell The Truth; Pres. Trump Pushes Hot Buttons In Private Talk; Chicago Mayor: "Whitewash of Justice"; Source To NY Times: Pres. Trump Praises Barr At Private Lunch With Republicans: "I Love The AG. He Works Fast" | Audio file

March 26, 2019: Answers And Questions; Michael Avenatti Talks About Extortion, Bank And Wire Fraud Charges Against Him; Pres. Trump, Allies Attack President's Critics After He Is Cleared of Russia Collusion; Stiffing Puerto Rico | Audio file

March 23, 2019: Special Counsel Mueller Finishes Russia Probe, Delivers His Report To The Attorney General | Audio file

March 22, 2019: Mueller's Moment Nears; Closing Act?; WhatsApp With That?; Gold Star Dad On Pres. Trump's Attacks Against McCain | Audio file

March 21, 2019: We'll Keep The Gaslight On For You, Part 20; Still On The Attack; Not Backing Down; Justice Dept. Issues Subpoenas In Criminal Investigation Of Boeing's FAA Certification, Marketing Of 737-Max Airliners; | Audio file

March 20, 2019: Grievance Trumps All; Pres. Trump, George Conway Ramp Up Social Media Spat; Rep. Steve King Caught Up In New Controversy; | Audio file

March 19, 2019: CNN: WH Experts To See Mueller Findings Before They Go To Congress; Pres. Trump Has Plenty To Be Outraged Over This Weekend, Except New Zealand Attack; | Audio file

March 16, 2019: 49 Dead In White Nationalist Massacre At New Zealand Mosques | Audio file

March 15, 2019: About That Emergency; Beto O'Rourke Joins Crowded Democratic Presidential Primary Race; Is Trump Suggesting Violence By His Supporters? | Audio file

March 14, 2019: Top GOP On House Judiciary Pushes Back On Nadler's Comment; Collins: No Evidence Whitetakers Discussed Cohen With President; Pres. Trump Announces Grounding Of Boeing 737 Max Jets | Audio file

March 13, 2019: One More Day, One More Investigation; 50 People Charged In Massive College Admissions Scam; Tucker Carlson Says He's A Victim After More Offensive Radio Tapes Surface; Will The FAA Ground 737 Max Planes? | Audio file

March 12, 2019: Selective Outrage; Allegations of Anti-Semitism; California Governor Newsom Fires Back At Pres. Trump; Safe To FlySelective Outrage; Allegations of Anti-Semitism; California Governor Newsom Fires Back At Pres. Trump; Safe To Fly | Audio file

March 9, 2019: Anti-Semitism And Politics; Losing A Certain Shine; Manafort Sentence Reviews "Equal Justice" Debate; Smollett Defense Attorney Geragos On New 16-Count Indictment; Legal Problems Worsen For Jussie Smullet; White House Resists Democratic Demands For Docume | Audio file

March 8, 2019: Paul Manafort Sentenced To 47 Months In Prison; Judge Called Sentencing Guidelines of 19-24 Years "Excessive"; What Is The Biggest Political Scandal In History?; Alarming New Global Era Due To Trump White House?; The Ridiculist | Audio file

March 7, 2019: "Checks" And Balances; The President And The Cable Network; "Border"-Line Dishonesty; Security Clearance Questions; "Jeopardy" Host Alex Trebek Reveals He Has Pancreatic Cancer | Audio file

March 6, 2019: CNN: President Pressured Staff To Grant Security Clearance To Ivanka Trump; Wash Post Details How Trump's Transcript Was Hidden; You Call This Cooperation?; Pres. Trump Tweets Quotes From Fox News Hosts; Former Oil Clients Acting Secretary Get 15 Requests | Audio file

March 5, 2019: It's Not Just Collusion; House Dems Open Sweeping Probe of Possible Obstruction, Corruption And Abuse Of Power By President Trump; James Comey Weighs In On The Pending Mueller Report; Taking Him "At His Word"; Ridiculist | Audio file

March 2, 2019: Not A "Real Leader." A Brutal Dictator.; Pres. Trump Returns To Chaos; The Money Man | Audio file

March 1, 2019: NY Times: Pres. Trump Order Chief of Staff to Give Jared Kushner Top-Secret Security Clearance; Will Mueller's Report Become Public?; Michael Cohen To Testify Again Before House Intel Next Week; Pres. Trump Says He Doesn't Hold Kim Jong Un Responsible For | Audio file

February 28, 2019: Cohen Testimony: "I Did Not" Know If Pres. Trump Colluded With Russia, But I Have My Suspicions ; Accusations Of Racism; Cohen Testifies Tomorrow Before House Intel Committee; Trump, Kim Arrive At Summit Site | Audio file

February 27, 2019: Who Are You Calling A Liar? ; Will Biden Run? ; Ramos, Crew Free After Being Detained In Venezuela; | Audio file

February 23, 2019: New York Times: Trump's Former Fixer Michael Cohen Gave Prosecutors New Information About Trump Family Business; Lawyer: R. Kelly Will Turn Himself In Tonight After Being Charged with Sex Abuse Against Four Alleged Victims; "Empire" Producers Cut Jussie S | Audio file

February 22, 2019: Judge Orders Roger Stone Cannot Speak Publicly About Case After Instagram Post of Judge with Cross Hairs in Background; Jussie Smollett Released on Bond, Must Give Up Passport; What to Expect When the Mueller Report is Finished; Coast Guard Officer Accuse | Audio file

February 21, 2019: CNN: Mueller Report May Be Delivered As Early As Next Week; House Oversight Committee Says Michael Cohen Will Testify Publicly On February 27th; Jussie Smollett Charged With Felony For Allegedly Filing False Report | Audio file

February 20, 2019: Former Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe Speaks Out; | Audio file

February 19, 2019: Can't Have An Emergency W/O Breaking Some Eggs; Roger Stone Apologizes To Court For Instagram Post; McCabe's Stunning Allegation; Biden His Time; Arrested Brothers Break Silence In Smollett Case | Audio file

February 16, 2019: At Least Five Dead In Mass Shooting In Aurora, Illinois; I Do Declare; Anti-Government Demonstration Protests Roil Haiti | Audio file

February 15, 2019: National (Or Irrational) Emergency; Help From Some Friends?; | Audio file

February 14, 2019: CNN Exclusive: Barr Consulting On How To Handle Report Ahead Of Expected Confirmation As Attorney General; Parkland One Year Later; Identity of Tabloid Leaker Confirmed | Audio file

February 13, 2019: A Learning Experience; Newest Presidential Hopeful; Town Hall Tonight With Independent Howard Schultz; Suing The President; The Ridiculist | Audio file

February 12, 2019: Walled-In By The Facts; Pres. Trump Reopens Old Wounds; Genocide Isn't Funny; Sen. Shelby: Negotiations Have Reached An Agreement In Principle To Avoid Another Government Shutdown; Suing The President; | Audio file

February 9, 2019: Show And Don't Tell; Bezos Blackmail Allegations; Shutdown Talks And The Wall | Audio file

February 8, 2019: Jeff Bezos Accuses National Enquirer of Extortion And Blackmail; Of Red Lines And White Houses; House Dems Setting Up Showdown Over Pres. Trump's Taxes; The Ridiculist | Audio file

February 7, 2019: All the President's Businesses; Commonwealth Chaos Builds; Is Wall Compromise Possible?; Another Shutdown Looms | Audio file

February 5, 2019: Now You See Me, Now You Don't; Working Hard or Hardly Working?; Trump Inaugural Committee Issued Subpoenaed By Federal Prosecutors; Report: Pres. Trump's Schedule Mostly "Executive Time"; | Audio file

February 2, 2019: Virginia Governor Apologizes For Racist Photo On 1984 Medical School Yearbook Page; "We're Building A Wall" (We're Not); Booker Joins Crowded, Diverse Democratic Contest For WH; | Audio file

February 1, 2019: We'll Leave The Gaslight On For You, Part 17; CNN Exclusive: Senate Investigators Were Told Trump Jr.'s Mysterious Calls Weren't With His Father; Border Wall Negotiations | Audio file

January 31, 2019: Special Counsel: Russians Altering Evidence In Mueller Probe To Discredit Investigation; Daily Caller: Pres. Trump Considering Asking FBI To Review Its Policies Following Roger Stone Raid; Independent Voice or Spoiler?; q | Audio file

January 30, 2019: (For)Get Me Roger Stone; Women Gagged With Tape?; Top Intel Chiefs Contradict Pres. Trump On Security Threats; Trying To Turn Lies Into Truth? | Audio file

January 29, 2019: Whitaker: Mueller Probe "Close To Being Complete"; Shut-Show, Part 2; Echoes of Obama?; Five Police Officers Shot In Houston; Countdown to 2020 | Audio file

January 26, 2019: All That...For What?; Mueller Indictment Accuses Stones Of Obstruction, Witness Tampering And Making False Statements; Shades of Nixon; | Audio file

January 25, 2019: Dueling Bills To Reopen Government Are Both Defeated; Let Them Eat Wall; Art of The Cave; Real-Life Impacts Of Shutdown; Senate Intelligence Committee Subpoenas Ex-Trump Attorney Michael Cohen; Lawyer Says He'll Comply; "Three Identical Strangers" | Audio file

January 24, 2019: WH Officials Were Caught Off Guard By Pelosi's Swift Response To Pres. Trump, Pulling The Plug On His State Of The Union Speech; Fear Factor; Sam Donaldson's Take; | Audio file

January 23, 2019: Shut-Show, Day 32; Sen. Warren On Shutdown, 2020, Pres. Trump, And Race; The Art Of (No) Deal; Cleanup On Aisle Rudy, Part 3 | Audio file

January 22, 2019: Cleanup On Aisle Rudy, Part 2; Shutdown Showdown, DealMaker-In-Chief?; Lawmakers Accuse Pres. Trump Of Racism On MLK Day; Sen. Harris Announces 2020 Presidential Candidacy | Audio file

January 19, 2019: Mueller Spokesman: Buzzfeed Descriptions In The Report "Not Accurate" | Audio file

January 18, 2019: President Trump Vs. House Speaker Pelosi; Cohen Says Trump Directed Him To Pay For Poll Rigging; Cleanup On Aisle Rudy; On The Frontlines | Audio file

January 17, 2019: Suspicion. After Suspicion. After Suspicion.; State of The Disunion; Mission Not Accomplished; Four Americans Die In ISIS Attack In Syria; House Judiciary Chairman Weighs In on Barr Nominations, Mueller Investigation; | Audio file

January 16, 2019: Answers. And Questions.; Was It Something He Said?; The Ridiculist | Audio file

January 15, 2019: Unchartered Waters; Amid Bombshell Reports Of Trump-Putin Relationship Trump's Lawyers Rebuff New Request For Mueller Interview; Rep. Steve King Removed From Committee Assignments Following Racist Comments; California Utility Giant Under Fire | Audio file

January 12, 2019: Shut-Show: Record Edition; NY Times: FBI Opened Inquiry Into Whether Trump Was Secretly Working On Behalf Of Russia; 13-Year-Old Girl Escapes After Being Held Captive For Nearly 3 Months | Audio file

January 11, 2019: Shut-Show Day 20; Shutdown & Aviation Safety; Still Singing, New Verse; Senate Democrats Meet With William Barr; Will He Release Full Mueller Investigation? | Audio file

January 10, 2019: Shut-Show; Source: Rosenstein Will Leave DO; Air Traffic Controllers Impacted, Worry No Pay Could Lead To Lack Of Focus On The Job | Audio file

January 9, 2019: The Prebuttal; Awaiting Trump's Address On Border Security; Court Filing Shows Former Campaign Chair Manafort Shared Polling Data With Alleged Russian Operative; Some FDA Employees Think Shutdown Could Be Deadly | Audio file

January 8, 2019: Of Walls And Words; Government Shutdown; Political Pain; What's Old Is New Again; Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez One-On-One; | Audio file

January 5, 2019: "Just Words" (They're Not); Pres. Trump Opened WH Meeting On Shutdown With 15-Min. Profanity-Laced Rant About Impeachment; Shutdown Showdown: Next Steps?; The Human Cost Of The Shutdown; New House Dem: "We're Gonna Impeach The Motherf****R" | Audio file

January 4, 2019: A New World In Washington; House Votes To End Shutdown As Pres. Trump Vows To Veto Bill; Pres. Trump's Briefing That Wasn't; Dems Roll Out Impeachment Bill On Day One Of House Control Under Pres. Trump; Lawyer: American Formally Charged With Spying On Ru | Audio file

January 3, 2019: "Enjoy The Ride"; Democrats Take Control Of House; GOP Trump Skeptics; Pres. Trump Thrashes Top Former Generals; New Questions About Pres. Trump's Vietnam Medical Deferment | Audio file

January 1, 2019: Brother of accused U.S. spy: "his innocence is undoubted"; Trump: it's going to be a complicated, but great year; All of ISIS "will be gone by the time we get out" | Audio file

December 31, 2018: New Year Celebrations Underway Around The World; New Divided Congress To Tackle Government Shutdown In 2019; Top 8 Trending Stories of 2018 | Audio file

December 29, 2018: Tactic or Tantrum?; Investigating The Presidential Transition; No Deal In Sight On Capitol Hill; Mueller's Pursuit Of The Facts; Mueller And Comey | Audio file

December 28, 2018: Congress Adjourns With No End To Shutdown In Sight; Shutdown Showdown; Inauguration Investigation; Guiliani Contradicts Himself On Trump-Mueller Interviews; "Love, Gilda" Airs Tuesday, January 1, 2019 | Audio file

December 27, 2018: Pres. Trump, First Lady Stop In Germany After Surprise Visit To U.S. Troops Serving In Iraq; Investigating The Trump Family Business; Second Immigrant Child Dies In Custody Of Border Patrol; President Trump's Vietnam Mystery | Audio file

December 25, 2018: Trump doubles down on demands to fund border wall; Trump lashes out at Fed for "raising interest rates too fast"; 8-year-old Guatemalan boy falls ill, dies in U.S. custody; Top 8 political stories of 2018 | Audio file

December 24, 2018: Worst-ever Christmas Eve for Dow and S&P as Trump rips Fed; Trump to Turkey's president on Syria: "All yours. We are done."; Trump: I'm "all alone" at WH waiting for Dems to make a deal; 8 in 2018: Top sports stories | Audio file

December 22, 2018: Trump Turmoil: Shutdown Looms, Mattis Quits, Markets Tank; First Time In 40 Years There Have Been Three Shutdowns In A Year; Trump Turmoi A Question Of Obstruction; Ruth Bader Ginsburg Resting After Surgery To Remove Two Cancerous Nodules From Her Left Lu | Audio file

December 21, 2018: Mattis Quits In Protest Over Trump's Policies; Government Shutdown Looms After Trump Refused To Accept Measure Passed By The Senate | Audio file

December 20, 2018: Backlash As Trump Claims ISIS Defeated In Syria And Orders U.S. Troops Withdrawal; GOP Senators Slam Plan As Dangerous; Another Glitch In The Wall; House Intelligence Committee Expected To Vote Thursday On Whether To Release Roger Stone Transcript; Calif | Audio file

December 19, 2018: Is The President "Flynn-Timidated?"; Inside The White House; Kenn Starr On President Trump's Tweets, Mueller Investigation; Trump Foundation Shutting Down | Audio file

December 18, 2018: Moving The Goalposts; Wash. Post: Russian Disinformation Teams Targeted Special Counsel Mueller; Mueller Releases Key FBI Memo Ahead Of Flynn Sentencing; ; Texas Federal Judge Strikes Down Obamacare As Unconstitutional | Audio file

December 15, 2018: Sources: Mueller's Team Continues To Be Interested In Interviewing President Trump; But He And His Lawyers Are Still Opposed; Breaking His Silence; Mueller Mystery; Trump Defenders Draw Comparisons To John Edwards' Case And His Acquittal,Others Say Is Mor | Audio file

December 14, 2018: He Was In The Room; Source: Trump Inaguraul Committee Under Criminal Investigation; WSJ: Probe Partly Triggered By Materials Seized In Cohen Raid; Relationship Between Donald Trump And Tabloid Publisher Pecker Goes Back Years; The Ridiculist | Audio file

December 13, 2018: Pres. Trump Seething And Silent On Cohen Saying In Private Conversations: "He's A Liar"; National Enquirer Publisher Strikes Immunity Deal; Admits To Helping Kill "Damaging" Story About Trump "Before The 2016 Election"; Michael Cohen Sentenced To 3 Years | Audio file

December 12, 2018: Pres. Trump To Reuters: "It's Hard to Impeach Somebody Who Hasn't Done Anything Wrong"; "The Apprentice": Director's Cut; | Audio file

December 11, 2018: Source: President Humiliated, "Super Pissed"; Contact With Russians | Audio file

December 8, 2018: Mueller: Cohen Was In Touch With Russian Seeking "Political Synergy" With Trump Campaign; NY Prosecutors: Cohen Broke Law "In Coordination With And At The Direction Of" Candidate Trump; Pres. Trump: Tillerson "Dumb As Rock," "Lazy As Hell" | Audio file

December 7, 2018: Sources: Acting FBI Director McCabe Opened Obstruction Of Justice Probe On Pres. Trump After Comey's Firing, Before Mueller Appointed; Pres. Trump Expected To Pick State Department Spokeswoman Heather Nauert As Next US Ambassador; What Could We Learn?; St | Audio file

December 6, 2018: More To Come. A Lot More. ; "A Smoking Saw"; Senators Introduce Resolution Holding Saudi Crown Prince Accountable For Khashoggi Murder; Remembering A President; | Audio file

December 5, 2018: Mueller Court Filing On Flynn Released; Pres. Trump Ally Roger Stone Taking The Fifth; "A Smoking Saw" | Audio file

December 4, 2018: Former Pres. George H.W. Bush Lying In State; Presidential Tweets Raise Legal Questions; Pres. Trump & First Lady Pay Respects To Bush; Pres. Trump's Nominee To Be The New EPA Head Under Scrutiny | Audio file

December 1, 2018: Cohen Under Impression Trump Would Offer Pardon In Exchange For Support; Pres. Trump Navigates G20 Summit Under Cloud Of Russia Probe; 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake Causes Major Damage In Alaska; | Audio file

November 30, 2018: Who You Calling A Liar?; Pres. Trump Arrives In Buenos Aires As Muller Probe Intensifies In U.S.; Bob Woodward On Nixon Vs. Trump; | Audio file

November 29, 2018: The "Solution In Search Of A Problem," Problem; Pres. Trump: Pardon For Manafort "Not Off The Table"; Bill To Protect Mueller Doesn't Get A Vote; Will They Meet?; What They Know Vs. What They Say; Border Migrant Camp At Least 3 Times Above Its Capacity, | Audio file

November 28, 2018: Nothing to See Here. Move Along. ; Poll Closed In Racially-Charged Runoff Election; Awaiting Results From Mississippi; National Security Advisor John Bolton Says He Hasn't Listened To Khashoggi Audio Because He Doesn't Speak Arabic; | Audio file

November 27, 2018: Mueller's Team: Manafort Lied After Pleading Guilty; Mexico Ask U.S. For Investigation Into Use of "Non-Lethal" Weapons On The Border; Pres. Trump Says His Administration Has "Found The Magic Wand" For Manufacturing, On Same Day GM Announces Plant Closur | Audio file

November 23, 2018: Roger Stone's associate is in plea negotiation with Mueller; Feds: Climate change will have dire consequences for U.S.; U.S. has record 14,000 unaccompanied migrant kids in custody; Black Friday online sales expected to top $6 billion | Audio file

November 22, 2018: Trump's Thanksgiving call to the military turns political; House GOP subpoenas Comey, Lynch for private testimony; Mexico Beach marks first Thanksgiving since hurricane; Chef Jose Andres cooks Thanksgiving dinner for fire victims | Audio file

November 22, 2018: Contempt Of Court; More Mueller Questions Ahead?; CNN Exclusive: Talking 2020 With Former Pres. Obama; Pres. Trump May Invoke Executive Privilege; | Audio file

November 21, 2018: NY Times: Pres. Trump Wanted To Order Justice Dept. To Prosecute Comey And Clinton But Was Warned It Could Lead To Impeachment; President Trump Sides With Saudi Arabia Despite CIA Assessment Crown Prince Ordered Journalist's Killing; CNN Exclusive With Ma | Audio file

November 20, 2018: The President, The Admiral, And The Truth; Ivanka Trump Used Personal Account Emails About Govt. Business; White House Backs Down; Pres. Trump Slams Congressman Using Vulgar Tweet; Pres. Trump: I Probably Won't Sit For Mueller Interview | Audio file

November 17, 2018: "Let's Get Back To Work"; Pres. Trump Says He Wrote Answers To Mueller Questions, Not Lawyers; CIA Concludes Saudi Crown Prince Ordered Jamal Khashoggi's Assassination; NY Times: Pres. Trump Asking Aides If Pence Is Loyal; More Than 600 Missing In Califor | Audio file

November 16, 2018: Why So Angry; Broward County Misses Recount Deadline By Two Minutes; Florida U.S. Senate Headed To A Manual Recount; Meeting With Marines; Judge Postpones Decision In CNN Lawsuit; | Audio file

November 15, 2018: WH Official Tells CNN: Pres. Trump "Pissed At Damn Near Everyone"; Judge Hears Arguments In CNN Lawsuit Against Trump Administration, Ruling Expected Tomorrow On Fate Of Jim Acosta's Press Pass; "Cereal" Voter Conspiracy; | Audio file

November 13, 2018: CNN: Trump Eyeing Replacements For Chief Of Staff, Others; CNN: Trump Meets With Lawyers To Review Mueller Questions; CNN Sues White House For Suspending Jim Acosta's Press Pass; 44 Dead In California Wildfires; Worst In State History | Audio file

November 13, 2018: Fraud Claims. No Evidence.; GOP Candidate Concedes In Arizona Senate Race; Russia Probe Figure Says He's Being Indicted; California Burning, Pres. Trump Tweeting ; Pres. Trump Skips Visit To Veteran Cemetery; Warning Against Nationalism | Audio file

November 10, 2018: Pres Trump Today: "I Don't Know Matt Whitaker" Press Trump Last Month: "I Know Matt Whitaker"; The President & The Payoffs; Election For Florida Senate, Governor Draw Even Tighter; Michelle Obama On Why She Can't Forgive Pres. Trump; | Audio file

November 9, 2018: New Election Returns In Tight Races; 12 People Killed In California Bar Massacre; CNN: Growing Concern In WH Over Reaction To Acting AG; Democrat Now Leading In Tight AZ Race; Justice Ginsburg Hospitalized After Breaking 3 Ribs In Fall; Survivor of Shoo | Audio file

November 8, 2018: Pres. Trump Fires Attorney General Jeff Sessions; Pres. Trump Names New Acting Attorney General Who Has Been Openly Critical Of Mueller Investigation; Sen. Bernie Sanders On Sessions Firing, Midterms; White House Pulls Jim Acosta's Press Pass | Audio file

November 7, 2018: House, Senate Up For Grabs In Midterm Elections; Americans Turn Out In Record Numbers In Early Voting; Trump No On Ballot, But Presence Looms Large In Midterms; Midterms Could See Biggest Turnout In Years; | Audio file

November 6, 2018: Pres. Trump Makes Final Pitch To Voters; Former Pres. Obama Makes Surprise Visit To Virginia; Candidates Hold Last Rallies In Key Races; The Gender Agenda; Racist Robocall Targets Abrams, Oprah In Georgia's Governor's Race; Pres. Trump: I Don't Care If De | Audio file

November 5, 2018: High Stakes Races, Big-Names Campaigning; President Trump, Former President Obama Campaign In Tight Races Across The Country; Independent Voters Crucial For Both Parties As Voting Near | Audio file

November 3, 2018: Untrue Lies; Trump Campaign Ad Not Backed Up By Facts; Presidents Hold Dueling Campaign Rallies; Michael Cohen: Trump Used Racist Language; Obama's Pitch For Democrats; Pittsburgh Mayor On Trump's Comments; | Audio file

November 2, 2018: "The Truth"..."When I Can"; Battle Over Immigration; Feeling The Heat; Pres. Trump Intensifies Misleading Rhetoric On Caravan, Immigration; Countdown To Midterm Elections; Tense Reelection Fight; Top CNN Heroes Finalists Revealed | Audio file

November 1, 2018: Red Meat; What Is This 14th Amendment You Speak Of?; Pres. Trump Focuses On Caravan, Border Troops And Birthright Citizenship In Campaign Blitz; Pres. Trump Begins Hectic Campaign Schedule As Midterms Loom ; Plot To Smear Mueller Unravels; Three More Fun | Audio file

October 31, 2018: Community Mourns Lives Lost In Synagogue Shooting; Funeral Held For Devoted Doctor; Pittsburgh Suspect Wrote Anti-Semitic Posts On Social Media; Pres. Trump's Multi-Pronged Attack On Immigrants; Remembering Dr. Rabinowitz | Audio file

October 30, 2018: Remembering the Victims; Tree of Life Rabbi, Pittsburgh Mayor Speak Out; Website Linked To Suspect Taken Offline; WH Rejects Ties Between Pres. Trump's Rhetoric And Violence; Tom Steyer Reacts To Pres. Trump's Tweet, Bomb Threat; Love Over Hate; First Res | Audio file

October 27, 2018: Mail Bomb Suspect Arrested in Florida, Charged With 5 Federal Crimes; FBI Says Bombs Are "Not Hoax Devices"; Attorney For Suspect's Family Speaks Out; Responding To Bomb Suspect's Arrest, Pres. Trump Turns To Attacking The Media At Tonight's Rally | Audio file

October 26, 2018: The Leadership Test; Authorities Believe Several Packages Went Through A Mail Facility Near Miami, Florida | Audio file

October 25, 2018: Another Suspicious Package Sent To Dem. Rep. Maxine Waters, Similar To Others; Manhunt On For Suspect Who Sent Bombs To CNN, Obamas, Clintons; Pres. Trump Attacks Media On Same Day Bomb Is Found In CNN's New York Offices; Sources: Authorities Seeking Susp | Audio file

October 24, 2018: "There's No Proof Of Anything"; Pres. Trump's New Message On Khashoggi Murder; Is Dishonesty The Best Policy?; Is Hillary Clinton's Presence In Florida Helping or Hurting Democrats?; Meeting Again?; | Audio file

October 23, 2018: To Tell The Truth (Or Not); Body Double Of Evidence; NY Times: WH Chief of Staff John Kelly Grabbed Adviser Lewandowski By The Collar In February Fight, Requiring Secret Service Intervention; What Voters Are Thinking | Audio file

October 20, 2018: Fightin' Words, No Regrets; Saudi State TV: Khashoggi Died In Fight At Istanbul Consulate ;Tense Standoff As Migrants Pack Bridge On Mexico's Southern Border; Trouble Accepting The Truth; Russian National Charged By Mueller Prosecutors | Audio file

October 19, 2018: Sources: Turkey Likely Knew Within Hours Of Khashoggi's Disappearance That He Was Dead; CNN: Kelly, Bolton In Heated Shouting Match Over Border Crossings; Aides Fear Possible Resignation; Pres. Trump Starts 3-State Campaign Swing; Pushing Hard For GOP Ca | Audio file

October 18, 2018: New Details Of Pompeo Meeting With Saudi Crown Prince; Washington Post Publishes Op-Ed Written By Jamal Khashoggi Before He Vanished; Michael Cohen Meets With Prosecutors Investigating Trump's Family Business, Charity; North Dakota Native Americans Say Ne | Audio file

October 17, 2018: Source: Saudi Intel Officer With Ties To Crown Prince Oversaw Khashoggi Mission; Details Emerge As Saudi's Prepare Their Explanation Of Events; War of Words; Death Toll From Hurricane Michael Rises | Audio file

October 16, 2018: Keeping Them Honest: "Rogue" Theory?; CNN Sources: Saudis Preparing To Admit Journalist Was Killed; Shrugging Off Outrage?; Video Confirms Pres. Trump Offered $1 Million For DNA Test; Judge Dismisses Stormy Daniel's Defamation Lawsuit Against Pres. Trump | Audio file

October 13, 2018: Turkish Newspaper: Missing Journalist May Have Recorded His Own Death VIA His Apple Watch; Hurricane Michael's Death Toll Rises To 17; First Lady Melania On Her Marriage And More | Audio file

October 12, 2018: Michael Kills At Least 6; Leaves Florida Cities In Ruins; Reality No-Show | Audio file

October 11, 2018: Hurricane Michael Currently Slamming Georgia With Rain, Catastrophic Winds; | Audio file

October 10, 2018: New Forecast: Michael Is Now Forecast To Be Near Category 4 Strength When It Makes Landfall; Pres. Trump Considering "Numerous People" To Replace Outgoing U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley; Justice Kavanaugh's First Day; Will Sen. Heitkamp's No Vote On Kavanaug | Audio file

October 9, 2018: Spiking The Ball; Pres. Trump Slams Kavanugh's Opponents For A "Campaign Of Personal; Kavanaugh: I Will Be An Independent, Impartial Justice; 20 Killed In Limo Crash; NY Times: Trump Campaign Aid Rick Gates Requested Online Manipulation Plans From Israeli | Audio file

October 6, 2018: Sen. Murkowski, Only Republican To Vote No On Kavanaugh, Speaks On Senate Floor; Kavanaugh On Verge Of Confirmation As Senators Collins, Flake, And Manchin Say They'll Vote Yes; Ford's Attorney Speaks Out | Audio file

October 5, 2018: Kavanaugh Writes Op-Ed: "My Time In High School And College...Has Been Ridiculously Distorted"; First Full Senate Vote On Kavanaugh Tomorrow, Still Unclear How Some Key Senators Will Vote | Audio file

October 4, 2018: Kavanaugh's College Roomate Speaks Out; Source: White House Expects To Receive FBI Report On Kavanaugh Soon, Will Then Send Info To Senators; NY Times Op-Ed Signed By 650+ Law Professors: The Senate Should Not Confirm Kavanaugh; | Audio file

October 3, 2018: . Trump: "It Is A Very Scary Time For Young White Men In America;" NY Times: Trump Used "Dubious Tax Schemes," "Outright Fraud" In 1990s To Grow The Fortune He Got From His Parents; Pres. Trump Directed Attorney Michael Cohen, Son Eric Trump To Keep Storm | Audio file

October 2, 2018: To Tell The Truth; Former College Classmate: Brett Kavanaugh Has Not Told The Truth About His Drinking; Details of FBI Investigation; Conclusion Of Prosecution Hired By Republicans; GOP-Hired Lawyer Says No "Reasonable Prosecutor" Would Seek Charges Again | Audio file

September 29, 2018: Kavanaugh Nomination On Hold For New FBI Investigation; Senate Confirmation Vote Delayed As Pres. Trump Orders New FBI Background Check On Kavanaugh; This Is What A U-Turn Looks Like; | Audio file

September 28, 2018: Kavanaugh: "I've Never Sexually Assaulted Anyone"; Ford: "100 %" Certain It Was Kavanaugh Who Assaulted Me; Attorney For Debbie Ramirez Speaks; | Audio file

September 27, 2018: Two New Allegations Revealed On Eve Of Kavanaugh Hearing; Ford Legal Team Releases Picture Of Her Taking Polygraph; Laughing At Him Or With Him?; | Audio file

September 26, 2018: Evolution Of An Answer; Attorney For Second Kavanaugh Accuser Speaks Out; Pres. Trump Greeted With Laughter At UN; Cosby Sentenced For Sexual Assault; | Audio file

September 25, 2018: Kavanaugh Speaks Amid New Accusations; Pres. Trump To Meet With Rod Rosenstein Thursday; Fate of Deputy Attorney General Up In The Air; | Audio file

September 22, 2018: Sources: Deputy AG Rosenstein Discussed Secretly Recordings Pres Trump, Invoking 25th Ammendment After Comey Firing | Audio file

September 21, 2018: Source: Ford Legal Team Lays Out Conditions For Testifying Before The Judiciary Committee; Reports: Former Trump Atty. Michael Cohen Has Spoken Repeatedly With Mueller Team; | Audio file

September 20, 2018: Grassley Sets Friday Deadline For Kavanaugh's Accuser To Say Whether She'll Testify On Monday; Pres. Trump Again Hammers Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions; Judge Orders Do-Over For Georgia Primary After Ballot Error | Audio file

September 19, 2018: Exclusive: Attorney For Judge Kavanaugh's Accuser Tells CNN Without An FBI Investigation She Won't Appear at Public Hearing; Exclusive: CNN Obtains Letter Sent By Attorneys For Kavanaugh's Accuser To GOP Sen. Grassley; Pres. Trump Orders Russia Investiga | Audio file

September 18, 2018: Kavanaugh And Accuser To Testify In Public Monday; Death Toll Rises From Florence; | Audio file

September 15, 2018: At Least 5 Dead As Florence Keeps Battering The Carolinas; Manafort Flips | Audio file

September 14, 2018: Hurricane Florence Pummels Carolinas With Wind, Rain; Disrespecting The Dead; | Audio file

September 13, 2018: New Forecast: Hurricane Taking Aim At Carolina Coast, Life Threatening Storm Surge And Rainfall Expected; "Unsung Success" In Puerto Rico?; The Story Behind "Fear"; Woodward Tells All On His Reporting Process; Medical Examiner: 12 Florida Nursing Home Dea | Audio file

September 12, 2018: Hurricane Warnings Issued As "Life Threatening" Florence Strengthens; 2,975 Deaths Are Not An "Unsung Success"; Ken Starr Weighs In On Mueller Investigation; | Audio file

September 11, 2018: Hurricane Florence Prompts Mandatory Evacuations In Carolinas, Virginia; "Fear" And Loathing At The White House; | Audio file

September 8, 2018: National Security Or Personal Insecurity?; Attorney Who Disclosed "Deep Throat" Identity Recalls Decades Of Denial Before Truth Emerged; Sessions Supporters In Alabama Upset At President Trump Attacks On Attorney General; Former Trump Campaign Aide George | Audio file

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