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Monsters Who Murder: Serial Killer Confessions - deep links to episodes

These are magic links to individual episodes for Monsters Who Murder: Serial Killer Confessions, provided to help you share audio for this podcast.

These links work on everything - they open the episode on Apple Podcasts on an iOS device like an iPhone; will open the episode on the Google Podcasts player on an Android device; and will open a web player on any other device. We’re currently linking to Google Podcasts on the web, since it displays episode notes in full. Right-click a link to copy the link address.

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June 17, 2019: S05E05 Leslie Van Houten & Linda Kasabian PLUS Darwin shooting, Detroit Serial Killer & Claremont Serial Killer | Audio file

June 7, 2019: S05E04 The Manson Family - Lynette Fromme & Charles 'Tex' Watson PLUS Ivan Milat, Ashton Kut | Audio file

June 4, 2019: ARCHIVE BONUS - S01E02 - Ivan Milat, Santa Fe School Shooting, Golden State Killer, Arthur Ream, Krugersdorp Murders, Bruce McArthur & Dennis Nilsen | Audio file

May 31, 2019: S05E03 The Manson Family - Susan Atkins PLUS Bobby Joe Long execution, Britain’s youngest serial killer & Japan’s ‘Black Widow’ | Audio file

May 25, 2019: S05E02 Charles Manson Pt 2 PLUS Ivan Milat, Bradley Edwards & Bobby Joe Long | Audio file

May 22, 2019: COLD CASE COLLECTION Episode 1: Gilbert Bogle & Margaret Chandler | Audio file

May 17, 2019: S05E01 Charles Manson PLUS Snowtown Killer, Nicholas Gibson & alleged Dutch serial killer arrested | Audio file

May 15, 2019: EXCLUSIVE BONUS - Ivan Milat hospital update | Audio file

May 4, 2019: BONUS- Zac Efron as Ted Bundy PLUS Katheleen Folbigg, Michael Gargiulo & Ashton Kutcher | Audio file

April 7, 2019: S04E09 HH Holmes Pt 2 PLUS Chicago Serial Killer, Snowtown Bodies -in-the-barrel, Zodiac Serial Killer AND Joseph Duncan III) | Audio file

March 30, 2019: S04E08 HH Holmes PLUS Jack The Ripper, Claremont Serial Killer & Bowraville | Audio file

March 22, 2019: S04E06 The Monster of Belgium Pt 2 (Marc Dutroux) PLUS Claremont Serial Killer, Bakhtiyor Matyakubov & Juan Corona | Audio file

March 8, 2019: S04E05 Marc Dutroux (Monster of Belgium) PLUS Cardinal George Pell, Chicago Serial Killer & Phillip Lett | Audio file

March 1, 2019: S04E04 Dennis Nilsen PLUS Claremont serial killer, Truck Stop Killer, Russian serial killer & Anita Cobby's killer dies in jail | Audio file

February 21, 2019: S04E03 Anita Cobby PLUS The Teacher's Pet, Samuel Little, Grandpa Killer & Samuel Galbraith | Audio file

February 16, 2019: S04E02 Jeffrey Dahmer Pt 2 PLUS Bruce McArthur, The Doodler & Dennis Rader (BTK Serial Killer) | Audio file

February 9, 2019: S04E01 Jeffrey Dahmer PLUS Charles Manson, Leslie Van Houten, Bruce McArthur, Elizabeth Wettlaufer & Joseph Brant | Audio file

January 3, 2019: S03E11 Lindt Cafe Siege - Part 2 | Audio file

December 29, 2018: S03E10 Lindt Cafe Siege PLUS Bradley Edwards, Peter Maloney & Ramon Escobar | Audio file

December 20, 2018: S03E09 Daniel Morcombe Pt 2 (The Sting) + Strasbourg Shooting, Mikhail Popkov, Elizabeth Wettlaufer & Ian Huntley | Audio file

December 12, 2018: S03E08 Daniel Morcombe's Killer PLUS Teacher's Pet Arrest, Cleveland Serial Killer Fears & David McGreavy | Audio file

December 7, 2018: S03E07 The Moors Murders + Daniel Holdom, Samuel Little, Neils Hoegel & Henri Landru | Audio file

November 29, 2018: S03E06 Jonestown Part 2 - the Massacre | Audio file

November 21, 2018: S03E05 Jim Jones (Jonestown Mass Suicide) | Audio file

November 15, 2018: S03E04 Hillside Strangler + Andrew Urdiales, Vierendra Govin & Rose West | Audio file

November 7, 2018: S03E03 Robert Spangler + Bradley Edwards, Cathy Wood, Niels Hoegel & Harold Shipman | Audio file

November 1, 2018: S03E02 Aileen Wuornos + Bruce McArthur, Kathleen Folbigg, Nathan Burkett & Craig Price | Audio file

October 25, 2018: S03E01 LIVE EVENT - Exclusive interview with 'Granny Killer' suspect + Ivan Milat Accomplice, Paul Bernardo, Regis Brown, Joanna Dennehy | Audio file

June 29, 2018: EPISODE 8: Unexpected Deaths | Audio file

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