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June 18, 2019: Boost Productivity with a Potted Plant, Why Coffee Makes You Poop, and Nuclear Semiotics | Audio file

June 17, 2019: Overcoming the Incredible Power of Exclusion (w/ Vivian Zayas) and a One-Way Sound Device | Audio file

June 16, 2019: Difference Between 5G and 4G Networks (w/ Trace Dominguez) and Self-Repairing Batteries | Audio file

June 15, 2019: How to Push the Limits of Innovation | Audio file

June 14, 2019: Solar Sail Testing, Benefits of Debating Politics Online, and Tongue Map Mythbusting | Audio file

June 13, 2019: Wine Myths, The Case for Code-Switched Classes, and The Most Dangerous Tree in the World | Audio file

June 12, 2019: Hairy Ball Theorem, the Secret to Effective Practice, and Disposable Water Bottle Dangers | Audio file

June 11, 2019: Leaders Can Be Too Extroverted, The Cutest Age for a Puppy, and Goldbach’s Conjecture | Audio file

June 10, 2019: How Badly We Need to Feel Socially Connected (w/ Vivian Zayas) and Work Commute Tips | Audio file

June 9, 2019: Why Itches Spread, Ancient Vending Machine, and Not Realizing When Your Beliefs Change | Audio file

June 8, 2019: EMD and the Science Behind Today's — and Tomorrow's — Technology | Audio file

June 7, 2019: Personality Test Role-Playing Game, Antimatter Double-Slit Science, and Asexual Reproduction | Audio file

June 6, 2019: Life After Life Hacking (w/ Professor Joseph M. Reagle, Jr.) and White Hole Science | Audio file

June 5, 2019: New Laser Uses Sound Waves, Get Your Kids to Eat Veggies, and Better-Than-Average Effect | Audio file

June 4, 2019: Passion for Your Job Can Backfire, Ancient Greeks Knew Earth Was Round, and Hair in Food | Audio file

June 3, 2019: What Determines How Others See You (w/ Vivian Zayas) and Don’t Ask for Too Much Advice | Audio file

June 2, 2019: Ancient Cities Can Help Us Plan Modern Cities (w/ Monica L. Smith) and Where Light Goes | Audio file

May 31, 2019: Ingredients for New Friendships, Dark Matter Debate, and How to Make Decisions with Friends | Audio file

May 30, 2019: Drawbacks and Dangers of Life Hacking (w/ Joseph M. Reagle, Jr.) and Why Wet Fingers Prune | Audio file

May 29, 2019: What to Do if You Can’t Sleep, Diet Soda Weight Loss Myths, and Gold from Neutron Stars | Audio file

May 28, 2019: Space Sustainability Rating System, the Chameleon Effect, and How to Blow Your Nose | Audio file

May 27, 2019: Our Implicit Attitudes: New Research into Human Relationships (w/ Vivian Zayas) | Audio file

May 26, 2019: Modern and Ancient Cities Faced the Same Problems (w/ Monica L. Smith), Ear Dominance | Audio file

May 24, 2019: Smiling Can Make You Happier, Maybe Nobody Likes Black Coffee or Beer, and Entropy 101 | Audio file

May 23, 2019: How to Tell What Life Hacks Are Worth Trying (w/ Joseph Reagle) and Microwaves for Cooling | Audio file

May 22, 2019: Reduce Arachnophobia with Spider-Man, Biggest Volcano Eruption Ever, and 100-Point Plan | Audio file

May 21, 2019: Drying Laundry to Make It Soft, Why Sad People Listen to Sad Music, and Fossilist Mary Anning | Audio file

May 20, 2019: Mentally Representing Our Relationships (w/ Vivian Zayas) and a Passion Pursuit Regimen | Audio file

May 19, 2019: Why Humans Built Cities in the First Place and What They Looked Like (w/ Monica L. Smith) | Audio file

May 17, 2019: Pill Colors Influence Their Effectiveness, Bizarre Quark-Gluon Plasma Traits, and CEO Hobbies | Audio file

May 16, 2019: Science’s Replication Crisis (w/ Joseph M. Reagle, Jr.) and Why Squinting Helps You See | Audio file

May 15, 2019: Birth Order Doesn’t Matter, Your Liver Grows and Shrinks Overnight, and Von Neumann Probes | Audio file

May 14, 2019: Why Smells Trigger Vivid Memories, Test Your Impostor Syndrome, and Trees Without Rings | Audio file

May 13, 2019: Finding Life on Eyeball Planets, Our Shrinking Collective Attention Span, and Deep Work Skills | Audio file

May 12, 2019: Mother’s Day Origins, How Poor Vision Survived Natural Selection, and Muon Facts | Audio file

May 10, 2019: Sickness Makes You Antisocial, Fruit Fly Facts (w/ Stephanie Mohr), and a Sting Pain Index | Audio file

May 9, 2019: Best Position for Sleep, Better Learning by Arguing, and Universal Language of Honey Bees | Audio file

May 8, 2019: Moviegoers Blink in Sync, Rain on the Sun, and Why Flamingos Stand on One Leg | Audio file

May 7, 2019: A Town Where Wireless Signals Are Banned, Why Fish Stink, and a Personality Health Test | Audio file

May 6, 2019: Medieval Dancing Plagues, Altruistic Indulgence, and Types of Human Species | Audio file

May 5, 2019: Analog and Digital Media Preservation (w/ Damon Krukowski) and the Wagon Wheel Illusion | Audio file

May 3, 2019: New Treatments via Fruit Flies (w/ Stephanie Mohr), South Atlantic Anomaly, White Wine Perks | Audio file

May 2, 2019: Weight Changes in Different Places, How Shoelaces Come Untied, and Longer Life Mentality | Audio file

May 1, 2019: Always Ask for a Deadline Extension, Leaded Gasoline, and What Makes Time Stand Still | Audio file

April 30, 2019: Avoid Productivity Pitfalls, The Bandwagon Effect, and How Holograms Are Becoming A Reality | Audio file

April 29, 2019: Meteorites Probably Don’t Land Hot, Break-Up Struggles, and Why Babies Hardly Ever Blink | Audio file

April 28, 2019: How Digital Audio Has Changed Listening (w/ Damon Krukowski) and How Much You Can Know | Audio file

April 26, 2019: How Fruit Flies Are Like Humans, (w/ Stephanie Mohr), Your Changing Personality, and Pennies | Audio file

April 25, 2019: Fresh, Canned, and Frozen Vegetable Nutrition, Staying in Bed for Science, and IQs on Iodine | Audio file

April 24, 2019: Achieve Goals with the 2-List Strategy, Temperature-Telling Crickets, and Lungs Make Blood | Audio file

April 23, 2019: NASA’s New Planet-Hunting Telescope, the Light Triad, and Where You Spend Your Time | Audio file

April 22, 2019: Never Wash Raw Chicken, Campaign for a 13-Month Calendar, and The Island of the Colorblind | Audio file

April 21, 2019: You’re Almost Entirely Empty Space, What Defines Seconds, and the Lyrid Meteor Shower | Audio file

April 19, 2019: Fruit Fly Research Essentials (w/ Stephanie Mohr) and Why Doctors Work Long Hours | Audio file

April 18, 2019: Einstein’s Greatest Regret, Why Icing an Injury May Not Help It Heal, and Extinction Memories | Audio file

April 17, 2019: What’s Next for Quantum Computers (w/ Chris Bernhardt) and How to Make Yourself Luckier | Audio file

April 16, 2019: Benefits of Audiobooks vs. Reading, Bad Earthworms, and Phineas Gage’s Freak Accident | Audio file

April 15, 2019: Conference Rooms Impair Your Mind, Get a “Toned” Look, and Overcome Friendship Jealousy | Audio file

April 14, 2019: Control Butterflies in Your Stomach, Numbers in Other Languages, and the Titanic’s Savior | Audio file

April 12, 2019: Black Hole Firewall Hypothesis, Polio Vaccine History, and Double Rainbow Science | Audio file

April 11, 2019: Why Older People Get Up Early, Why Hot Water Freezes Quickly, and Recapitulation Myths | Audio file

April 10, 2019: Quantum Computing 101: Qubits and Entanglement (w/ Professor Chris Bernhardt) | Audio file

April 9, 2019: How to Make Excuses and Keep Friends, Early Risers vs. Night People, and Escalator Science | Audio file

April 8, 2019: Using Black Holes as Fuel, How to Run on Top of Water, and Origins of the World-Famous | Audio file

April 7, 2019: Spoilers Don’t Spoil Stories, Why Some Colors Look Brighter, and Pre-Dinosaur Fossil Finds | Audio file

April 5, 2019: New Material Blocks Sound and Not Light, Task Switching to Boost Creativity, and Gamer Chimps | Audio file

April 4, 2019: The Reminiscence Bump, The Tetris Effect, and Why We Have Tree-Lined City Streets | Audio file

April 3, 2019: Human Networks Change How We Think (with Stanford Economist Matthew O. Jackson) | Audio file

April 2, 2019: It’s Always Safer to Vaccinate (w/ Virologist Paul Duprex) and How to Use Facts to Beat Beliefs | Audio file

April 1, 2019: New Curiosity Daily Host Chris Jericho Explains Science of Alkaline Water and Sharing Online | Audio file

March 31, 2019: Internet Addiction, Dust in Space (w/ Astrophysicist Jonathan McDowell), and Vacation Science | Audio file

March 30, 2019: Advancing Innovation with TE Connectivity and rFlight (Special Episode) | Audio file

March 29, 2019: “Breaking the Seal” Myths, Dine Under the Sea in the Maldives, and Tardigrade Superpowers | Audio file

March 28, 2019: How to Communicate About Science (w/ 3M’s Jayshree Seth) and Get Out of a Creative Rut | Audio file

March 27, 2019: 3M’s 2019 State of Science Index (w/ Jayshree Seth) and How You Can Name Jupiter’s Moons | Audio file

March 26, 2019: The Four Predictors of Divorce, Why You Love Being Part of a Crowd, and Types of Loneliness | Audio file

March 25, 2019: You’d Probably Survive A Plane Crash, Why People Still Fax, and How Spleens Can Multiply | Audio file

March 24, 2019: The Active Learning Initiative Is Transforming Education (Julia Thom-Levy, Cornell University) | Audio file

March 22, 2019: A Diet That’s Good for You and the World, Milk Temperatures, and the False-Consensus Effect | Audio file

March 21, 2019: How Babies Handle Vaccines (w/ Paul Duprex), Sniffing Is Contagious, and Albino Ghost Trees | Audio file

March 20, 2019: Equinox and Solstice Science, Foreign Accent Syndrome, and an 80-Year Harvard Study | Audio file

March 19, 2019: Metabolic Window Myths, Egg Entropy (w/ Ralph Crewe from SNaQ), and What’s in Tattoo Ink | Audio file

March 18, 2019: Human Bones on the Red Market (w/ Brian Switek), Stop Venting Anger, and Asparagus Pee | Audio file

March 17, 2019: Why Hangovers Get Worse, How Quickly You’d Age at Light Speed, and Upright Neanderthals | Audio file

March 15, 2019: Why Pockets Are Rare in Women’s Clothes, Why Earth Twinkles, and Where Life Originated | Audio file

March 14, 2019: “What Is Life?” with Carl Zimmer, Why You Always Have Room for Dessert, and Learning Myths | Audio file

March 13, 2019: Myths About Your Vision, What Your Dog’s “Guilty” Look Really Means, and the Gaokao Exam | Audio file

March 12, 2019: How Vaccines in Africa Protect Everyone in the World (w/ Paul Duprex), and Semantic Satiation | Audio file

March 11, 2019: Space Race Stories (w/ Dr. David Warmflash), Why Produce Sparks, and a 1-3-5 To-Do List | Audio file

March 10, 2019: Bike Balancing, How Big Data Knows What You Like, and Millions of Copper Needles in Space | Audio file

March 8, 2019: Why Your Muscles Are Sore After Workouts, Daylight Saving Time Myths, and Taj Mahal History | Audio file

March 7, 2019: Carl Zimmer on What’s “In Your Genes,” Nudge Theory, and Post-Apocalyptic Cockroach Myths | Audio file

March 6, 2019: How Music Affects Your Work, Damage from Muffled Hearing, and Earth’s Gigantic Atmosphere | Audio file

March 5, 2019: Natural vs. Artificial Ingredients, Why the Return Trip Feels Shorter, and Africa Splitting in Half | Audio file

March 4, 2019: Craving Healthy Foods, What Grew Astronomy (w/ Dr. David Warmflash), $1 Million Math Problems | Audio file

March 3, 2019: Limitations of Science, Top Jobs for Psychopaths, and How Long It Takes to Make a Friend | Audio file

March 1, 2019: Breathing Trick to Fall Asleep Faster, Wisdom Teeth Removal Revelations, and Lise Meitner | Audio file

February 28, 2019: Fountain of Youth Bacteria, Temperatures Making You Spend Money, and New Skills in 5 Hours | Audio file

February 27, 2019: Communicate Using Simple Noises, Find Your House on Pangaea, and Kepler’s Legacy | Audio file

February 26, 2019: Preserving Old Book Smells, Reacting Before Noticing, and Humans from Outer Space | Audio file

February 25, 2019: Narcissism Lessons, The War-Stopping Eclipse (w/ Dr. David Warmflash), and Toothed Tumors | Audio file

February 24, 2019: Writer’s Block Solutions, Life on Europa (w/ SNaQ’s Ralph Crewe), and Why We Wear Pants | Audio file

February 22, 2019: How to Form New Habits, Evolution on Why Love Is Blind, and Pinks in Your Sinks | Audio file

February 21, 2019: How to Perform Under Pressure, Physiology of Staying Warm, and Psychology of Circles | Audio file

February 20, 2019: A New Robot Can Imagine Itself, Williams Syndrome, and The Great Compression | Audio file

February 19, 2019: Elastic Thinking (w/ Leonard Mlodinow), How People Judge You, and Your Time Perspective | Audio file

February 18, 2019: Saros Cycles (w/ Dr. David Warmflash), the Eiffel Tower’s Secret, and Announcing Alien Life | Audio file

February 17, 2019: How RNA Reads DNA (w/ SNaQ’s Ralph Crewe), How Envy Can Be Good, and Coriolis Effect | Audio file

February 15, 2019: New Algorithm Can Turn Thoughts Into Speech, Airplane Seat Belts, and the 40 Percent Rule | Audio file

February 14, 2019: A Romantic Way to Beat Stress, the Priest Behind the Big Bang Theory, and the Ivy Lee Method | Audio file

February 13, 2019: How Time Can Flow Backward, Why Poisonous Pufferfish Are Delicious, and Undersea Cables | Audio file

February 12, 2019: Parsecs, the Difference Between Weather and Climate, and Scandinavian Life Philosophies | Audio file

February 11, 2019: Best Ways to Overcome Challenges, What Your Appendix Does, and How You Use Information | Audio file

February 10, 2019: Too Much Sleep Can Be Harmful, Why You Can’t Tickle Yourself, and Black Hole Light Echoes | Audio file

February 8, 2019: Hubble Telescope Photobomb, Why Alcohol Burns, and Why Your Cat Puts Its Butt In Your Face | Audio file

February 7, 2019: How to Look Good in Photos, Trojan Asteroids, and a Technique to Avoid Stress and Stay Calm | Audio file

February 6, 2019: What No-Kill Animal Shelters Really Mean, Having vs. Making Money, and Replacing Your Cells | Audio file

February 5, 2019: Quitting Is Underrated, Most-Googled Scientific Misconceptions, and Starquakes in the Universe | Audio file

February 4, 2019: What Wind Chill Really Means, Learning Skills Faster with a Workout, and the Hypatia Stone | Audio file

February 3, 2019: Specific Words to Use to Get What You Want (w/ Stella Grizont) and Tweeting Feelings | Audio file

February 1, 2019: Win Debates by Beating the Gish Gallop, Improve Your VO2max, and 8 Years of Déjà Vu | Audio file

January 31, 2019: How to Advocate For Yourself (w/ Stella Grizont), Black Hole Travel Possible, and Fossil Licking | Audio file

January 30, 2019: The Best Time to Break Bad News, Overcome Loss Aversion, and Coin Tosses Aren’t Random | Audio file

January 29, 2019: Measure Your Mindfulness, Male vs. Female Pain, and Why the Laws of Physics May Be Aliens | Audio file

January 28, 2019: Bacteria May Save You From the Flu, Red Steak Juice Isn’t Blood, and the Future of Encryption | Audio file

January 27, 2019: How to Change Your Personality, Why You Jerk Awake While Falling Asleep, and Ainu History | Audio file

January 25, 2019: Why Uranus Is Sideways, What Blinking Means, and “The Blood Countess” | Audio file

January 24, 2019: How to Improve Your Self-Control, Why You Shouldn’t Touch Your Plants, and Firehawk Raptors | Audio file

January 23, 2019: Become A CRISPR Connoisseur (w/ Synthego), Up-and-Coming Batteries, and Microsleep | Audio file

January 22, 2019: Wash Your Towels and Sheets More Often, Immortality’s Math Problem, and Australia’s Pink Lakes | Audio file

January 21, 2019: The Phantom Time Hypothesis, Cybersecurity Tips, and New Schizophrenia Revelations | Audio file

January 20, 2019: Are Women Colder Than Men? Plus: The Worst Year to Be Alive, and Heart Cancer Rarity | Audio file

January 18, 2019: You Can’t Taste a Drink’s Strength, Soda Can Explosion Taps, and Our Galaxy’s Weird Planets | Audio file

January 17, 2019: Achieve Goals with the Pareto Principle, How to Think Creatively, and a Simple Sleep Fix | Audio file

January 16, 2019: What to Tell Friends During a Crisis, the Deep Carbon Observatory, and Gravitational Lensing | Audio file

January 15, 2019: You Can’t (and Shouldn’t) Boost Your Immune System, Pupil Shapes, and CES 2019 Recap | Audio file

January 14, 2019: Get More Done with Timeboxing, Self-Created Peer Pressure, and the Pitch Drop Experiment | Audio file

January 13, 2019: Long Lines Are Good, Supernova Archaeology, Key Lime Pie History, and Pain Memory | Audio file

January 11, 2019: Andros’ Unexplored Blue Holes, Folie à Deux, and How Your Brain Treats Curiosity Like Hunger | Audio file

January 10, 2019: Exercising at Night Won’t Mess with Your Sleep, Tonka Beans, and Non-Genome -Omes | Audio file

January 9, 2019: Your Wounds Heal Faster in the Daytime, Only Tame Foxes on Earth, and the Peter Principle | Audio file

January 8, 2019: A Trick for Being Taken More Seriously, Messy Office Traits, and Human Domestication | Audio file

January 7, 2019: Overcome Learned Helplessness, Teach Your Kids How to Apologize, and Macrophage Attacks | Audio file

January 6, 2019: Why You’d Choose Your Biases Over Money, Coldest Inhabited Place on Earth, and Dark Fluid | Audio file

January 4, 2019: Become an Early Riser, How Temperature Affects Sound, and Do We See the Same Colors? | Audio file

January 3, 2019: Working from Home FTW, Changing Narratives to Overcome Challenges, and Triple Point Chemistry | Audio file

January 2, 2019: Choice Blindness, Maintaining Habits and Achieving Goals, and Don’t Give Up If Your Diet Fails | Audio file

January 1, 2019: Exercise Extravaganza: How to Stretch, Running to Help Your Knees, and Gym Class Myths | Audio file

December 31, 2018: Beating Procrastination, Sand Science (w/ Vince Beiser), and How to Use Your Vacation Days | Audio file

December 30, 2018: How Humans Can Outsmart AI (w/ Unanimous AI), Pre-Big Bang Existence, and Beating Procrastination | Audio file

December 28, 2018: Incredible Benefits of Leaving Your Phone Out of Your Bedroom, Stopping Time, and “The Goblin” Dwarf Planet | Audio file

December 27, 2018: Hand and Eye Dominance Causes, Real vs. Fake Laughter, and Video Games for Teaching Empathy | Audio file

December 26, 2018: Batch Tasks Instead of Multitasking, Mark Twain’s Procrastination Cure, and Diner Origins | Audio file

December 25, 2018: You Like Talking to Strangers, NASA’s Golden Record, and Your Actual Friend Limit | Audio file

December 24, 2018: What “Pavlovian” Really Means, Wisconsin’s Ultimate Tourist Trap, and Why Cats Love Boxes | Audio file

December 23, 2018: Christmas Music Psychology, Rain Smell Science, Crocodile Paradox, and Pitching the NSF | Audio file

December 21, 2018: The Most Influential Film Ever, Your Memory on Riding A Bike, and Mistletoe’s Poisonous Roots | Audio file

December 20, 2018: Narwhal Adoption Mystery, Île Sainte-Marie’s Pirate Cemetery, and Solving the Candle Problem | Audio file

December 19, 2018: You Believe Your Own Lies Very Quickly, How Dogs Understand Human Speech, and Where to See the Ursids | Audio file

December 18, 2018: Voice Changes When You’re Charmed, Work Motivation Types, and Gin and Tonic Curing Malaria | Audio file

December 17, 2018: Gene Editing with CRISPR and GMOs (w/ Synthego), Fast Radio Bursts, and Angel’s Trumpet | Audio file

December 16, 2018: Donut-Shaped Planets, Hot Aluminum Foil, Why Fish Wiggle, and A Woman Who Can’t Feel Fear | Audio file

December 14, 2018: Science-Based Tips for Better Meetings, Dinosaur Mythbusting, and Staying Awake for 11 Days | Audio file

December 13, 2018: The Problem With Making Sand (w/ Vince Beiser), Happiest Spouses, and How Pyramids Were Built | Audio file

December 12, 2018: How to Take A Compliment, Learn Anything in Four Steps, and Design a New Arecibo Message | Audio file

December 11, 2018: Jet Lag Is Worse When You Travel East, Earth’s Wandering Poles, and Geminid Meteor Shower | Audio file

December 10, 2018: Kickstart Your Memory with the Jennifer Aniston Neuron, Black Hole Pictures, and Increasing Human Lifespans | Audio file

December 9, 2018: Why Humans Are Symmetrical, Fish Electrocution Physics, A Misplaced Equator Theme Park, and Silent Places | Audio file

December 7, 2018: Be Brave Using the Science of Vulnerability, Boost Productivity with Fika, and Burn Calories via the Afterburn Effect | Audio file

December 6, 2018: Meteorite Hunting with The Aquarius Project, Roommate Drama In Space, and Language Based On Senses | Audio file

December 5, 2018: You Can Learn and Unlearn Emotions, Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, and Loveland Castle’s Weird History | Audio file

December 4, 2018: See if You’re a Covert Narcissist, Michelson-Morley Experiment, and The Monty Hall Problem | Audio file

December 3, 2018: How Asteroids Can Have Rings, Spiders That Nurse Their Young, and “Lord of the Forest” Tāne Mahuta | Audio file

December 2, 2018: Why Everything Takes Longer Than You Think, Storm-Predicting Joints, Barber Pole Origins, and Mary Toft | Audio file

November 30, 2018: Keeping Secrets Makes Life Harder, Emotions Change Your Perception of Time, and How We Proved the Earth Rotates | Audio file

November 29, 2018: Exercising on an Empty Stomach, How to Measure Curiosity (w/ SurveyMonkey and INSEAD), and Effects of Relapsing with Your Ex | Audio file

November 28, 2018: Why You’re Bad at Fact-Checking, Reducing Anxiety with Horror Movies, and Why Urine is Yellow | Audio file

November 27, 2018: Your Brain’s Binary Bias, How to Choose Charities, and Why Dogs Look Like Their Owners | Audio file

November 26, 2018: Moral Dilemmas of Driverless Cars, How Many Friends You Can Have, and NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft | Audio file

November 25, 2018: Why Hand Dryers Blow Bacteria, Color Meanings Around the World, Losing Your Foreign Accent, and Lesser-Known Body Parts | Audio file

November 23, 2018: Gifts Requiring Assembly Are More Treasured, Why You May Not Be Hard To Shop For, and Types of Perfectionists | Audio file

November 22, 2018: Rival Sports Fans Experience Games Completely Differently, Mount Rushmore’s Secret Room, and World’s Shortest IQ Test | Audio file

November 21, 2018: Be the Best Host or Guest (w/ Jihan Murray-Smith), Avoid Conflict at Family Meals, and High Heels for Men | Audio file

November 20, 2018: How to Like Bitter Flavors, Airplane Ticket Price Factors, and the Physics-Challenging Hubble Constant | Audio file

November 19, 2018: We May Have Already Found Aliens (w/ Mike Wall), Arrow Method for Productivity, and ADHD Creativity | Audio file

November 18, 2018: Expiration Dates Explained, How to Make A Great First Impression, Your Quantum Life, and Endangered Words | Audio file

November 16, 2018: Relationship-Deepening TV, Elon Musk and Bill Gates' Productivity Hacks, and Why You Don't Hear Your Own Footsteps | Audio file

November 15, 2018: Why You Listen to Songs on Repeat, Aluminum Foil Wi-Fi Boosting, and High-Income Morning Routines | Audio file

November 14, 2018: Achieve Goals with the WOOP Method, What To Do During Layovers, and Megapixels In Your Eyes | Audio file

November 13, 2018: Measure Your Sleepiness, What Happens When Galaxies Collide, and Space Junk Damage | Audio file

November 12, 2018: Sniff Out Fake News with Machine Learning and Increase Productivity with Don’t-Do Lists and Morning Pages | Audio file

November 11, 2018: Nobody Is “Normal,” Quantum Bacteria, Déjà Rêvé, and Why You Might Smell Like Maple Syrup | Audio file

November 9, 2018: Contacting Aliens with Lasers, African-American Polymath Benjamin Banneker, and The Seinfeld Strategy | Audio file

November 8, 2018: Curiosity in the Workplace (w/ Spencer Harrison), New Flying with Dandelions, and Physical Relationship Benefits | Audio file

November 7, 2018: Taurids and Leonids Meteor Showers, Willpower-Boosting Workouts, and Marie Curie’s Secret University | Audio file

November 6, 2018: Prince Rupert’s Drop, Why Earth’s Core Is Younger Than Its Surface, and Newborn Babies May Be Super Smart | Audio file

November 5, 2018: Scientific Method Inventor, America’s First Beach, and How Many Faces You Can Recognize | Audio file

November 4, 2018: Acoustic Levitation, Stephen Hawking’s Science Bets, Helmholtz Resonance, and Where Your Body Feels Emotions | Audio file

November 2, 2018: “Drunkard’s Walk” Sunlight, The Undiagnosed Diseases Network, and the Only Universal Word | Audio file

November 1, 2018: Real-Life Zombification (w/ author Matt Simon), Most Annoying Sounds, and Leaders Who Are Too Smart | Audio file

October 31, 2018: The First Telepathic Brainstorm, Ghost-Creating Toxic Mold, and Cropsey: the Real Boogeyman (links coming shortly) | Audio file

October 30, 2018: Measure Your Passionate Relationships, How to Spot Psychopaths and Narcissists, and the Car-Crushing Meteorite (links coming shortly) | Audio file

October 29, 2018: Pink Noise Sleep Hack, Saturn’s Moon Dione Habitability, and Giving Versus Receiving Advice (links coming shortly) | Audio file

October 28, 2018: Exercising for Different Body Types, New England Vampire Panic, Non-Vertical List Benefits, and Constellations on Mars (links coming shortly) | Audio file

October 26, 2018: The Science of Hauntings, Sleep Deprivation Effects, and Maximizing Benefits From Nature (links coming shortly) | Audio file

October 25, 2018: Mystery Code of The 4,000-Year-Old Phaistos Disk, The Necrobiome, and 7 Beliefs of Emotionally Healthy People (links coming shortly) | Audio file

October 24, 2018: Cooked vs. Uncooked Fruits and Veggies (w/ The Nutrition Wonk), Food Poisoning Facts, and Milky Way’s Second Life (links coming shortly) | Audio file

October 23, 2018: Greyson Near-Death Experience Scale, A Diet to Prevent Jet Lag, and Several States of Matter (links coming shortly) | Audio file

October 22, 2018: What If Mosquitoes Disappeared, Facebook Relationships, and Hidden Messages in Backwards Music (links coming shortly) | Audio file

October 21, 2018: Arthur Conan Doyle and Harry Houdini’s Friendship, How to Read Food Labels, Jack-O’-Lantern Maintenance, and Declaring Sovereignty (links coming shortly) | Audio file

October 19, 2018: The Habitable Epoch, Mars 2020’s Search for Life, and 4 Research-Based Personality Types (links coming shortly) | Audio file

October 18, 2018: The Sinister Darkness Factor Trait, Why Pluto’s Definition Matters, and World Record Pumpkins (links coming shortly) | Audio file

October 17, 2018: Adult Bedtime Benefits, Cerberin Toxin, and A Word to Convince Others You’re Not A Robot (links coming shortly) | Audio file

October 16, 2018: Moonmoons, Why You Get Sick When Seasons Change, and a Quiz Measuring Forgiveness (links coming shortly) | Audio file

October 15, 2018: Your Exposome Germ Cloud, The Tree That Owns Itself, and Bosses Don’t Encourage Curiosity (links coming shortly) | Audio file

October 14, 2018: Where Online Lingo Comes From, How to Reinforce Good Habits, Gym Class Fallout, and Why Glue Doesn’t Stick to the Bottle (links coming shortly) | Audio file

October 12, 2018: 2018 Ig Nobel Prizes, Flu Shots Don’t Make You Sick, and Setting Broad Goals for Longer Happiness (links coming shortly) | Audio file

October 11, 2018: Time May Be Slowing Down, You Leave Good First Impressions, and Ouija Board Origins (links coming shortly) | Audio file

October 10, 2018: Why Aliens May Be Under Ice, Transnistria, and How Exclamation Points Stress People Out (links coming shortly) | Audio file

October 9, 2018: Measuring Your FOMO, Tashirojima “Cat Island,” and the Man Who Put His Head Inside A Particle Accelerator (and Survived!) (links coming shortly) | Audio file

October 8, 2018: Schrödinger's Second Cat, Asymmetric Insight, and Why You Should Study How You Study (links coming shortly) | Audio file

October 7, 2018: Nuclear Pasta, Belly Button Science, How Lighting Affects Learning and Memory, and the Worst Diet Fads Ever (links coming shortly) | Audio file

October 5, 2018: 3-Step Fear Control Method, Quantum Physics Changing the Past, and Red Meat Allergies from Tick Bites (links coming shortly) | Audio file

October 4, 2018: First Moon Beyond Our Solar System Discovery, Jacuzzi of Despair, and The Winner Effect (links coming shortly) | Audio file

October 3, 2018: A New World Beyond Pluto, Neuroscience’s Take on Free Will, and Blue Zones Where People Live Longer (links coming shortly) | Audio file

October 2, 2018: Plants That Light Up When Attacked, A 5-Minute Trick for Falling Asleep, and The Creepy Carleton Villa (links coming shortly) | Audio file

October 1, 2018: Flu Shot Timing, Space Experiment Requirements, and Relationship Deal Breakers, According to Research (links coming shortly) | Audio file

September 30, 2018: Microwaveable Metals, Athlete Nature vs. Nurture, The House On The Rock, and Supernova-Skipping Stars (links coming shortly) | Audio file

September 29, 2018: Hank Green Talks About His Writing Process and His Debut Novel, “An Absolutely Remarkable Thing” (links coming shortly) | Audio file

September 28, 2018: How Adderall Hurts Studying, 3 Gym Class Mistakes, and How Much Coffee You Should Drink (links coming shortly) | Audio file

September 27, 2018: 5-Minute Hack to Beat Procrastination, Spider Benefits and Dangers, and Philosophical Disciplines (links coming shortly) | Audio file

September 26, 2018: Gardening with Martian Soil, How to Stop Overspending, and a Technique for Remembering Things (links coming shortly) | Audio file

September 25, 2018: First All-Female North Pole Expedition, Humans on the Food Chain, and How to Measure Your Meaning in Life (links coming shortly) | Audio file

September 24, 2018: How to Stop Procrastinating, Astronauts Seeing Cosmic Rays, and What Causes That Fresh Rain Smell (links coming shortly) | Audio file

September 23, 2018: Sleep vs. Exercise, Milky Way Pictures, Military Method for Sleeping Anywhere, and Voice Recording Science (w/ Matthan Ring Black) (links coming shortly) | Audio file

September 21, 2018: Hangover Impairment, Moon Landings in the 1600s, and Harmful Effects of 24/7 Workplaces (links coming shortly) | Audio file

September 20, 2018: Why There Are Monkeys If We Evolved From Them (w/ Natalia Reagan), Adult Chickenpox, and Disaster Survival Traits (links coming shortly) | Audio file

September 19, 2018: SpaceX’s First Private Passenger in Space, Running Myths Busted, and Bright-Line Rule Goal Setting (links coming shortly) | Audio file

September 18, 2018: Why You Should Talk to Strangers, How to Find Your Strengths, and Words with Most Definitions (links coming shortly) | Audio file

September 17, 2018: Doctors Beat AI with Swarm Intelligence (w/ Dr. Louis Rosenberg, Unanimous AI CEO); Plus, Hurricane Prediction Technology (links coming shortly) | Audio file

September 16, 2018: Pretzel History, How Earth Got Its Water, Runner’s High Origins, and Words Named After People (links coming shortly) | Audio file

September 14, 2018: Pavlov’s Dog Myths, Three Types of Perfectionism, and What The Universe Is Expanding Into (links coming shortly) | Audio file

September 13, 2018: String Theory Primer, Night Owl and Morning Person Science, and All-Nighter Study Habits (links coming shortly) | Audio file

September 12, 2018: Saturn’s Hexagon Hurricane, Planned Obsolescence, and Kaizen for Continuous Improvement (links coming shortly) | Audio file

September 11, 2018: Odd Historical Overlaps, Closed Doors Save Lives, and Vacation Time Helps A Company’s Bottom Line (links coming shortly) | Audio file

September 10, 2018: Empathy-Teaching Video Games, Chile Pepper Origins, and A Simple Word Swap to Take Control (links coming shortly) | Audio file

September 9, 2018: Contagious Yawning, Conformal Cyclic Cosmology, Exercising for Mental Health, and Why Glitches Are “Bugs” (links coming shortly) | Audio file

September 7, 2018: What Would Happen if You Stopped Time, Secret Room of Mount Rushmore, and Dialect Benefits (links coming shortly) | Audio file

September 6, 2018: Lost National Museum of Brazil Artifacts, Swimming After You Eat, and Weird U.S. State Laws (links coming shortly) | Audio file

September 5, 2018: NASA’s Voyager Golden Records, Why Cats Love Boxes, and Bacteria Hot Spots in Your Office (links coming shortly) | Audio file

September 4, 2018: Multitasking Is Impossible, How A Flat Earth Would Even Work, and Nearly Every Country’s Name Origin (links coming shortly) | Audio file

September 3, 2018: What Came Before the Big Bang, Diner Designs, and The Ancient Greek Crocodile Paradox (links coming shortly) | Audio file

September 2, 2018: Infidelity Predictors, Buzz Aldrin’s Moon Mementos, Running May Be Good for Your Knees, and Hand/Eye Dominance (links coming shortly) | Audio file

August 31, 2018: How Long to Date Before Marriage, The NSF 2026 Idea Machine, and Why Buses Cluster (links coming shortly) | Audio file

August 30, 2018: Microvacations, Why Sand Matters and Why We’re Running Out of It (w/ Vince Beiser), and Savings Plan Tricks (links coming shortly) | Audio file

August 29, 2018: Neural Networks, Why You Get Brain Freeze, and A Science-Based Trick for Learning a New Language (links coming shortly) | Audio file

August 28, 2018: How to Get Over Burnout, Darkness is Faster than Light, and How Much Communication is Nonverbal (links coming shortly) | Audio file

August 27, 2018: Marilyn Monroe Murder Conspiracy, Using Monday to Achieve Your Goals, and Good and Bad Bacteria Don’t Exist (links coming shortly) | Audio file

August 26, 2018: Fantasy Stock League, Redhead Pain Tolerance (w/ Natalia Reagan), and the Darkest Town in America (links coming shortly) | Audio file

August 24, 2018: Burning Calories without Exercise, Amelia Earhart’s Last Words, and Bob Dylan and David Bowie’s Writing Technique (links coming shortly) | Audio file

August 23, 2018: Science of Stretching (w/ Get-Fit Guy), Tourette Syndrome Myths, and 3 Ways to Boost Emotional Intelligence (links coming shortly) | Audio file

August 22, 2018: Alaskan Triangle, Viking Interactions with Muslims, and Music Lessons Improve Language Skills (links coming shortly) | Audio file

August 21, 2018: Book Towns, Chlorine Trifluoride, and Why You Shouldn’t Take Your Phone Out in Class (links coming shortly) | Audio file

August 20, 2018: Mosquitoes’ Favorite Blood Types, How Junk Food Resembles Drugs, and Jeff Bezos’ Keys to Business Success (links coming shortly) | Audio file

August 19, 2018: Your Brain Doesn’t Want You to Lose Weight, The Moon Museum, Life Lessons from Runner Karl Meltzer, and Wolves Don’t Howl at the Moon (links coming shortly) | Audio file

August 17, 2018: Massive Ocean Beneath Earth’s Surface, Road Trip Game History, and Memory-Boosting Reading Technique (links coming shortly) | Audio file

August 16, 2018: The Temin Effect Power of Hobbies, Immortality with Quantum Suicide, and Does Meditation Kill Motivation? (links coming shortly) | Audio file

August 15, 2018: Sunless Tanners, The Most Poisonous Plant on Earth, and How Steve Jobs Faked the First iPhone (links coming shortly) | Audio file

August 14, 2018: Your Brain on Binge Watching, Talking Monkeys, and What Happens When You’re an Only Child (links coming shortly) | Audio file

August 13, 2018: Relationship Attachment Styles, Why Flamingo Beaks Look Weird, and Finding Life’s Purpose with Ikigai (links coming shortly) | Audio file

August 12, 2018: How to Change Your Habits, Almond and Soy Milk vs. Juices, and the Rio Scale for Alien News (links coming shortly) | Audio file

August 10, 2018: Managing Energy Instead of Time, Psychopath Music Playlists, and “Traditional” 1950s Marriage Myths (w/ Dr. Eli Finkel) (links coming shortly) | Audio file

August 9, 2018: Antimatter 101 (w/ Everyday Einstein), How to Avoid Bed Bugs, and Uberman Sleep Cycle (links coming shortly) | Audio file

August 8, 2018: The Butterfly Effect Is Why We Can’t Predict Weather, How to Cry at Work, and Eggcorns (links coming shortly) | Audio file

August 7, 2018: Tongue Muscles, Marcus Aurelius’ Motivational Advice, and the World’s Shortest IQ Test (links coming shortly) | Audio file

August 6, 2018: Your Earliest Memories May Be Fake, What Makes a Good Boss, and a 1990s Space Billboard (links coming shortly) | Audio file

August 5, 2018: The Healthiest Diet (w/ Michael Greger), Space Volcanoes, Freemasons, and Device-Free Quiet Time (links coming shortly) | Audio file

August 3, 2018: Thank-You Card Science, Sensory Speed Dating, and New UNESCO World Heritage Sites (links coming shortly) | Audio file

August 2, 2018: Why You’re Tired After Work, Air Travel Question Answers, and a Quadrillion Tons of Diamonds (links coming shortly) | Audio file

August 1, 2018: Ways Black Holes Can Kill You (w/ Katie Mack), Rituals to Improve Self-Control, and Ice Cream Types (links coming shortly) | Audio file

July 31, 2018: Epileptic Seizure Triggers, Fact vs. Hypothesis vs. Theory vs. Law, and Proust Questionnaire (links coming shortly) | Audio file

July 30, 2018: A Real Hangover Cure, UFOs from Ancient History, and a Hermit’s Cold River City: Population 1 (links coming shortly) | Audio file

July 29, 2018: Odds of Dying (w/ Ken Kolosh), Reactance, Credit Card Psychology, And Best Biking Cities (links coming shortly) | Audio file

July 27, 2018: Real vs. Fake Laughter Test, Little-Know Perfectionist Signs, and Scientific Field Expeditions (links coming shortly) | Audio file

July 26, 2018: Water Detected on Mars, A Lost Arizona Goldmine, and Zeigarnik Effect Memory Sharpening (links coming shortly) | Audio file

July 25, 2018: Mental Trick to Enjoy Running, Longest Lunar Eclipse of the Century, and Perceptual Creep (links coming shortly) | Audio file

July 24, 2018: ASMR Video Health Benefits, Moonquakes, and Holding Hands to Relieve Pain (links coming shortly) | Audio file

July 23, 2018: NASA’s Sun Probe, Waking Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed, and Tongue Rolling Isn’t Genetic (links coming shortly) | Audio file

July 22, 2018: Dark Matter, Spite Houses, Digits of Pi Needed, and Measuring Your Passion and Perseverance (links coming shortly) | Audio file

July 20, 2018: What Defines Fruits and Veggies, Why Open Offices Are Bad, and Moon Landing Anniversary (links coming shortly) | Audio file

July 19, 2018: Is Water Wet? Plus: Neutron Star Weight and A Trick to Keep Experiences Feeling Fresh and New (links coming shortly) | Audio file

July 18, 2018: 12 Jupiter Moons Discovery, Don’t Drink Post-Workout, and Elon Musk’s Job Interview Question (links coming shortly) | Audio file

July 17, 2018: Brettanomyces, Removing Memories with Hypnosis, and the Emotion Regulation Questionnaire (links coming shortly) | Audio file

July 16, 2018: Why You Should Stop Playing Hard to Get, Why You Need Goggles, and Alzheimer’s Diagnosis (links coming shortly) | Audio file

July 15, 2018: The Universe in Consciousness (w/ Bernardo Kastrup), Intrusive Thoughts, Phones Ruin Drivers, and Baader-Meinhof (links coming shortly) | Audio file

July 13, 2018: Why You Should Face Your Fears, Rekindling Romance with Cute Animals, and Naming Black Holes (links coming shortly) | Audio file

July 12, 2018: Helicopter Parenting Damage, What Doing Chores Says About You, and Ketchup History (links coming shortly) | Audio file

July 11, 2018: Supermoon Science, How to Find Your Passion, and Universes Inside Black Holes (links coming shortly) | Audio file

July 10, 2018: Living In A Computer Simulation, Billionaire Success Trick, and Phones Saving the Rainforest (links coming shortly) | Audio file

July 9, 2018: High Heels Were Originally Meant for Men, Persuasive Magic Words, and Ancient Graffiti (links coming shortly) | Audio file

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