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Podnews's Google Podcast RSS Helper

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Occasionally, you might come across a strange-looking feed in Google Podcasts.

“Where’s this from?”, you’ll ask yourself, puzzled. But unfortunately Google don’t make it very easy to work out which RSS feed is being used for any particular show.

So, here’s our quick and easy tool to see.

To install it…

See this button? Don’t click it - drag it to your bookmarks bar to make a bookmark.


To use it…

  1. Go to any Google Podcasts page
  2. Press your new “GPod RSS” button in your bookmarks bar.
  3. Let us tell you which RSS feed Google’s used.

How it works

This doesn’t send anything back to us, or Google: it’s a tiny Javascript program to take the “feed” portion of the URL and decode it from base64.

Clever, eh?

Here’s a demo of installation and using it


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