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Transcript of Entrepreneur Struggle - Feeling Overloaded!? 🤯 | by Chris Colbert

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Wow. That was the some really somber waiting music there. sorry about that. Welcome to another week of entrepreneurs struggle. Appreciate you all being here. each week, each Thursday, we come together and talk about some issues this, especially as entrepreneurs, business leaders, or just honestly the everyday individuals that we tend the faith and the struggle with and talk about, you know, how manifest our lives and how we may have overcome or found some things that have helped us to make the these situations easier though. we've talked a lot in the past about things like insomnia and you know, what like to be able to be a help for your team that have a crutch. But my me is as like, lose my headphones mom says. I don't have big ears. they just... Up figured now. let we put you back in here, yeah This week we're talking all about, you know, what happens when you're feeling completely overloaded. Your burned out, you know, you're feeling like your personal life is a nuisance. I know for me in particular, that's something that I feel a fairly regular basis don't know if I'm burned out sometimes or if it's just, you know, sometimes in the moment, we just feel overloaded, but you know I think there's some things that in my life have kinda helped, but ultimately again, as many things that we talk about here, it's the constant battle. And I try certain things sometimes and they work and other time, they may not go to they have like a full two belt of different things that could be helpful. I'm not begin where I really want you to participate in this conversation and if you feel still inclined, if you're living to look live here on Fireside, you'll free to raise your hand at any point. jump on page and offer your perspective if the are listening to the replay or watching this on a Spinal. Please join us every Thursday, and four thirty eastern because this really should be more of a conversation. I am no guru. I do not have it all figured out. but I do have few things that have been helpful for me, and I wanna share them with you. but back to the kind of that manifestation of being overloaded. you know, I worked in the media industry, and we have really crazy schedules long hours lots of waiting hours travel a lot or some of us do And so it it's hard to get some kind of routine that could make you feel like they're a work life separate everything really just blend together. We've touched on some of that the problems that happen when you have this blurring between your personal and business life and one of the things that ends up happening is you feel overload. Do you feel like you're always working or you just never have a chance that truly be alone with your thought. or, you know, you just don't have a chance to be silent. Maybe if those thoughts are constantly work actually a bad thing to be alone with your thoughts. And that meant to be where I kind of fall in my mind is constantly just ray about different business thing, whether it be the great things that are are happening with my company or even the the bad things are hurdles that we're trying to overcome. But, ultimately, where it let me recently And why I really wanted to talk about this this week is that I had a birthday a month ago, when actually when when first started the theory. and we're now coming up on the holidays And I found increasingly year after year you've birthday bathing holidays feel more like a a unused specific like, I love my birth. I used throwing these big batches, Like plan events that far that get a dj day there photo who's, I do house party, And, like these last few years, you just go with oh god. My birthday coming up like, Gotta figure something out or man, I'm not looking forward to everybody calling you. as much as I love the love that I get from my friends, my family, is like, oh, well, I gotta be on on the phone for work all day, and I wanna talk all these people and I hate feeling that way. So, you know, what can we do? the big that where we don't feel like our birthday Halloween, you'll know these things that maybe were were pass the bars, things that help us escape now Feel like nuisance is in in our daily lights. So for me, one of the things that we touched on this particular wish before, And I feel like it's gonna come up again and again, because I'm a true believer in it. which is meditation meditation, I think we really hope especially from a mental standpoint that kinda separate parts your life from the other. And what I mean by that is when you start your day when you end your day, one thing that I've been really trying fact more recently is doing meditation to get me jump started and kinda guide me. and then also doing meditation at the end of the day and went at the end of the, I mean, end the workday day. to then help me detach from work and reset my phone as I go in my personal life, and hopefully not carry over some of that energy positive board negative. but carry over some of the energy into my personal life. So even if it's just, five minutes when you wake up in the morning or know, you get to work and before you, you know, fire up your computer where up a local computer you know, maybe while you're while the computer booting up, do a little five minute meditation I personally am I'm big on the guided of meditation just because i was mentioning before my mind run rampant. with just all the things that are are coming up for the day. i Need a guide in meditation to keep me focused on the word So I'm not thinking about work while meditating. but other people that I thought to love the you know, music kind of meditation, others really just like that violence, they'll find what works for you. But, again, for me, I like that guided to really help keep me focus on something else side where. there go go figure out again. The other thing when it comes to meditation, I now do something in the middle the So I'm a person who is actually really bad at eating, That'll actually be another topic for, you know, down the road to, you know, make it so you're eating well. but I forgive to eat you get though fucking work that all of a sudden ten a, you go through ten Am m to four Pm and you realize you haven't had a meal. So I actually have to schedule that into my calendar. But what I've also been in my calendar is at the end of my time for eating lunch I also have meditation. I'm done eating another five minute, ten minutes, just the again, reset myself re myself before I go into the rest of the day. So meditation been really helpful for me. Another one that's worked me is just getting away from work and be patching and watching or listening to some entertaining And I mean, it's actually in the middle of the day, I don't mean when your work is done, especially for someone who works really long hours that you work ten hour a day. Twelve hours a day. you are working late for the night anyway, or working with early in the morning. So don't feel so bad if you take a break in the middle for thirty minutes, an hour. ultimately, you're still gonna get your hours and you're still gonna get the work done. and I found my myself for a while feeling guilty when I wanted to just in the middle of the day, doesn't need something to kinda reset myself and okay. Meditation. I did my meditation, but I'm still not be right. Hey. Let me go watch a funny you know, soap in the ninety. Let me go watch. the office. Let me go watch a documentary that will put into a different space than where I'm currently, you know, working with my day to day work schedule. I found that has been super super helpful for me and that's actually me going into the latter part of my day. I really like doing that. you know, maybe midday, maybe at around months time. Maybe while you're actually eating lunch. Also three pm tend to be a time where I'm just feeling man, like, I I'm just exhausted from five big seven hours, the work previous before that. Okay. Let me you know take this one hour break, and then I'll jump into a little bit more work. So, yeah, Banner Tv shows movies, podcast, audio, or coming up your own fireside listening to which that, maybe something that's a little bit more fun oriented. I think are all really great ways to help break up your day but also remember, don't feel guilty because if you are working with long hours, you're eventually gonna put in all those hours. The other for me that is working actually before I get into that one, again for anybody they the audience, we feel free to raise your hand. I'd love to have you give from your perspectives, but you don't perfectly fine. I will also mention yes. I'm on video. But I'm pretty sure that if you come on stage, you don't actually have to be on video too. We can just be the audio chat. And I think there's also a way though I haven't been able to figure out just yet for you to be able to send up questions or comment So if you do wanna thumb up, please do, and and I can read it out loud. And if I happen not to see it, my apologies, I'm still kinda learning how everything worked. But back to, what can you do? If you're feeling overloaded. the other that I've learned and I I'd sold this from the show or a so called a million little thing. man named B Nash. obviously, has a very busy schedule a show runner of very sporadic schedule and what he talked about was at one time, be all this stuff and could be around lunchtime time. he would stop and go out the lunch and not... He was in instead of driving the lunch, you would go either walk the once and get it and come back. or if he... It have it delivered or he did have to drive and get it you still with at once mind, pick a half an hour walk just around the block. me... You don't start this practice as something that he did with a friend. So didn't look walk around He had someone he you know, could talk with, they could talk. sport movie, music, whatever is anything but work with their rule. And, unfortunately, his friend, you know, no longer able to take those walk him. And so he now above that on his own and that's something I've now put in the fact New York City, a big walking pounds both a little bit easier for a year. I know not every region that fairly lends itself for that. But yeah had, just I have noticed getting out by walking around for even just fifteen minutes has allowed me wanna give your body. If the movement, So we give you a little bit of energy. If you're not living in New York city, you might get some fresh air. But I think that vitamin b, though really be helpful. to give you some energy and also allow you to just get some separation from being in your office or in your home wherever you may be working right now. And I in that might be someone giving me a question Oh, here we go. can't clock What if you actually turn on all the thing? Sorry. Here we go. I'm trying to read sideways. Alright. We're gonna... We're gonna mess my video while we do this here. We are with me. Megan. I appreciate you planning up a chat here. So Megan mentioned that what if you accidentally turned all the things you love to take a break, travel podcasting, And five hustle, and now you're just John burnt out. Okay. Got it. So, yeah. What if you tried all the things that you normally love and yet your school burnt out because you're doing all of these the passionate thing, but you love doing at five hustle or Maybe you you have a apply how, and you're still doing things you're passionate about. I think in those kind of situation, Think at that point, you really we might do brilliant need to evaluate kinda of what you're schedule is. and and how much you do have on your plate, and I'm somebody who's that to probably wait too anything. but I think it it's taking a look at the things that are on your plate and what can come off but now. if you can't actually take things off your plate, I would then personally look at some of those things if if what you're talking about is that some of your side hustle other things that you love, you might actually wanna look with see if maybe having those things you love, five. Hustle may not be the right way of doing it, Maybe maybe stopping out Home phone letting it just be a hobby, maybe the better route. like, for me, I love photography. And, yes, I... You know, when sometimes both on Shutters, but it's not something where I am, you know, going out taking pictures trying to film miss And actively putting up stuff on my website. that would then become a job for me. but I I'm now... I know for myself, that I don't have the time to manage that. So I'll take pictures and when I get to it, I'll get it up on Shutters and if I can make a little money on the side great. But if I don't, this is my hobby. This is my escape to process of taking pictures is what I love. the post production side, not so much. The posting it on Shutters stock and Get and website definitely not. So I know for me, that's where I have to separate my passion and my fine hustle. even if I can still make a little money on the back end of it. So I I apologize that that was kinda little all over the place. But hopefully, that was be a little helpful. I know my mother always asked me I've been in radio for years. She's always asked why don't you get in the sports radio or worth podcast? I never wanna really do those things We've had one fourth podcast or a network, but in back my passion, and that's what I used to escape. That's my stress relieve in the i think that now becomes worth watching a fourth game, you know, playing for is now gonna bring me back into that work mode. So it may not be the the answer that you owe may wanna hear. But you may just need to evaluate that your goodbye Hustle may need to be more of a hobby If it is just that acting on you and you're schedule. Anybody else do has any questions here that they either submit or jump on stage. Again, we're talking here about what happens when you burn out? Your feeling overloaded or working stop, your business and personal life are blending together. we've talked about things like, meditating, just the escaping with some entertainment Tb podcast, audio books, would have you going out for a walk and from vitamin b getting some movement one of my staff... One of my team members, I take calling people staff, Like I don't know why that is. But one of our team members. Once told me through that. Okay. Maybe you check it out for a walk. throw your arm of around. Just jump up and down, like, and. we did this in the office and, honestly, I felt I felt better I felt more energized. I felt happier I think partially, we both happier because I realized how Silly I was being in the moment. So I will feel that from from our team member, Jackie, here at that guy just get up, throw your arms around, kick your legs around, you know, careful, not take any person or or break anything. But... Yeah, movement can be really, really help. But ultimately, you know, it's up to you to kinda decide what works for you, what doesn't work for you, you know, some of these things have been hopeful for me, but I'm still learning things I go along and and different things that might be helpful along my journey. and those to you who maybe didn't wanna share or or maybe think of something later. feel free to... You own social media. I I'm mainly just on Instagram, at Chris Corporate report, you can message me there. Let me know if something came up to your mind. I'll I'll mention it and that week up with so and where I'll put it on social media, because, you know, I really want this to be a community where we're helping each other sharing these resources sharing view So how we can be better entrepreneurs, better people better team members and all cleaned up gonna to come from sharing these different lived experiences that we have. So, again, I'll throw it out one more time for anybody to your live on Fireside to offer anything up. but if not, we will will wrap a little early and as I wait for anybody to potentially, you know, throw anything else out there. I'll let you know next week we'll be here again, Thursday four thirty Pm m eastern time. we'll be talking about. Actually, I forgot what we're talking about. we'll be talking about What do you do or how do you evaluate when the twelve pride? burst speaking your mind. you know, I run into this a lot where, you know, you don't wanna burn a bridge, but you also need to stand your ground and let people know that they or that things needed to be done differently. we're gonna talk about that Next week. How do you balance those two things following your five versus being out outspoken and standing up for yourself. and your company. So with that, I thank you all for being a part of another week of entrepreneurs struggle we'll be back next week. And if you are just tuning in, feel free to come back the replay here on Fireside will be posted shortly. eventually, we'll be putting these out as podcast, you know maybe little clips on Youtube as well. I really appreciate you all for being here, and I look forward to talking to you next week.

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