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I just discovered your podcast and congratulations on your podcast success!

Briefly, I wanted to introduce you to Picked Cherries (www.pickedcherries.com), a social podcasting platform/app where your fans can listen to full episodes of your podcast, select 60 second clips (called 'picked cherries') that they like and then share them with their friends, family and social channels. u00a0

Picked Cherries is FREE, non-exclusive and will expand your reach, further build your audience and increase engagement between you and your listeners. u00a0

We would love to include your podcast on the Picked Cherries platform.u00a0 Please go to www.pickedcherries.com/submit-your-podcast and answer 7 or 8 questions - that's it! u00a0

All of your future new episodes will automatically be uploaded.

In the referral box, please type 'Referred by Lori' so I can expedite your onboarding process! u00a0

If you have any questions, please let me know.u00a0 Thank you so much and enjoy.
Lori B.
Podcast Outreach Manager
Picked Cherries, Inc.