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Hello there,u00a0

This is Jam from Podmachine. Happy to share with you that we finally launched Podmachine - a podcast editing and growth subscription platform that would take off the workload of the actual editing and let you focus on creating great content!u00a0

Since we launched, Podmachine has been working with a lot of top-tiered podcasts in the US. You can listen to them here https://linktr.ee/podmachine

If you're interested, feel free to try it out and we can do one (1) FREE episode edit for you! Kindly sign-up at https://podmachine.com/ so we can edit one of your episodes! (we even do videos podcast)u00a0

If you have any questions, we can book a free consultation call here with our Podcast Consultants so we can help clarify things with you!u00a0

Thank you and talk to you soon!u00a0